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    Don't be a tool..... The child is properly dressed. And no-one said anything about the child freezing. I just said she told me she was cold. And it was chilly in the back. Ever been in -40C weather Tim? If not don't comment on things you don't know.
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    Got her washed for the first time of the year.
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    Nobody is going to be blown away by the build quality of these trucks from either plant, let’s be real here. Personally, I think the Mexican-made loaner I had was put together a bit better than my US-built truck (no rattles). But in fairness, my truck is an earlier built example. Luck of the draw probably fits the topic best.
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    “I am loyal to the UAW” is all I needed to know about your response.
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    I didn't say anything about towing, that is your thing. I want my truck to do my thing which is 70mph+ up WA state passes with my family in the cab and my bike in the bed and getting good city mpg for commuting to work. And my truck does my thing great.
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    You can't tell me that doesn't look better....
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    Awesome thank you! Looks like i have to remove the skid plate. I can see one square plug (assuming fill). Just squirted all bolts with penetrating oil. Been doing that to the hub bolts too (since i know that is on deck). Hoping its the same size square plug for the oil filter adapter i ordered! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exactly 100% Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It isn't a separate system like the SUV's, the rear vents are fairly useless as it fully depends on what the front is doing. Everyone was complaining about not having them (rear vents) in the previous gens and in reality they make the HVAC system less efficient as it either cools down the heat or warms up the cold air before getting to the back, it is more a placebo effect. Not having a separate blower means the air coming out is just trickling out, not helping much, it is the same in any brand that tries to use the front system for rear vents. The best you can do is manually turn on the floor vent and crank it up some as there are rear vents under the seats (should be still as there always were in previous gens under the front seats), that should help send more heat to the rear or point the two center vents towards the back, close off the rear console vents and turn that up. In the summer that is what works best for cooling. I rode in the back of my dark truck in July in west Texas with the two center vents pointed in the rear of my K2 and had to ask to turn down the air as it was getting cold. Should work the same way with blowing the heat to the back. Good luck, that is some brutally cold air. Tyler
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    Not that I am going to engage you on this again, but let's see a 4.3 do what you are stating above. It can't, no engine can. Now, review the video above to see it operating as designed... which if you were to run neck and neck with your beloved 4.3 you would see it get its ass handed to it... 12% more torque and a broader, flatter torque curve where it matters...
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    Go back to the site,98-99 pcm connector pinout charts,you will see the injector wire colors,they are the ground side of the injector from pcm,use test light on one of those wires with clamp of tester on positive battery,see if it pulses after it stalls,and remember, always seal the pierced insulation with rtv when done
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    Real Truck has advised that Fedex has 72 hours to find the package. Then they will re-ship. I'll pay for UPS shipping at least the package will get here.
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    It's an electronically controlled limited slip differential where the unit can vary the load to the clutch pack based on driver and vehicle feedback. It's a similar concept to active transfer case or awd systems.
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    My 2008 was built in Canada, my 14, 16, and 18 were built in Mexico, and our 16 Tahoe was built in the USA. They all have their good qualities, and little things that should be better for the price of the trucks. But compared to some of the Honda's and Toyota's we have had in the past, I would say overall they are built better, the reliability is what needs to catch up with the others IMO.
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    Just curious, was thinking maybe your wife told you to clean up the garage and this was good way to get rid of some clutter...…..
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    That looks clean. Can you get us a shot of it with the screen on and displaying something?
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    I started off with the original BDS lift kit and rear fox shocks, leaving the stock front Ranchos as the coilovers were not available. The overall ride quality of this setup was fine, but you could feel inadequacies of the front Ranchos. The rear fox setup was firmer, and it accentuated the 'squish'ness' of the Ranchos. Replacing the front stock setup with the Fox Coilovers is night and day better. I've set them full soft to full firm (LOW SPEED SETTING). Currently have them set 4 notches off of the firmest setting. Full soft is much more composed then the stock Ranchos. There is very little brake dive and sway, but still a very comfortable ride. Full firm is not overly aggressive, but will allow you to feel the road much more. For daily driving, it's a bit excessive, mainly because I felt the need to drive much faster then the law allows. 3 off of firm was fantastic, and I will probably switch back to it for daily use. It provides all the comfort you'd want, while leaning a bit more towards performance. 4 off of firm is also fantastic, putting the bias towards comfort vs. performance. However, the front is far outshining the rear setup at this point. The rear Fox shocks are a fantastic upgrade over the OEM (which I couldn't imaging having with the front coilover setup), but sitting on 5" of block is just not going to cut it. I would venture to say, if the rear lift was coil based, I'd probably stop, as the rear shocks are more than adequate. So, next up is a new leaf spring setup and adjustable rear shocks, still talking with my shop, so we'll see how it goes...
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    strange.. I was told that the Mexican plant is machined and tooled exactly the same as the US plant. And if you don't think that those workers in Mexico are not going to do as good of a job as the American UAWs, think again. Getting a job at an assembly plant (that is all they are now, is just assembly plants) for a top auto maker down in Mexico is something people would kill for down there. I am quite certain that those that are working there are likely some of the best they can find and take pride in their work and take it seriously.
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    This horse has already been beat to death on here, starting with the GMT900s (2007-2013) models. Not one iota of difference, except for political or racial bias on the part of certain observers. The "locally sourced parts" line is bull. Just like the "there's no automation in the Silao factory" line is bull. Go watch the YouTube videos of the Silao plant and tell me there is no automation. You make it sound like GM runs out to Jose's auto parts or the pick-a--part salvage yard down there when they need something. You can get a vehicle with a rattle or a leak built anywhere in the world. Sometimes, it's the luck of the draw. If you go down to Silao, it is a modern city with a modern airport and a big modern industrial area where there are many new plants where they make the axles and the other parts, just like they do up here. Everything is GM sourced and inspected. (Ford, FIAT, and other companies are doing the same thing.) Those are excellent jobs down there, so they get to pick from the best workers. People are waiting in line to work there. Compare that to the current UAW worker mood up here in America--one would have to question the quality of their work when there are so many reports saying the majority of the workers feel like they got screwed by both GM AND their union during the last contract negotiations/strike. I'm as patriotic as the next guy, no--make that more patriotic. I wish everything for sale in America was built here. But that being said, having Mexican-built vehicles in our fleet, I'd have to say that the ones from Silao are as good or better than the "American" ones. The main problems in the Silao vehicles have been with the AFM-equipped engines and various transmission problems, and most of those components were built in America, shipped to Silao, and installed there, so that's not a Silao problem, that's a GM problem.
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    Just picked up a 2020 with the 3.0 diesel. It’s the LTZ trim. I’m absolutely blown away with this truck. The family and I take a lot of summer road trips, so looking forward to the MPG gains with the diesel. I’m in the camp of loving the interior. This truck is such a joy to drive.
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    Turned out pretty nice IMO. Still trying to decide if I should blackout the badges and side mirrors or leave them chrome...
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    Wow you guys got great interest rates. I have great credit and like I said.... was told that was the best available at the time. Purchased on December 26th
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    So apparently you can’t get the door handles in white frost, they just come blank and then have to be painted. My buddy said if that’s the case I’m better off just pulling the chrome ones off there and painting those as opposed to buying the new ones and painting them. Said they can scuff those up easy enough and use some adhesion promoter and wouldn’t be worried about it chipping. Seems ridiculous to me, but seeing it’s not an “accessory” item that’s the way it is... I did get the rims and tires on it yesterday though.
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    You can keep the back seat area warm or cool even without the additional vents found in the new trucks. Keep the air moving! If you want to speed up the process, Canadian Tire or Princess Auto sell inexpensive 12V fans that you can place on the floor in the back. I was fortunate to live in northern BC and Alberta in the 70's and 80's and became very adept at keeping the children comfortable in the backseat of a SuperCab, Van and Suburban. The same logic applies to your home. If you have perimeter baseboard heating (or a wood stove) and want to eliminate cool zones, employ the help of a fan. Your cab is a small confined space that could be kept at a comfortable temperature throughout even if it only came with front vents. The additional rear vents in your truck are gravy
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    Wonder if there is someone in Japan right now complaining about the build quality of his Accord that was built in Ohio? Riding Donkeys to work actually might be a good marketing plan, they do get great mileage with pretty low emissions….
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    It's impossible to say what a dealer would put in your trans. Most would use an GM approved fluid from a bulk tank. But with all of the trans "services" offered you would have to ask that dealer. GM has never recommend trans flushes except when catastrophic failure happens ( see attached TSB ). Each dealer does their own thing though. Just because a dealer does something doesn't mean it's GM's way. flush.pdf
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    2017 Silverado 1500 Rally 1 5.3. This truck was bare bones when I bought it. No trailer hitch or keyless entry/remote start. Had the dealership install a GM hitch and wiring. Had a hard time getting it registered. The DMV had no record of the vin number. After two days with it sitting at the dealership after I bought it I was all set to take it home. Apparently it was one of Chevy's show trucks and was never listed in the system! Here's what I've done so far. Exterior- Swapped out DL8 mirrors for DL3 mirrors with custom door harnesses and powerfold switch. Diode mod for puddle lights and dome lights. Thanks to @pgamboa 6 inch black running boards. Wheel well frame tube hole plugs. GM rear wheel well liners. Bed rail hole plugs. GM OEM mud flaps. Back up camera. 3 inch led pod reverse lights. 2 inch front led pod lights and 12 inch led bar above license plate. Rear Led license plate lights and housing. Led black out taillights. Led black third brake light. Trifold tonneau cover. Black lug nut covers. Color lugs.com GM illuminated bowtie. Black decal overlays. GM power locking tailgate. GM bed lamp kit. Dee Zee tailgate shock assist. GM performance air intake. GM trailer hitch cover. 2 inch Rough Country front leveling kit. Interior - 10 inch Android radio w/Axxess wire harness interface. Boyo rearview mirror w/4.3 inch reverse monitor, compass and outside air temp sensor. Driver assist handle. Led light mirror sun visors. Compustar 3000ft 2way keyless entry/remote start system. GM molded floor mats. GM illuminated door sills. GM ambient foot well lighting. Brand motion center console wireless phone charging station. I'm sure I am missing a few things but that's pretty much where I'm at after a year and a half... Whenever I want to do a "GM" mod I always have to justify it to the wife. Lol! Glad @pgamboahas videos on YouTube to show her how awesome the mods are! Thanks Phil!
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    A raised ranch doesn't have a basement,lower level is at grade.
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    Welcome to this forum! NCPGMC provided the most logical starting point to diagnose the problem. I would assume this step would have preceded posting online(?) My first thought was related to moisture and freezing but your ID doesn't mention your location. The more information you provide, the more helpful the response. Good luck!
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    And to sum it up, it all depends upon your needs and pocket book.The profile of the tire changes with the size of the wheel and the larger the wheel size, the smaller the height of the sidewall so with tires from the same manufacturer the smaller wheel size is less susceptible to harshness and wheel damage because of the greater sidewall height to absorb road imperfections, off road travel conditions and the occasional pothole at the expense of reduced directional stability and performance. Had aggressive treads 17's on the Goodyears on my Z71s and found them to be noisy and give a typical smooth, "snow tire" ride. Would be a great benefit on gravel, dirt, mud and deep snow all of which I never normally encounter, most I'd do was to go to a campground or maybe an off road jog on grassy hill areas or low brush in a wooded area. I don't even need them for snow because the main State roads/school bus routes are plowed before I can have breakfast, putter around and then clean the snow off the truck or SUV. Problem with these type of high profile, aggressive tread tires is loss of directional stability in a tight turn on a wet surface or a fast start from a stop sign or traffic light where the surface is compromised with a buildup of fluids from previously stopped vehicles. My early morning spins on paved back roads and hairpin turns would cause rear wheel slides even in Auto. So this time there was no sense getting a Trail Boss with knobby tires, been there done that, so went for a pavement princess type setup on an RST with optional $3K larger 22" wheels w/ Bridgestone Alenza lower profile tires and normal sipe patterns on the tires which is more suitable to my driving situations. No doubt with a single speed transfer case and less aggressive tread pattern I'd have a problem with a heavy snow, mud or rock crawling but I'm not doing that......I sleep in for a heavy snow until roads are cleared and the harshest my tires will see is grass, crush and run, gravel or pavement. But the difference in handling and directional stability with large wheel, low profile tires is dramatic and worth every penny on this '19s wider, higher, greater turning radius boat. Even in 2WD with the low profile 22s I can now navigate the '19 on same teacups and hairpins at a higher speed without the rear slides I'd get on the '16 Z71 at lower speeds in Auto. More fun to drive on the low profile 22s which is all I give a crap about. If I ever feel a need to go playing in the mud or go rock crawling I'll rent a Jeep with full coverage and knock the crap out of it.
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    OMG that is HIDEOUS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Uh, because they are two different trucks with different sized beds.
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    Awesome, always a nice peace of mind when the truck is running normally. I always forget how much information, and just plain cool the Denali dash is compared to the others. Guess I should know, have the same dash in our 16 Tahoe with the HUD package, just never drive it.
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    Straight piped Zone 1.75'' Leveling Kit with 295/70 18 Nitto Trail Grapplers (Had to remove mudflap) Driveway is a bit uneven but looks much better with bigger tires and a level
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    I used a fishing line. Someone told me (after I was done) fishing line and heat......
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    The grounds that I am familiar with and addressed are on frame under driver's area and one each on back side of heads next to firewall (tight location). I was able to reach and disconnect, clean and tighten. This is where my problem was found. My reduced power made my truck crawl at 5-10 mph at 1000 rpms. It only got better by clearing code until next code being triggered by lose ground. Your problem is probably different but I would definitely check your codes.
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    I know all about your pain sir; being from the Toronto,Ontario Canada area. They luv there salt up here too...and when we’re not salting we’re brining ! Lol...just can’t get enough of it. Funny thing is everyone wonders why all the infrastructure is failing : asphalt, concrete, potholes, culverts, ditch inlets....it’s a miracle all the animals in the woods aren’t coming out of the forest due to salt poisoning. If people up here knew how to drive in the winter we wouldn’t have to go overkill for a half inch dusting of snow
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    Well I myself have but beyond that Houston House of Power and others have as well. The average intake and exhaust guy will not pay the $2800-3000 it takes to tune one of these trucks. Serious mods requiring tuning would be things like boost from supercharger or turbo kits that are in the pipeline but not yet available. We are not talking about “canned” tunes here. Given that GM GDS is need to even swap the unlocked computer in, that market will not work with these trucks. The install of the ECM and tuning needs to be done at a shop in house with capabilities to do so, at least with the current tuning option available via HP Tuners.
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    They bought back my 19 after 9 trips to the dealer, 42 days out of service, and 150 plus phone calls. Unfortunately I was dumb enough to take a new 2020 that also leaks instead of walking away with a full refund and buying a Ford with freezing door locks. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
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    If anyone is interested. I have an extra setup, I ordered lamp from two different places, got second lamp in today, lamp with camera and used wiring harness, I got harness from a wrecked 19 with under 100 miles. I watched guy pull harness from truck, he didn’t damage it.
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    Here's my new High Country 2500HD Duramax.
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    3” Rough Country running 285/55R22’s on OEM wheels
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