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    I think that the discussion is still on topic. You have to take the cost of a "forever" truck into account. so long j-ten-ner
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    Hello Everyone. Installed a new grille this weekend I got from DB Customs. Pain in the ass to install but I think turned out nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I see you took that one a little rough. Perhaps just learn to roll with it, maybe like let it slide because it was just a joke but nah gotta be serious.
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    Here’s a nice picture of me a friend with more time than I had today put together.
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    I wonder if he owns a Denali.
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    I nominate FrankieLozano214. I always liked how his truck looked for a 2wd. Despite the black wheels[emoji16][emoji24]. He has lots of cool mods too. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    If I am the only one to play, my odds have to be pretty good:
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    Here is the website. https://dbcustomz.com/
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    Lol I just wanna see what they got never know.
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    Bdcustoms.com I think. 16-18 1500s are 850... too rich for my blood lol but good looking Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    That is sick af. I wanna see what else they got now Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    That’s badass like he said^^^ never seen that
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    Bads$$ man! Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
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    Prime candidate for a the first ever convertible T1 truck.
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    I'm disappointed with my football team,but I hang in there
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    I am running 275/55/20 tires. Which is the stock size for 20s. The ONLY mod that I have done to my suspension is pulling the rear lift blocks. 2 Photos attached. The one with green grass has the lift blocks still in place. The one with the brown grass the lift blocks have been removed. You would be surprised how much pulling those blocks will level the truck out. It is not level but it is a whole lot better than it was.
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    Some updated photos of my 2019 RST. 3 inch MotoFab kit on 22x12 Arkon Lincoln's on 33" Atturo Trailblade MTs. Removed the front and rear mudflaps and put color matched fender plugs and removed the front lower valance. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Well I have been creeping on here long enough..... 2017 CC SB Silverado LT 2WD. Bought the truck back in July of 17. Mods: 20inch black and chrome replica wheels Diode upgrade to BCM so that fogs come on anytime the parking lamps are on (can't remember the pins right off) $200 6 inch running boards from Amazon Removed rear lift blocks Removed front lower valance Replaced cargo and reverse bulbs with LED Plasti-dipped all chrome badges to black Lund Genesis Elite 95892 tonneau transferred from 09 Sierra. (Had to add some weather stripping to the front edge to get it sealed on the 17) Carbon fiber vinyl applied to exterior bow ties
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    You'll be the reason I come here too, I knew I had people that needed me.
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    Just 0.0005 mpg loss! First thing I took off since I drive off road quite a bit and was going to rip it off probably anyway on the trails. Mine had 10,000 screws. No way I'd take it off and on constantly. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
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    You probably had enough grip in the dirt, especially if you were turning slow. Not an expert, but when I use mine at our beach house, I always start out in 2WD, get rolling and then shift into 4HI at speed (slow, am on a long inclined dirt driveway) with the wheels straight before I make any turns.
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    Rent a fuel pressure tester? other, maybe, disconnect MAF wiring and try it,they on occasion will fail that way, another is to disconnect coolant temp.sensor,unhooked is full"rich", just some ideas
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    Go-to,troubleshootmyvehicle.com,many good write-ups
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    thanks for the detailed explanation! It's crystal clear now.
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    If KBB is over $35K it's a close one......should have dropped another on the hood just to be certain. It should be totaled, but depends upon the insurance company and if they decide it is salvageable to save them bucks on the payout. Worse if a leased vehicle because the lessee plays no part in making the ultimate decision on the disposition. If B pillars, seats and interior are intact my gut says they'll try to go for a repair. .....new roof, sunroof, door straightening & new skins curtain, and repair/replace mechanisms if necessary, etc......possible the frame is still OK, depends on factors if tree hit a soft spot, how much tires and suspension cushioned and if roots slowed the decent and softening the wallop. Hate to be a gloom and hope for the OP that it is totaled, but even if is totaled this vehicle will live again. Insurance company will sell for parts and MAYBE remember to reissue the title for salvage. Some salvager will "find" a donor vehicle repair it, then bounce it through a few owners in different States to wash the title, auction it off to a used car lot, someone poor buyer will get a fantastic bargain for $4K under KBB and then start bellyaching to this and other forums that their almost brand new, low mileage vehicle has all types of problems and is a piece of crap. Unused airport runways, and mall parking lots loaded with a hundred thousand flood vehicles sold to salvage yards and/or auctioned off for parts.....many of them never saw a crusher and loads of bargain hunters are driving around with mud inside the rusting frames, corroding electrical connectors, etc. And how about flood owners without sufficient insurance coverage that did a DIY on the water cleanup and dumped them in trade for a dry new one - no Carfax on those? That''s why I buy new...worth the extra bucks......once the cherry is broken by a previous owner it is a used car no matter what the shine or the mileage.
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    First time poster here. I'm not sure how to ask my question without going into a fair amount of detail. I have a 1994 k1500, i bought with a messed up trans and a '350 from a suburban' - note the quotation marks. I work at a dealership and our transmission guy is really good with these transmissions so I took it out and had him rebuilt it for me and he updated all the internals to the 2006+ mechanically but electronically its still a 1994. He tells me it's good for my eventual horsepower goals (600). Everything great and fine but this truck is a dog. Misfires alot has all sorts of issues with the engine, won't idle properly, Yada Yada. I decide to pull the engine. And before we take it apart we look at the casting numbers.... It's a 305... And the heads are for a 350... I was pretty unsure of what to do, however out of the blue I have an opportunity to buy whay should be a good 1998 350 vortec with ecm and full wiring harness for a great deal. There's enough there I have several options but my favorite, if it will work is use the ecm, the new engine and harness and plug it into my 1994 transmission. The question is, can I make it work. Will it run fine? What tuning might I need to do, or transmission modifications to make this work. I'm not opposed to swapping valve bodies and/or tcc solenoids to make this work, and from what I've read that's the biggest difference besides just obd1 to obd2
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    Definitely a beauty!! Sharp looking rig dude...
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    They may have done it neatly which is good. But caulking over a cracked window frame with seam sealer is shoddy in my book, no matter what...
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    Im not saying what you are going through is right. that is the way every manufacturer is and i mean every single one. not just GM. they try to fix it and if they can never get it then try to start a lemon law case. they wont just keep throwing things at it until the end of time or hand you a different truck.
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    1,000' lift kit, FM is line of sight. lol
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    Yes, just went the $5 option for now with plasti dip and see how it holds up. More so just wanted to see if I liked the look with it all black before I went about taking off the badges. Super easy though and love the look.
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    Damn sorry I’m sure they will come out soon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We were in the process of leaving the house to go next door to my sons house to get in his basement. By the grace of God I was spared, five minutes and we would have been in the truck. I agree the cab is well built for a rollover. It only broke the passenger front glass and sunroof. Windshield still intake but shattered. Top of truck is resting on top of seats head support. GMC, needs to see this maybe.
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    I agree. Mine is just as good as any other vehicle I've owned.
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    Would be a good excuse to go with the ram air 2500 hood
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    Hey guys, the Fox coil overs are through BDS, even though it’s basically the same company not all parts show up on the Fox factory site. Here you go, order away! http://bds-suspension.com/product-display?all Chevy/GMC -> Shocks/Coilover tab -> click on View Fox 2.5 series green button This is to order separately, or you can order with the BDS lift kit. Hope this helps!
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    Not yet.... was sleddin up in the UP all week... got nothing done... But the AT4 is a beast in the snow! Blizzaks are like glue! ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Will buff right out.
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    Bought a 77 Suburban, 4 wheel drive, loaded. Brand New. Kept it 21 years and sold it for 1K dollors. Bought a 98 Silverado 4 wheel drive, brand new and kept it 21 years. Sold it for 3500 dollors. My 2007 Duramax is at 116K miles, and mostly sets in the barn. Ill have it til I die or give it to my grandson. My 2015 High Country, will be the same....Or until I am too old to work on it and have to buy an Electric Car.........Forever car.....It can be done.....It helps if you grew up in a time way, way back, when working on a car was a passion....and not a hobby. You had to be able to paint, build motors, transmissons, rear ends, and repair anything that was thrown at you. And most of all.......You have to have your HEALTH... Its much easier to have a forever car if you smoke, drink, do drugs and be stupid with your life. You wont be around ....Forever....and if you are, you will be too sick to worry about trying to keep a Forever Car. Keep it garaged and painted underneath. Dont run to the car wash every time it gets salt on it.....Keep it dry....Dont soak it down at the car wash every week in the winter. Once every 3 weeks to a month is enough. This tip is contrary to all logic...Take it for what its worth to you. I have all kinds of other tips but you will have to figure them out yourself. Good luck on your " Forever " ..venture. ....
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    All cleaned up before the storm hits in Michigan!
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    New Lund tri-fold tonneau. We'll see how it holds up. Sent from my SM-J810F using Tapatalk
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    Upgraded from a 2016 Silverado to this 2020 GMC Sierra and wow am I in love with this thing!
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    My 2015 is doing the exact same thing at 64000 miles. Any help?
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    Nice I have the same tool box in red. Snap on got me back in the day. Cost a fortune but nice stuff. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    So I installed it this weekend at my house. Initial impressions all positive. Don’t feel much lag or pedal feel from stock. Definitely feels stronger pulling. Spins tires easier. I like it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks to Ifixedit for his post back in September 2016. I have been looking for the fix to my u0107 code which is lost communication with throttle actuator controller module. Unfortunately, I replaced many parts to no avail. Finally, I checked all grounds and found passenger side head ground loose and dirty. After everything that was done including throttle body, accelerator assembly, pedal to tac harness, tac, throttle body harness pigtail, removing all grounds (wire brush cleaning, dielectric grease and resecuring). The last ground being the one previously mentioned was the main problem found. Thank you Mr. IFIXEDIT for taking time to post your experience and success.
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