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    Not really a mod, but I bought a house early in 2019 and it has a detached garage in the backyard with a drive way down to it. Finally cleaned it all out and built me a shop space to work on the trail boss.
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    All cleaned up before the storm hits in Michigan!
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    I looked hard at GM and Ford trucks, still haven’t bought one. I can’t shake the feeling that all of these new trucks aren’t going to last even 150k miles without major repairs and trips back to the dealer. They seem designed for you to trade it in for a new one every few years. If you do that, drive any of em...it doesn’t matter. It if you want to buy one, pay it off, and drive it till the wheels fall off, the only one that seems like it could last you 300k miles and 15-20 years is the Tundra. This is exactly because it’s a 13 year old design. It gets abysmal fuel economy (13 city/17 hwy), but according to Edmunds, it has a lower 5-year cost to own than any other half ton. I think people overestimate how much fuel factors into the cost to own a truck.
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    Got a new wheel and tire setup so new pic new wheel is 18x9 and tires are 35x12.5
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    New member, first post. Picked up my new '20 Silverado this past Saturday. I know its probably been discussed but did my first mod today. Swapped the gold bowtie for the OEM black one. Small mod but makes a huge difference!
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    Did a 4/6 drop on my Sierra Monday. new wheels and tires going on Saturday.
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    Wife told me any color but red! Well the dealer sold the white one I had my eye on that day and the salesman pulled up with this 6.2. He overheard me talking about the big motor to my wife and it was the only truck with it they had that wasnt fully loaded. The red is growing on us both daily.
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    [mention=159655]pgamboa[/mention] from harnessdr.com is actually working in this particular issue, I have the gen5 harness which works properly but it doesn’t function as factory set up.I will be getting Phil’s harness as soon as completed and install on my 16 conversion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you’re current truck is trouble free I’d stay with it. It’s pretty much luck of the draw reliability wise right now. If I was in the market, Toyota would be my choice. The reason as you stated there hasn’t been major changes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congratulations on the purge. I've been struggling with a similar project for years and truly appreciate how difficult it is to let go of "stuff"!
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    None taken at all and that is totally fair! I tend to agree with you as well. Might hang onto this one and swap it for a 2021 gm 6.2 10 speed once they get all (most) of the problems sorted out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With no disrespect, I doubt owning a Ram would simplify your life.
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    I second the Tundra. And it was just announced that the production of the redesigned tundra won’t be until 2022 so you can drive it for two years without it looking “old” (even though they’ve been around forever). By then the f150 will probably be redesigned and the gm twins will probably get a slight facelift as well. I have a new 2019 Denali and I may be in the minority here but I wish I could go back to my 2014. Currently looking for ways to get out of my new truck. I bought a new truck to simplify my life and it has done anything but that. Strongly considering Toyota and Ram at this point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    had some free time today so I installed the foglights and headlights. tomorrow I will try to finish it up. I need to clean up the wiring and put the rest of the body back together. I did not upgrade the grill yet so I'll need to figure out how to make the "custom" grill work temporarily. If I had more time I would have made a tutorial video because the only thing I could find on YouTube was how to remove the grill and another video of truck with no headlight but it did help. I only broke about three plastic clips lol
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    First mod I did to my truck. Easy install as well.
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    Its winter in Alberta so gotta drive easy. Went out today, fresh snow on ice in -25*c. Had a ass pucker moment on the highway. In the summer i may use 91.
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    I've had two Access brand Tonno Sport and the regular Tonneau covers on my trucks. Both were great and only had very little water allowed in. Mainly just in the front two corners.
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    Yup getting some fluid and some lucas oil to put in it see how it does after
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    Another update- crawled under the truck finally today and did an oil change. Well it appears i have some extensive leaking going on with my transmission. There is a ton of fluid around the gasket by bell house and engine connection and some around the rear seal near driveshaft. Transmission fluid is pretty low too.
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    Yeah, I saw this after looking through the post describing your build (which, as you know, is ) Withe the darker North Sky Blue, not sure it is worth the subtle touch really. Had also considered the HC grille, painting the inserts as well, but not sold on its worth due to just how subtle the change would be. Honestly, I am fine with how mine looks now, just really liked that bumper piece a lot.
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    member. I wish it was just a story starter but it’s Not. I really do like my truck I lifted it my self with a 7.5 inch lift and new wheels and tires it just dose not have much power the guy ordered the motor and tran had it painted did the amf delete with a bigger cam I know it’s a lot of money but i was sick of buying new trucks I have ben doing this for along time where I get the truck lift it dump money in it then it gets higher miles and I trade it in on a new one and start all over so instead of doing that I’m just trying to build the truck to what I want but who would know the olny 6.2 that won’t fit is the one this dickhead gets if it’s not gunna work I can sell the motor and get the right one not a big deal the trans will still work I was just looking for advice on this build and I have seen a few videos of people that have done this swap but the short with no info. And yes I did appreciate camgtps opinion on it because ur right I didn't do much research on it I brought it to some one so I didn't have to mess with it don’t get me wrong I wish I had the brains to do it myself and the time but I work a lot of over time and have 2 kids so pretty busy but thanks for the comments honest opinions where what I was looking for tired of this guys bs
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    I have a multi meter and can test ohms but I don’t know what they should read. I will call O’Rilley later this am. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    fyi............. Bailment Pool. A bailment pool is a "pool" or inventory of already built vehicles on consignment at body companies, awaiting sale and upfit by dealers or leasing companies.
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    Sadly nobody likely has. The computer in your truck can not control the older engine. None of the wiring is going to match up either. The only way I ever see this working is if you strip your truck of all the wiring, get an older E38 controller and TCM for the transmission. Then tune it from there. In the end you will lose everything though with the E92 computer gone. No cluster, no ABS or traction control, likely loss of BCM functions as well. I've been tuning and modding LS engines for many years now, it's nothing but a can of worms you are dealing with. I'd jump ship before you do anything more.
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    seats are very low in new silverados
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    I'd look into swapping out the wife, it may be cheaper. (Kidding, good luck)
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    New dually, picked up about 2 weeks ago,
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    It's inside the upper intake manifold. It's part of what is known as the Spider injector.
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    I traded a 2014 with 76k miles on it for a new 2019 LTZ/Z71 and I love it. I won't look back.
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    Ordered. I'll be removing this ReadyLift kit and installing these on Sunday.
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    I'm running 20s right now with 305 Nitto 420s
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    usually better off selling privately, dealers will almost always be way less than what you can get....bit more work but I think its worth it ...
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    Lifted on 35s with the 5.3 and you thought you’d get better mileage than that.
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    Not sure how I contradicted myself. I said I had no "real issues". I guess my definition of issues is different then yours. Can you mount 35's on a stock without any mods? In my opinion no. Could you mount 35's with a level kit and no issues? Maybe, every 35 measures out a little different. I would consider the things I had to do after mounting a tire that measures 35.04x13.39 on stock wheels, side effects not issues. I put a tire on my truck that was never designed to be there. In order to do this I had to modify the truck. My upper control arm is about 3/4 inch from the tire. Maybe just slightly less than that at full droop. If it clears, it clears. My angles look fine to me, I'm not worried about any of my angles. As time passed and I hit some different bumps, curbs, etc I found I had I still had a small rub from time to time. I located it, made a few more changes and corrected. Did i cut on my truck? Yes but it was done carefully and I took a little at a time. Anytime you venture away from the way the truck was designed there are going to be issues. Some big, some small. Even replacing the tag lights with led's on these trucks will set trouble codes. Some of us can deal with that, others can't. I got news for ya, even without 35's you truck will still be one of the best looking trucks ever designed. For each their own.
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    install new wheels and tires 2019 Gmc sierra Denali 6.2 loaded 275/60/R20 on snow flake wheels the 22s wheels and tires came off like a little more tire
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    Super interested in doing the opposite for this, I have a 2017 and prefer the 2014-2015 front end. Anyone in the pacific northwest and want to trade?
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    I have the BAK Flip 4 on my 2019 Sierra SLT Short Box with the Pro Tailgate .... it works just fine with one minor exception. I had to pull it toward the tailgate to get the seal to meet the top of the gate. When I did that the top section of the gate would not auto drop with the push button unless I gave it a little manual assist. If I push the second button or the remote, the entire gate drops no problem with no manual assistance. Caution to everyone installing one of these. When you install the drain tube, be sure to make sure it goes through the grommet and then straight down. If it goes the slightest but up or in a loop the cover's tracks will not properly drain.
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    The calls are missed when you leave the truck. The phone volume can be wide open when you get in the truck and will automatically go to zero when it connects to bluetooth. When you get out of the truck it stays at zero. I do not set my iphone to vibrate unless I switch it to silent. So when you get out of the truck with the volume changed to zero, it does not ring or notify you of any text or emails unless you turn the volume up when you get out of the truck. This is why the calls are missed. I have not found any setting on the truck or my iphone to change this.
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    If y’all think those all sound identical, y’all need better speakers on your device.
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    Here’s my second conversion...[emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2018 Silverado Midnight Edition - K&N Blackhawk Cold Air Intake - Factory Cat Back - 5% Tint all around - Black lug nuts - Blacked out bow ties - Ceramic Pro Gold Coating - Removed tailgate lettering - Bug deflector - Blacked out key holes - Z71 license plate holder with smoked cover - Black running boards - Bed Mat - Hard trifold bed cover - Bed hole flush covers - Rear wheel well frame hole covers - Rear under set storage bin
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    Trail Boss all the way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I respect each vehicle individually, but Silverado does it for me (especially the Trail Boss). Wondering if GMC will offer an off road trim? Both are stunning
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    You'll like it I just hooked up my LC2i with jl amp and jl 10wt3 , you'll need to cut the purple and blue wire if you have the 6.2l
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