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    Hello Everyone. Installed a new grille this weekend I got from DB Customs. Pain in the ass to install but I think turned out nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think the build location is a non factor. It's the luck of the draw. This is true with every product we buy IMO. You get a good one or you don't.
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    Here is a few pics of my 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 with a 7-10inch mcgaughys black ss lift kit with the traction bars, kit is set a 9 inches, wheels are hardcore off-road 22x12s and tires are 35x13.50R22 fury country hunter M/T Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I added black AT4 badges Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    As previously mentioned, this question has come up earlier. It provides an opportunity for personal politics and prejudice to be expressed. You may even read some attempts to make up "factoids" to support such beliefs. There is no differences in build quality.
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    Save it for next month! Don’t blow your whole load all at once! Hahaha I don’t even know of any other site that gives away the price for vehicle of the month. You’re already ahead of the curve!
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    No. don't get it. Set a little bit of money aside every paycheck into a savings account that you won't touch unless for repair and if you don't use it up, you can use it towards your next vehicle. Warranty/service plan providers make a killing off of the stuff they sell to you and rip you off on.
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    39-42 in the morning is a no jacket day for us on the north east lol Mine never does that and we get way colder
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    2018 Silverado LTZ 6.2 NHT Max tow. Let's see if I can remember what I've done. Swapped tow mirrors for the regular mirrors, 20% tint on front to match rear, LED's in License plate, reverse, and cargo lamp, 4 1/2" CST lift with CST dirt series front coil overs gave me 5" up front, rear is CST street series shocks, removed factory overload spring and installed Deaver J-1 mini pack with stock block, removed all badging except bowties, swapped out LTZ grille for High Country grille, swapped both front and rear bumpers to painted bumpers, swapped tailgate latch for chrome and paint matched the black surround, swapped black On Star antenna for color matched, Swapped stock exhaust system for magnaflow cat back with Corsa knock off tips, Vinyl wrapped interior wood grain with Gray carbon fiber, added Amp steps, Access Lite Rider soft tonneau cover, swapped factory antenna for Ronin .50 caliber billet antenna, under hood is the Cadilac engine cover painted Summit white, UPR catch can, and Wheels are Hostile Rage's in 10x20 -19 with Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/55/20's. Will be swapping for 22x12 wheels with 33x12.5/22 Toyo MT's in the Spring, not 100% on wheel choice as of yet. Think that's about it.
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    Direct-injected motors are noisy. A soft clicking or ticking is totally normal. Stop worrying and enjoy your new truck.
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    I saw 136 the other day with temps in the low 30's, and have seen it creep past 180 - 190 in the heat of the summer, probably has gone just past 200. Do you have a trans temp gauge in the Denali, or do you have to scroll through the DIC like the Silverado's to see the temp?
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    Steve with the garage flex of the week
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    If I lived in the city I might consider bigger wheels for a pavement queen truck. Living in the rural mountains of Colorado I wouldn't have a wheel bigger than 18 inches. I also believe the more side wall on a tire the more it absorbs road defects. Not to mention the extra cost of bigger diameter tires.
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    Super simple. I did it in about 10 minutes. This guy breaks it down nicely.
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    2014 Silverado CrewCab done AFM delete, cam swap to non afm, tuned, Denali Cluster, hmi2.5 and radio upgrade added AppleCar, swapped plastic black dash to the leather stitched dash, added the heated steering wheel, LTZ taillights, not sure the lift/level kit bought it with the wheels 20x12.5 with 33s, have 2016-18 LTZ frontend waiting on custom harness by the one and only @pgamboa want it done right the first time leather seats will be done after the frontend is done COMING SOON
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    You'll be the reason I come here too, I knew I had people that needed me.
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    January truck of the month goes to Frankielozano214 This is it. Brought to you by dieselfan1. Mild to Wild. As long as it's a 2014-2018 Silverado or Sierra 1500. 2019 LD's also. Stock. Not so stock. Murdered out. Lowered or lifted it don't matter as long as it's a members truck. The other threads like this failed for one reason or another, who cares. This one could work. Let's try it until Jan 31. If we get some action we will do February. Enter your truck now. Good pics will help but you don't need pro photography. Put in what you have done to the truck for mods. No polls. Just comment on the trucks entered . You can vote for your own truck if you want I don't care. You can vote for as many trucks you want. Just like the post. You can enter another members truck too. Just copy a pic of it and use that. I'll review the posts and determine the winner. Easy. This months prize. A set of Frame plugs for your K2. And a Turtle Wax assortment. I never thought I'd say this but I think this stuff is as good as anything. And it's a lot cheaper. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Turned out pretty nice IMO. Still trying to decide if I should blackout the badges and side mirrors or leave them chrome...
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    Just had my factory wheels powder coated and tint applied to the front sides... it’s all coming together!
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    Oh crap, yeah that’s a lot I didn’t know that you used your factory surround. I guess I got lucky because mine came with one so I didn’t have to cut it but then like I said I had to add a bunch of tabs to it to hold the grill in place. And mine was actually overly bent to shape so I actually had to flatten it out just a touch. Well like I said it looks great now that it’s installed my friend, If it was cheap & easy everybody would have one!
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    Hi everyone! Finally registered after lurking for awhile. Upgraded from a 2018 Silverado LT to this great truck so far 2020 GMC Sierra SLT 4x4 X31 on 12/31/19. Loving the 10 speed on this truck as it shifts so smoothly. in just two weeks I have done a few mods including getting the GM 2 inch lift kit installed yesterday. A little dirty on a couple of pics since weather has been wet lately. First pic is when we picked it up. Second is when I dropped it off for lift kit install and rest after kit was installed. Very satisfied on the way it turned out! Highly recommended!
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    Something to keep in mind when googling any issues.. Nobody goes on and writes in the forums Hey my truck is awesome, no noises or issues, running perfect.... Most of your search results will bring back issues others have looked/posted for. Im sure you're fine, just drive it. You have warranty so... You good
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    @dieselfan1 that pretty rad of you to put up one of your own items as a prize to get this going! Nicely done my friend!
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    Refers to the internal designation for the new generation/new body style that started in 2019. There were also 2019 double cabs in the old body style during the change-over process. Your 2017 is a K2 Before that there was GMT900, before that the GMT800 (which was the first ones to use the hydroformed front rails in the frame) Before that, different frame supplier and the 400 series.... Fwiw, GM refers to paint colours by the order code. (RPO code) Sometimes chev and gmc (and the other divisions) will use the same paint colour, and same rpo code, but label it with a different name. It's common for the shade of the colour to change every few years, and some colours are one year or part year colours. In any case, correct colour matching is done by the RPO code (order code). Pictures often GMC calls GJI Dark Sky Metallic Chev calls GJI Shadow Gray Metallic So this thread could have been called Dark Sky Metallic / Shadow Gray Metallic GJI wasn't available on 2017. Is yours 'Graphite Metallic'? If so, it's RPO code is GPA. (GMC called GPA Dark Slate Metallic) It's no longer available. The 2017 should have the label in the glove box that lists the RPO codes. They have moved the info to a QR code on the door post --- that can be read using a phone app. Of course any dealer (or gm chat / social media) can also run the vin and get a list of 'as built' codes.
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    Not sure id totally recommend this. Taking home a test rig and returning it with a large scratch and dent in the roof might not be smart. Id go measure one sitting on a dealership lot. As stated, all garages can be slightly different and when we're talking about an inch of clearance, I wouldn't try it.
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    Level drive to garage here with a standard height door. Think that is 7 foot. My at4 fits just barely. Go test drive one and take it home to test fit.
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    Five of my last six silverados were Mexico built and I had zero problems with any of them, not so with my 19 TB which was built in Ft. Wayne and had nothing but problems with it. As far a parts sourcing I would say the US built trucks use most of the same parts as the ones built in Mexico, only difference is the labor. My current one is a Mexico build and am so far very happy with it.
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    i totally agree it has made it better. lots of people can get together and see if others have ran into the same problem. help is always good. nice to know you aren't the only one to go through something and get help. it just makes small problems (as in an extremely small % of vehicles) seem bigger than they are, most go to forums for ideas or because they have an issue. because no one goes on forums because they just want to tell everyone how problem free their truck is lol.
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    Well its Midnight, the 2021 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL will premier today. I am pumped. I will be adding a 2021 Yukon next to my 2020 1500 Sierra AT4. Hoping they show off a AT4 Yukon or at least multiple trim levels.
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    Installed a new Highway Products headache rack this weekend. All aluminum and stainless. Good for cameras and brake light. Very nice!
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    This is my dash now that I did the Denali cluster and all red controls. But I just need the red ORL switch now.
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    I see you took that one a little rough. Perhaps just learn to roll with it, maybe like let it slide because it was just a joke but nah gotta be serious.
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    Figured I’d throw my hat in the ring! Hopefully we get to see a bunch of nice rigs up here! 2.25” leveling kit with some 285/60r20 Open Country ATIIs and tinted windows. Nothing too wild.
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    I wonder if he owns a Denali.
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    Since you mentioned it, I wanted to let you know that salt wrecks the pH of the entire environment, mainly the water. It’s a stupid plague and a symbol of man’s idiocy that an alternative is not feverishly pursued. My hometown in western Kentucky uses something based on beets, of all things, and does not use salt. It’s a big problem though. Huge.
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    For those who want transparent trailer to work on conventional trailers, I have attached the trailer camera install location. Before purchasing the camera you may want to check this location on your trailer and see if it will work. You can mount the trailer camera in other locations but the transparent view will not be available. #iworkforGM Camera Install Instructions.pdf
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    If I am the only one to play, my odds have to be pretty good:
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    Will buff right out.
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    Bought a new key from car and truck remotes for about $8 for my 2018 Sierra (B119 key) Local Ace hardware cut for $10. Then tried to program and found the simple process, but seems to have changed in 2017. So you now need to 2 master keys to DIY. Finally found this so posting here since it worked great! Insert first master/working key and switch the ignition on- I waited for the security light to go off. Insert the SECOND master/working key and switch the ignition on. Wait for the security/immobilizer light to go out. Switch ignition off and remove key. Quickly insert a UN-programmed key and switch the ignition on. Wait for the security/immobilizer light to go out. Switch ignition off and remove key. The key is now programmed. The DIC told me I had three keys programmed!! Very happy camper! Hope this helps someone!
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    My single garage is also detached and unheated. Sometimes I work on the car in there using a space heater because the double attached to the house is loaded with crap. As yours, when building the home smart enough to install taller 5 panel rollup doors instead of a 4 panel which would clip the lights on the sports bar but I screwed up with the sideloader option because it is wider than deeper whereas a stock front loader is deeper than wider and with radon pipe box off and steps in original location on the opposite wall, the truck is too long to fit. One comment on the lighting.....I also had fluorescent installed and they work like crap in the cold and very dim/flicker because the gas doesn't ionize properly in the tubes in cold weather. If not already done, replace with LED tube substitutes usually $12/pr. in Sam's, Walmart or Costco. The LEDs fire up immediately to full brightness.
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    If you do the injectors yourself it might be less than $600. If you have a shop or the dealer do them you're looking at $1500-$2000. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    New dually, picked up about 2 weeks ago,
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    Step #1....Buy box of approved Mobil 1 LV ATF HP blue label! Step #2 Purchase wiring harness from AC-Delco for 80.00 that has temp sensor for trans. Step #3 wait for it to arrive or buy from local from dealer. Step #4 remove the bolts from 8L90 drop pan. Remove the filter and replace if you desire and O-ring! Replace the wiring harness. bolt back and replace 5.5qts of fluid with pump through the FLUID FILL PLUG! NOTE!!! CLEAN around the FLUID FILL PLUG before removing and clean it again before installing plug as to nothing gets inside!
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    My new Denali 3500HD Duramax. All waxed and ready to hitch up to the 5th wheel.
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    Got some train horns as a Christmas gift to my truck from myself and I’m going to get them powder coated and mounted together and stick them somewhere around the spare tire location back here!
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    Here’s a short video of a warm start with my new exhaust:
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