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    2018 GMC SLT Tuned 6.2, 20x9 Fuel, 33” KO2’s, 4.5”-5” CST Lift Front CST Coil Overs, Rear CST Piggybacks with add a leaf, CST Skid Plate, In Grill 31” LED Light Bar, RollNLock Bed Cover, G2 Rear Diff Cover etc etc etc https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200117/f2586de4afe44a3e5a83cab71c5b271c.png[/img] Sent from Above
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    I realize I'm wasting my breath but for the silent thread watchers these charts show why my 2 7T truck tractors up Steven's pass. The 4.3 V6 is the bottom curve but it's the same for most NA powerplants that make max torque up at high rpms. The 2.7T is at max torque at 1500 rpm. As I am not accelerating or dragging a 6k pound trailer my truck never shifts as the grade increases it just adds fuels to produce more torque at the same rpm. Turbo engines can be setup for torque or top end hit. As MDSilverado has said multiple times GM went for torque. The engine runs out of breath well before the rev limiter but it doesnt matter because it doesnt need to turn 4k to make enough torque to maintain 70mph up a grade and that's why its awesome. I think the differences are magnified at partial throttle settings where we all operate 99% of the time. The concept is probably foreign if you haven't driven a small diesel or other forced induction engine tuned for torque which is why there are so many doubters and haters. But Im tired of people coming to our thread asking for explanations and then telling us we dont know what we're talking about. Drive the truck and decide for yourself. I think most will love it. This is my 3rd turbo vehicle and I'll never go back.
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    You spent a month in Silao and hated it. And you love to stir the pot. Thanks for openingly admitting your bias so we can all see where you're coming from! Why don't you use some of your apparently ample free time to learn how to use search functions? In about 2 minutes, I found the following on this website and on Youtube: Nope, no automation at all anywhere to be seen, nor any quality control functions, either. Those welds and some other components and assemblies appeared all by themselves! NOT! Nice, modern plant. Employees did not even appear to be riding donkeys to work like you're trying to imply, UAW troll!
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    Today, after over a year of ownership, I finally used the truck to tow something for the first time. Naturally the 6.2 handled it with no problem. The roads were wet & the winds were gusty. I initially had it in 2WD, but I gassed it a bit turning onto the road & the back tires broke loose.
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    I heard if you add a few ounces of Amsoil to each tire you get a 1.5 to 2 mpg increase. Greek? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Just out of curiosity: How did a dumb question about whether ditching my current AT's for street tires would help my fuel economy turn into a pissing match about which tire is better in the sand? If people want to pointlessly argue on the internet, let's make it fun: A- MAGA!!!!! B- "Impeach the [email protected]#$r!" Have at it...
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    Out Hog Hunting [emoji6] Sent from Above
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    Because they are a paid sponsor... They have been sponsoring teams and the series for decades. The K02's aren't what is winning, it is their desert racing KR series of tires in most cases. The K02's are the most over-rated tire since they were the original all terrain tire, you pay for the name and cool look. Balancing problems, noise, mpg hits due to heavy weight and hydro-planning issues because of the interlocking tread not excavating water properly aren't exactly king of the hill specs. I would rather buy an equal performing tire for $75 less per tire and doesn't rest on its name than something every other person has. It is the tire of choice for the suburban dad, 4wd truck, leveling kit, K02 tires wrapped around a black off road wheel like methods or fuels. Buy a tire for what you are going to be seeing terrain wise, if you have a better chance of running in to a muddy field than sand, well a sand tire won't do you much good when you're hunting. OP, as many have directed previously anything that is lighter (stay P-rated), closer to stock size, skinnier and has a less aggressive tire will help claw back some mpg. How much, it all depends but will help. I am like you, I didn't buy a truck for the mpg but if I can save a few why not? As long as it takes me where I want to go and does what I need to then I am all for it. No one ever got rich by not saving money... Tyler
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    Just be careful pulling it off. I bought the same ones and didn't get them on straight. As soon as I tried to pull the first one off it spider-webbed terribly. I put the second one and it did the same thing!
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    Fluid changes early are not a guarantee if there is a mechanical failure. No fluid can prevent that. The fluid change out is great to keep things clean and fresh. Remember transmissions enemy is heat. Every time it shifts it creates heat. Most don't have transmission temp gauges that they monitor all the time so no way of knowing if it gets in the upper temp range at all. If you plan on keeping your vehicle then regular transmission fluid changes such as every 50k help to extend the life of the transmission. Not saying to do a complete change out, just removing what comes out from the pan drop or sucking it out the dipstick tube and replacing helps. Also running a quality synthetic can help since it holds up better to higher temperatures than lower quality fluids. Standard dexron spec'ed fluids are good, but higher quality fluids such as AMSOIL and Redline are engineered to exceed that specification and have a stronger additive package so to speak as well as are a full PAO synthetic which in it's self is about the best when it comes to hot running temps. My Chevy Cruze diesel's transmission runs at 225° F. I monitor it with a ScanGauge II. This is extremely hot compared to what our trucks run at. I have been monitoring my 2019 and it stays at 145°F. I have not towed with it yet to see how high it will get. My 2002, also monitored with a ScanGauge II runs at 165°F and gets up to 198°F when I tow our 4klbs trailer. I guess what I'm trying to get at is if you plan on keeping your vehicle for over 100k, transmission fluid change outs will benefit it in the long run. What little you spend to do that every 3yrs is way better than the cost of repairing/replacing a transmission.
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    I have 71k miles on my Michelin LTX M/S 2's Love them. Although they are getting down to the wear bars and this last rain pulling the trailer on the interstate was a little scary. Time for new tires.
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    Of course I didn't buy a 6.2 V8 truck for it's fuel economy. I bought this truck for the 10-15 times per year that I drag my family and camper over 8000+ foot elevations where my old 5.3 just wasn't cutting it. I also didn't buy it to ride trails/ go mudding/rock climbing. IF I can gain 1-2 mpg by ditching the heavy, aggressive tread tires, it makes sense. Feel free to call me old and uncool.
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    Don’t think anyone buys a truck for mpg’s but adding 10-20 miles onto your separate search for fuel during a road trip helps lol. Not only are Nitto Ridge Grapplers WAY OVER RATED but they ride very rough and siping wears out fast too, mine wore fast by 16k, got 18-19 mpgs and now 20-21 with KO2’s. One thing I’ve learned in my life, never judge a tire based on its new ride feel, 15k miles should be a minimum on reviews cause all tires for the most part have soft and grip more when new, Michelin brands aren’t rated the best just for their extended wear qualities but for their added ride and performance too. New with siping Only 16k miles with siping disappearing causing lots of slipping I’ve had two separate sets of Nitto ridge grapplers and both performed just as bad. KO2’s have siping straight through the lugs, not cosmetic like Nittos Sent from Above
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    I dumped my Nitto Ridge Grapplers at 16k miles, crappy tires. Switched to KO2’s and gained 1-2mpgs. Going to Michelin Defenders will DEFINITELY give you a much better ride quality and better mpg’s. Less lugs means less resistance and with the Michelin’s, not only better mpg’s but longer life too. Good luck! Sent from Above
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    getting new rubber of the same size with "highway" treads will help a little, but not a ton. If you are not changing the dimensions or weight of the tires you won't see much difference (less than 1 mpg) If you really want mpgs, you need a narrower, lighter tire. You should be able to go down to a 265, which is/was pretty standard width. Find out what the OEM tire size was on your truck and start there.
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    You'll see an increase. Totally different mpg friendly treads. Likely to last longer and will pay themselves off. Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
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    On the same boat, if you do pavement driving mostly you dont need those tires, except for the looks. I just got denali 22s that came with the stock Bridgestones, i should get better mpgs in spring time.
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    that's crazy. I wouldn't think it's going to be the mirror heater, that's a very thin heating element inside the glass of the mirror itself. (similar to a defroster on the rear window). if that had been the issue, it would have manifested itself on the other side of the assembly and/or destroyed the positioning motors/brackets inside the housing. keep us updated..
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    not going to get political on this topic, but I'd be interested in your credentials if you'd like to debate via PM. I'm an environmental engineer. I work for big business and have spent my career in the environmental field and I'm exposed to both sides, if you think me and 97% of scientists are wrong, that's your right and belief. But before we go down this road, your education and professional field would help me understand who I'm talking to.
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    I don’t believe any engine 6-8-10 speed combo is going to stay in its highest gear lugging up a hill. The whole point of the exercise is to use the highest gear possible in its TQ range. While keeping the RPMs as low as possible using the least fuel at the desired speed. Lugging like a tractor wouldn’t accomplish that. Even with no load. Driving awhile with stick would teach a person that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You can't tell me that doesn't look better....
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    When I got my 2019 Canyon Denali, the first thing that happened, with less than 200 miles on it, was swap out those Dueler tires with Michelin Defender LTX. I drive on road and gravel trails, and they have handled it just fine. The wet road handling is miles above the Duelers it came with, and they have great road manners for eating up the miles. I used to do the whole off road tire deal in college, then got tired of having tires that were more expensive and louder but worse handling and rougher riding than a tire that matched the terrain I drive on. Didn’t have any issues driving out in a field with 6” of snow on it with the Defenders either a few weeks ago. They have just enough off road grip to do the job for me.
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    That is a lot of weight even for a max tow 1500. A level will just make things worse while towing and not sure what legit lifts do to tow ratings. However I have seen a couple leveled and they look great. Probably be just fine if you use weight dist hitch and maybe bags. Just stay out of traffic.
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    So I ended up being able to get both sets of mirrors. Here's a quick and dirty review & video comparing the two. (1) Both Mirrors give you essentially the same visibility in terms being able to see further back behind the trailer. (2) Both are manually adjustable (3) Both can still be attached when the original mirror is folded - ie. they do not hit anything. (4) Both leave all the extra stuff on the mirrors un-obscured -i.e the led lights & cameras all still work. (4) Mounting & looks KSource: - I like the Ksource Better - they slip / snap on and require no extra hardware. - they fit better / more precisely - i think they look better. -Also the KSource comes with a carry / storage bag. Lonview: - you slide these on from the side and then you have use a retaining bracket and thumbscrew to lock them into place using the mounting hole closest to the truck body. (this mounting bracket is not shown in the video.) This retaining bracket is plastic and it doesn't look like it will hold up over time. - they don't seem to fit as snug as the Ksource. - the longview mirrors do not come with a carry / storage bag. https://youtu.be/QlL0ONIrskA
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    Looks like he got all 8 new injectors so maybe it was already good to go. He does leave out few things like depresurizing the fuel system which is important. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Where’d you get the fender badge that excludes the engine size? Is it from an elevation? If you have a part number that would be awesome. Truck looks good, don’t see many lowered ones these days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    24" x 10" Niche M192 Altair Wheels (Can't remember offset...only size they offer in 24" for the Sierra. 295/35/24 Nexens (hate these tires) 4/6 drop , Belltech Street performance kit with Cnotch kit and bumpstops No rubbing. Zero issues. Dealership had drop done prepurchase Ignore me standing in truck bed. I was having some fun
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    It is about $2.30ish give or take around the piedmont-triad area of NC and $2.10ish in southern, VA for regular. I use the Gas Buddy gas card and usually save about 9 cents per gallon in addition to Shell's 5 cents off (14 cents total). They send you a card and you use it in conjunction with the app. I always use a Shell about 95% of the time unless some circumstance dictates otherwise.
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    Mine has 137k it started around 132k miles. Crazy thing is it really only makes the sound off and on in the cold. If i hear it when i start up I pull forward and back, then shut the engine off. Most times it goes away. Its deff not consistent. Sooner then later im going to buy a trans core and rebuild it myself just with the kit i posted. I'll moreso get a tq converter from them as well. I plan to keep mine and turn it into a full-time work truck, so it will see it's fair share of abuse at some point. Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
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    possibly it failed, or possibly a connection has failed or come loose
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    Ok the “fix” is out I am told. Its being performed on my truck right now. See attached. Good luck to us all. I have doubts this will actually fix it.
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    Hi All, Im new here and was hoping to get some advice on doing some performance upgrades on my 2012 GMC Sierra 1500. 5.3 liters. Just to share some trials I have experienced with this truck. A couple of months past the 5 year warranty #7 cyl lifter collapsed! What a terrible design! GMC didn’t do anything to compensate me for the problem that I’ve come to learn is a frequent one. I replaced the lifter. Now I want to delete the Active fuel management (AFM). I was thinking of using this programmer.(DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer 3rd Generation inTune inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer. Any feedback on this would be awesome. Also the shifting on the transmission is very rough.(it drops down a gear and would like to throw me and my passages through the windshield!) I would also like to put a cold air induction headers and new exhaust. If any of you have tips On the brand would be appreciated. And do you think I should put a performance chip in also? Any Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken. Also I would like to note that my truck only has 50,000 miles on it. I still can’t believe GMC would’nt of helped me out somewhat.
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    I also really dislike negative offsets. Now your wheels act like a pry bar on your ball joints and hub. Not to mention your throwing rocks all over your 0.0001" thick paint. Almost every second Cummins I pass is lifted with 3/4 of the wheel out beside the truck, tow mirrors out lugging along a ghost trailer.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2019 Silverado 4" BDS 35x11.5 Ridge Grapplers
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    The 22's look much better than the factory 18 inch wheels! Did you order the 22's from the dealership and have them put on?
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    Had to update my truck with fun car picture. Sold my Boss 302 and found this SS.
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    Update, The driver remember where he left the package. The local Fedex supervisor printed out a map to my house and a picture of the house. Package delivered.
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    Damn that looks killer! How it should look from the factory! How much did he charge you?
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    I don't understand you guys knocking the 22-inch wheels. My truck looked like a Home Depot rental with the factory 18in wheels on it.
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    No, they didn't. Go look at a 2019 or 2020 RAM HD, every single one still has a VIN starting with 3. When Sergio died, they scrapped the plan to bring them back. My 2019 Sierra is a Ft. Wayne build, my 16 & 14 Silverados were both Silao made. I don't see much of a difference in fit and finish. My 14 was a vibrator, but I can't blame that on the assembly plant. When I bought my 19 I sought out a U.S. made truck, not because I was unhappy with the quality of the other two, but just because of pride. GM is an American company, and I think they should build as many vehicles here as they can profitably.
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    Received my new bumper from carparts.com today and it appears to be just as nice as OEM for damn near half the price. Time will tell when I get it installed. Also installed new LED reverse lights. No clue if they’re as bright as they claim yet because it’s still daylight. Also installed the tempered glass stick on for the infotainment screen that someone shared earlier in this thread. Unfortunately it stuck off center. Haha. The kit comes with two screens though. I’ll have to see if it bothers my OCD or not.
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    strange.. I was told that the Mexican plant is machined and tooled exactly the same as the US plant. And if you don't think that those workers in Mexico are not going to do as good of a job as the American UAWs, think again. Getting a job at an assembly plant (that is all they are now, is just assembly plants) for a top auto maker down in Mexico is something people would kill for down there. I am quite certain that those that are working there are likely some of the best they can find and take pride in their work and take it seriously.
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    If I am the only one to play, my odds have to be pretty good:
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    People need to stop with this Magnusen act. A billion dollar car company will find a way to void your warranty. Chipping your truck weather a chip or tune will void your warranty. Period. If they really want to void it , it will happen. They wipe their ass with the magnusen act. Anytime you modify a car , you take that chance
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