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    Some updated photos of my 2019 RST. 3 inch MotoFab kit on 22x12 Arkon Lincoln's on 33" Atturo Trailblade MTs. Removed the front and rear mudflaps and put color matched fender plugs and removed the front lower valance. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    700 miles in, absolutely love this truck. The reviewers can bang on the interior all they want, it is very much my cup of tea. Vastly improved, the screen works great and everything is intuitive. I never had an issue with the older style seats, but the new side bolsters on this one are awesome. I was honestly sad to trade in my 2015 Duramax Denali 2500, it served me so well, but this 2020 has me wanting to drive everywhere.
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    Probably because it’s recommended. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Past few generations this can be done. Below steps are for 2019+ 1. Unscrew antenna whip and then OPEN hood 2. Pull snap tabs on antenna/cowl cover from bottom first then the side. 3. Unbolt antenna base 4. Reattach antenna whip 5. Route antenna down fender and secure with a few zip ties 6. Get one of the round grommets from the bed 7. Trim the bottom rubber part of antenna cover area where antenna hole is with a razor on the bottom so the grommet attaches securely 8. Place grommet in the hole and snap cover back in from side first then bottom It does result in a very very small reception loss but not much and I don’t use AM/FM radio a lot anyway.
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    If It's that hard to rx it must not be near you or it's a very low power station. I have no reception problems on my Silverado.
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    You mean like not even have a rear locker on their most off-road version they make?
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    Because there is a difference. Maybe not seat-of-the-pants dyno testing, but with higher compression engines like the 6.2L (11.5:1). Arguably, the 6.2L is on the lower end of "high" compression, so there's not as much difference between running 87 and 91 fuel. Might as well save even more $$ and opt for the 5.3L if you don't need all those extra horsepower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqvhaPLuTPI
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    I like basic trucks. I got a new 2016 2500HD crew cab 4x4 work truck for 35k a few years back. Makes a Tundra look like a Prius, but it is a ton of truck for the money.
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    Like Ford and Ram. I wish you could get each trim level in painted bumpers and grill. Again with my comment about getting rid of Mary.
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    That's because the Elevation is really a SLE+ and you have to get an SLT, AT4 or Denali to get a 6.2L engine.
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    All cleaned up before the storm hits in Michigan!
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    Yeah something I can seem to do in the house (purge) but half goes to the garage to deal with later ....lol....we do though, seem to donate lots of STUFF......happy weekend, less the hail hopefully......we are expecting up to 3 inches of rain his weekend....
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    Got a new wheel and tire setup so new pic new wheel is 18x9 and tires are 35x12.5
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    First off, Congrats to all of you new 2019+ T1 Owners. We look forward to seeing your rides in the pictures posted on this topic. Thanks for contributing !
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    Okay, after 11 months of agonizing mishaps, set backs and over all triumph, I figured it was time to immortalize my truck in a new post. Please welcome my 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 7.0 (427) Turbo Build! Block: Texas Speed and Performance Darton sleeved boost ready block; 7.0L (427). TSP Forged wet sump crankshaft 4.0" stroke 6.125 Boost specific billet I-Beam Rods CP 4.125 -12cc Dish Pistons w/upgraded wrist pins. Clevite main bearings Clevite rod bearings ARP Main stud kit Cylinder Heads/ Intake Precision Race Components ported Cylinder Heads w/ valve job PAC spring/ Valve Kit. Comp Cams rocker arms/trunion Texas Speed & Performance SV Camshaft +30% fuel lobe TSP AFM delete kit Lingenfelter ported 95mm throttle body Ported L86 intake manifold. All ARP bolts or studs. Fuel: GM ZR1 high volume fuel injectors GM ZR1 fuel pump (high side) Armageddon 465 LPH in tank fuel pump (low side) Snow Performance Stage 3 Meth Kit with controller and braided lines. Turbo: Borg Warner S480 T6 Turbo 1.32 AR billet 110/96mm. Turbo smart 50mm BOV Turbo Smart 60mm waste gate Pro Boost controller fully titanium wrapped exhaust Cooling/Oil separators Mishimoto fully aluminum Radiator Mishimoto R-Line Intercooler 31x 12x 4” Mishimoto HD Trans Cooler 2X Mishimoto Black Aluminum catch cans. Mishimoto 180 degree thermostat. Transmission/driveline: Circle D pro 3 torque converter 2700 stall. Custom 5" 6061 aluminum driveshaft rated for 1,200hp 7,300trq MORE to come. I need to get the final tune with the new block. Still runs very well on the old 6.2 tune however, going up to 7.0 adds a layer of goofy on vacuum or under boost.. Next steps Get the PATC Stage 4 transmission kit stuffed into my 6L80E and retune to 900+ whp! Hoping to have that underway around March! Let me know what you all think. Ask any question. I'm open to where I purchased parts, cost of build etc. especially my opinion getting into a build like this.
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    I sure hope it’s a total loss. I just would hate this thing repaired.
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    Yes my good sir I do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you charge the purchase (can all be done through the app) to your Conoco card, you get an additional 10 cents off per gallon. I typically put all my gas on the card, then pay the balance at the end of the month to avoid interest charges. The only thing I don't like is there are monthly limits to the savings and I've had trouble when travelling; purchases get denied because they see lots of charges in a row at different locations. DUH! I'm travelling! Even when I've called to get the card unlocked, they seem kinda dense. But if you use the card for filling up locally every other week or so, it's fine.
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    Thats a pretty good indication. But I wouldn't necessarily put the elevation at the RST trim. My father in law has the custom trailboss and my co worker has the elevation...after seeing both I'd put the trims almost equal (custom/elevation)...GMC will always come better equipped base. The RST seems to just be in its own nitch in the market. A highly equipped LT w/ color matching if anything. I have a 19 RST
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    Toyota does some weird stuff too. My neighbor across the street from me has a Cement Tundra and it has a chrome front bumper with a painted rear bumper.
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    I donate heavily to our local building restore. I drop my donations at the back door and then go through the front door to shop! I have actually purchased an item (or two) that I previously donated! Intellectually, I know what needs to be done when downsizing. ( I've got hours of watching the likes of Marie Kondo etched in my brain!) However, it is still one of those things that is much easier said than done! Special kudos (and empathy) to all downsizing boomers! The process is more often brought on by necessity than choice.
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    I only use top tier fuel. I put a bottle of seafoam in the tank and I've been running super for the week. Will see how it goes. Truck doesn't run terrible. No rough idle. Check engine light hasn't come back on since the "event". I'll give it another week or so...see if it improves or doesn't come back. Not real confident based off what I've been reading about injectors.
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    1) Good luck getting a new 4x4 tundra crew cab for 37K. Need to forego 4x4 or go with the double cab 4x4 to get to 37k. They aren’t exactly cheap for what you get. Now if you go used, you can get a 2-3 year old tundra crew cab 4x4 for around 35-36k. (I spent a lot of time trying to buy one before I got my custom TB). Also, yes all trucks get bad gas mileage, but 13mpg on the tundra really blows (used to have a 2wd tundra double cab and it struggled to get more than 14.5mpg even with a really light foot and mixed city/highway) Oh, and no factory locker available on any tundra. Flip side is it will basically never break no matter what you do to it. If the next gen tundra gets competitive gas mileage and still manages to have near the same reliability, it’s gonna be a big deal. 2) My custom is exactly what I need it to be and nothing more. Sparse interior doesn’t bother me one bit, i actually like the simplicity. It would have actually bothered me to pay thousands more for stuff I don’t really care about or use that much. Everyone’s priorities and “needs” are different.
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    https://www.bajadesigns.com/Products/Chevy-Silverado-2019-Fog-Pocket-Mount-Kits.asp Here is another option: Combined 6,300 lumen's with brackets, has wire plug adapters to plug into factory harness, otherwise will need to install a switch. $415 if you call they will pretty much give you a 10% discount if you ask!
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    I was in the neighborhood so I did a drive-by at my dealer to see if my truck was outside. I could see a guy moving his belongings from a brand new high country to a double cable LT loaner. That can only mean one thing..... Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
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    the custom trucks look nice but damn, they have like 0 options. Not sure why so many people buy them. All it is is a work truck with nice wheels and grill on it.
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    Took a few more pics of my AT4 on level ground today. Love the truck
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    Friday I changed both the engine oil and the front and rear differential fluid. I went with Amsoil signature 5w-30 with one of the Amsoil filters. and Amsoil Severe gear 75w90 for the differentials. No real changes to report other than I picked up what looks like about 5psi or oil pressure at idle. Time will tell I suppose. Planning to do the transmission and transfer case in the next few months.
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    I am one of the Beta testers, Have had a functioning Derringer in my 2020 for several weeks now. Each week we have a new version of firmware to evaluate, it is coming along nicely.
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    If you do the injectors yourself it might be less than $600. If you have a shop or the dealer do them you're looking at $1500-$2000. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Pacific Blue but same code ;)
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    My '09 Sierra had serious oil consumption issues at significantly lower mileage. However, after a major warranty repair, it never needed topping up between oil changes again. My '15 Sierra continues to be worry free. My point is to say mechanical failures happen. Don't overthink the why. You were fortunate to have warranty coverage and hopefully you won't experience any future problems with this truck!
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    Hit 79K on mine like an hour ago Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Installed hdx stainless steps. I needed something to help people get in before they tear the grab handle off..lol. yes its dirty, pa winter time sucks. Also will be doing the auto dimming rearview mirror and gm rear mud flaps friday
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    I bought one 2 days ago. Have about 300 miles on it now. I love it. It has instant response compared to the 2.8 Duramax I traded in. Zero lag when you hit the throttle. It's smooth, quiet and efficient. Initial impressions very positive.
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    It is because the cleaner they use is causing the cats to get hot and overheat which then melts the catalytic converter substrate material and ruins the cat. Then the rear O2 sensors notice the loss in the catalytic converter performance and then trips the code. Luckily the cats are covered for 8yrs/80k per the Federal requirement.
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    Westin hdx, yes its dirty. 200 miles in the snow, salt etc..!!
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    I think the term is Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
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    35X12.5X20 on 20X9 Mavericks 4” BDS Lift
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    7.2 NOACK is outstanding for a 5w20 oil, might explain why I've been using less oil using this brand than with others.
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    We've had a couple AMC's (one 73 AMX and a 70 Javelin), no longer have either of them. My personal choice is my 06 GTO; bought it new and drove it for 4 years. Sold it to me smart and bought my aunts Altima, bought it back last year with only another 3k miles on it when the new owner called asking (he promised to give me first dibs), it will be staying for a very long time. Tyler
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    There are proper placement and camera angle that need to be followed. The camera needs to be in center of trailer and 4 inches higher than camera in tailgate when your trailer is attached. The camera angle needs to be about 35 degrees. So 0 degrees would be straight down, raise the camera 35 degrees from there. You generally don't want to be seeing the end of trailer or bumper. If you see any shadows in the rear trailer camera view, it will have trouble calibrating. You may have go in different direction. I recommend exiting the trailer app when calibrating and open camera app and select transparent view. There will be a yellow status bar on the bottom to show the calibration progress. I have never seen them calibrate in 60 feet it usually quite a bit longer. #iworkforGM
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    My best friend and I both bought Silverados on the same day. He bought an RST and I bought my TB. Pros on the RST, much nicer ride. I actually test drove his and it rides like a caddy. His has a lot more techy stuff than mine, but mine is the custom and not LT. Another pro is the dealer was able to give him more discounts on his vs mine because they only had a few TBs and they were selling good, so he got another 2K off his MSRP. Why I bought my TB: I actually do go off roading often, nothing too crazy, but I do go off-roading and felt like this truck was ready to go from the sales floor, without needing to put any more money into it. It already has the lift, tires, and suspension. Granted, it doesn't have the best suspension or tires, but more than enough for my needs. Also, I actually wanted the older 5.3 with AFM and not the new DFM. I also wanted the 6 speed and not 8 speed. All the tranny related complaints I've seen here have been with the 8spd. Also, maybe I am old skool, but I didn't want all the extra tech stuff. For me it's less things to go wrong. Finally, the TB just looks bad ass and I love the style of it. If it wasn't for the TB, I wouldn't even have looked at Chevy, especially considering my 16 Silverado was a gigantic POS and had to trade it in 3 months in. If you have any questions on the TB or RST let me know as I can always ask my buddy about his.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I know you guys will think I’m crazy but I fly for the Military in a fully digital cockpit. If we rush certain things on startup or change one step during the display boot sequence it can cause a number of issues that manifest during flight. This will cause us to either have to reset certain systems by pulling circuit breakers or shut down the aircraft and remove battery power then attempt to restart. Reading about the issue in that link seems like exactly the same issue. Most of these result around BUS driven electronics that require complex communication between different pieces of hardware. You might be mad that a $60k truck has these issues but I fly million dollar aircraft that experience the same issues.
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