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    So far we’ve had a little over 4 million people get this bug out of over 300 million people. We shut down the country for 2 months and millions lost their jobs. We’re hearing numbers being inflated. If you die of anything and happen to have the bug. It’s counted as a covid death. Imagine if that was done during flu season. It’s convoluted, overblown to cause panic. All this hysteria while the death rate drops. All this while our freedom is being evaporated. Shameful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2018 with 2.5 leveling kit in front and nothing in rear. 35/12.50/22. Tires do rub but not as bad as everybody thinks.
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    It’s funny cuz it’s true. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dub Luxe 22x9.5 +20 in gloss black with Ridge Grapplers 285/50 Readylift 2” leveling kit
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    Thanks!.. I dont know why but it only lets me upload one photo at a time, 4MB max lol
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    Here's my 2017 Dbl cab long box, doing what it's supposed to.
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    I came out of Home Depot one day, walked up to my truck pressing the unlock on the remote and the lights wouldnt flash. kept trying, pulled on the door handle on passenger side rear to put stuff I had in there but wouldn't unlock. Then I head a voice from over my shoulder: "that's mine, you may wanna try the one on the other side, I bet its yours". duh
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    Are you reading codes with a good reader that can do a full system scan? Something like BlueDriver or a good high level Mac/Snap-on? All those system warning messages are up because there is either a pending/permanent code or there might just be a history code. Most cheap code readers can only read ECM and sometimes airbag and ABS codes and that's it. There is a few possibilities here. Bad battery cables, bad ground (there are some known grounds that should be checked). The trailer brake warning is probably there because the switch in the dash/module/trailer plug is bad. The front end shimmy is either warped rotors or bad pads, or a combo of both.
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    can we assume that you have a 2014 silverado? how many miles? any codes? If it were me. I'd start checking grounds, search youtube using "silverado grounds"
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    Whew, atleast I'm not the only one. Lol
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    Took my son’s truck to get a wash, ?
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    All done for a bit I think... front window tint, leveling kit, stubby aluminum antenna, black GMC badges, and 22.9.5 +20 Dub Luxe wheels with 285/50/22 ridge grapplers
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    Great news! Hope this was the final fix.
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    Perfect, no issues! After they flashed the newest firmware it’s been rock solid. Tried setting off the sensor and draining the battery overnight when I park on an incline but truck has been great since. Slowly falling back in love but still don’t feel 100% confident.
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    General Motors doesn't need to manufacture a quality product as long as the consumer continues to purchase. They are betting on brand loyalty to keep them afloat. Or at least up until their next multi-billion dollar bailout.
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    New to the forum - just purchased my brand new 2020 AT4 on Friday! - 6.2L V8 - Crew Cab, Short Bed - Performance Pkg. (435hp 469 lb-ft.) - Off-Road Pkg. (Mud-Terrain Duratracs) - Preferred Pkg. - Premium Pkg. - Technology Pkg. - Driver Alert I Pkg. - Driver Alert II Pkg. - Sunroof Clay-barred and polished on night #1 and waxed morning #3...so happy with this truck so far! Only problem was the dealer filling half the gas tank with 87 octane...when I went to start it with the salesman, the engine felt like it had a miss at idle and couldn't idle smoothly like it did during the test drive...salesman confirmed they used 87 octane...the 6.2L engine recommends 93 octane (I plan to run 91)...went to the nearby gas station and filled the remaining half-tank with 94 octane and the idle smoothed out and was back to normal...I also went to Canadian Tire and bought some STP octane booster to help the octane mixture a bit more...runs and idles great now! The salesman said I could run 87 octane but I call bull crap on that...it was having a hard time keeping an idle at 87 octane and wouldn't want it under load or I would imagine it would have detonation...
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    Lomax is meh for me.. in honesty I didn’t see it before, and now that I have, I’m glad I didn’t get a lomax. personal preference and not a huge deal to take the whole cover off if I need full space
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    I hope you left feedback on the item indicating they were counterfeit, as well as negative seller feedback...
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    And in a bubble too with the greatest cautions. Let's just toss several hundred kids in close quarters and see if the home opener gets canceled. General comment txab not directed at anything but the news.
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    Shimmy on hard braking is probably the rotors worn unevenly. There is also a recall on low speed steering loss.
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    Unless I know the seller personally, or they have receipts from a reputable shop, I avoid buying lifted vehicles. Too many idiots out there who don't do it right or beat the crap out of it without doing proper maintenance. Go stock and then shop around for the lift that suits you best (if that's what you want), then install it yourself or go with a shop you trust. Then you'll know it's done right.
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    380 would be my guess Karnut. Ruger makes a popular model.
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    I called a local Chevrolet dealer and spoke to the parts counter employee. He looked up the truck (2020 Chevy 3500 HD with diesel, etc.) and said his documentation does not list the rear axle or front axle fluid capacity. His documentation did list certain other fluid capacities such as engine oil, transmission, etc. Don't know why his info didn't list capacity for axles. Regardless, he advised when he changes his own gear oil in his rear axle (on an older vehicle), he adds sufficient fluid that he can put the last digit of his little finger in the rear axle lubricant fill hole and if he can touch the new fluid, he considers it done in terms of the fill level. That's the rule of thumb I've heard service personnel say, also. When I get around to changing my rear differential gear oil on my 2020 3500HD diesel with limited slip, I plan to buy 4 quarts of the appropriate viscosity gear oil and, after draining the "old" fluid and reinstalling the drain plug to add my new fluid until I can touch the new fluid as noted above. Then, I will add 4 ounces of limited slip additive that I'll buy either at the Chevy dealer or I may buy the AMSOIL limited slip product. Using this technique, worst case is I have some extra gear oil to use when I change the gear oil in a second truck I have.
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    Whelp... looks like you have learned the same thing countless others have. Loyalty means nothing now a days. You are replaceable in the eyes of all the auto manufacturers. I'm sorry though that you have had such shitty luck. I'm in no hurry to go to any newer vehicles other than maybe a 6.0 2500HD if I wanted an alternative to my 08 Duramax.
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    I have driven Dodge, Ford, Chevy and GMC trucks my entire adult life. In my opinion, they all suffer from quality control issues and they get worse with every new vehicle I buy. I hate to say it but they dont make things like they used to. Having said that, I have been pretty happy with my 19. It has just shy of 40,000 miles on it and it has yet to be in the shop for anything other than recalls and oil changes.
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    I’m not real sure why people have to be such ass hats! If I spent 65k on a truck and it had a defect before I left the lot I’d want it fixed too. I guess people like Tyler here don’t have any pride in ownership. I’d hate to see what shape his vehicles are in.
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    So I wanted a power locking tailgate on my 2019 GMC Canyon. In the past I have used Pop n Lock, but that eventually failed after about 2 years. So Instead, I started looking into how I could retrofit a 2020 power locking handle into my 2019. The video below details everything you need to do it yourself. Totally worth the effort. The OEM lock is much nicer, quieter and will "fingers crossed" last longer than two years.
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    i would like to thank mkwambold for his help replacing my solid glass rear window to a rear glass slider, his instructions & diagrams were just what i needed to complete the job (factory) without any issues. Thanks again.
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    How I put the front emblem on the back of my truck. -First, you have to remove the 3 piece emblem. I heated up the emblem with a heat gun. I eventually pried off the emblems and left some of the double sided tape adhesive on the truck. There are many detailed methods over the internet on how to remove the emblems on a factory vehicle. - Next, I needed to clean up the adhesive. For this I used an adhesive rubber wheel with the drill attachement. Not my go to but I was trying to hurry up before my wife asked me to bring her lunch at work. The adhesive wheel left some rubber due to heat buildup. I used a polisher and some compound to clean it up proper. - Now you have the clean slate to work with. I put tape down as my next step was to find center on the tailgate. The highest strip of tape was used to keep the line of the factory emblems, I later adjusted this as it seemed it was off - Now for me, this was the most difficult step. I took my pliers to the clips on the back of this $300 emblem. Just grab and twist, they come off almost flat. I followed it up with a grinder and flap wheel to make sure it laid flat. - From here, I laid more tape down to cover the surface area of the emblem. The toughest part of this is trying to line the emblem up close to level. I spent time on this as I believe it is the make or break part of the process. Once I had it where I thought it was good, I pressed down on the emblem so that the plug in the back of the emblem would indent the tape. The emblem should be parallel to the tailgate when looking from above, down. - If you pressed hard enough, you will see the outline of the plug in the tape. Weirdly enough, this next step was less stressful then popping clips off an emblem. I drilled a .5 inch hole in the tail gate in the center of the indentation. This is not enough and I inked in the rest of the outline and filed smaller holes to the corners. I did raise the emblem up toward the handle (?) due to it being the multi pro and there is a crease on the inside that may cause an issue if you keep factory placement. It’s moved up about .5 -.75 inch from factory placement. I did not want to chance it. - From here, I took a small triangular file and took the time to file the eventual square flat all around. This step took me about 30 minutes. I had a die grinder, but could not find my bit. It could have taken 5 minutes if that... Above is the measurements I took. - I kept test fitting the emblem, turns out I had to open it up more to account for the base of the plug on the emblem. I would venture to guess 13/16 or 7/8s. - After I got enough after multiple test fits, I was happy with it. The hole will be covered up with the emblem. - I pulled all the tape off except the highest one so I could know my center line. With both the emblem and tail gate prepped.. I found the emblem has more of a curve then the tailgate. The curve looked real similar before I ventured to do this. Nothing a quick press in the middle wouldn’t take care of. - Next I loaded the emblem with 3M double sided tape. Turns out, that it is actually difficult to peel the backing off to actually mount the emblem. Luckily it’s curve helped me only tack the sides on while I measured center, up/down and left to right. Boom... mounted.. - I cut the end of the pig tail that comes with the emblem. Plugged it in, and ran wire through the tailgate to the wiring harness of the passenger side tail light. I actually took the tail light off but realized there is another plug point by the spare tire. That’s where I wired in the emblem to come on with the lights like the front does. Forgive my spelling errors, did this from my phone. As much as I tried to take pictures, once I got into the mode, all that went out the window.
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    I went with then undercover armour flex for my at4. Heard the back flip may get in the way of the stick thing in the bed. No complaints.
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    Folded mirror width with the small mirror is 84.9 inches. GM doesn't have the folded tow mirror width, but I'd imagine its within an inch or so from that. Tow mirrors in normal position, width is 105.2 inches. Tow mirrors extended position, width is 110.9 inches. All this info was found on page 34 of the body manual: https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1422/2020_R_HD_CK_FS_CC_04_09_2020.pdf
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    I picked up something new to tow. 2020 Haulmark, 6'x12' 6'6" interior height. 3500 gvw. My 2014 H&H 6x14 developed some severe rust under the bed liner spray they spray on the frame during manufacturing. One of the hinges on the ramp door cracked and broke free. There was rust everywhere underneath the trailer . Got them (Brinkmans in Delano MN)to take it on trade in. Good riddance ya rusty POS. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk That H&H had 200,000 miles on it and had been through war.
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    For the love of god, i hope the interior is updated . But i'm excited to see what the new 22 trucks look like You guys think the engines will finally get a power bump ? This is going on 8 years with the same engine output.
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    I don't recommend factory intervals when it comes to.. well most of the stuff. Tranny fluid I have flushed every 30,000 miles, Front/Rear Diff every.. well 30,000 miles after I do it at the first 10,000 miles.. unless I drive in water up to the axles, then it gets changed right after- Transfer Case every 15,000-20,000 miles, (It gets used a lot) Coolant I do every 5 years or 60,000 miles but I am getting more lax on that as the methods of testing the coolant PH and other levels are better.. Power steering fluid.. every 75,000 miles. Spark Plugs every 70,000 miles if they are rated for 100,000 miles.. Why? Because it is called preventative maintenance. I take issue with extended drain intervals on things like oil (going 15,000-20,000 miles) and tranny fluid, the weakest links on vehicles. It pays in the long run to service them often if you want to keep the vehicle past 100,000 miles. Yeah yeah yeah, plenty of examples of "Well my truck is at 150,000 miles and never a problem!" but there are also plenty of examples of "Why did my transmission let go at 100,000 miles?" or "Why do I have so much engine noise when I am using extended life oil and oil filters?"
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    I had to buy a specialty 6" drop shank from fastway for me e2 setup. My trailer actually has a low hitch height. The previous towing veh used a 2.5" drop shank and the lowest setting was not low enough to tow the trailer level. While I dont use the lowest setting on the 6" max drop, I will tell you the difference in hitch height from my 2002 chevy to my 2020 chevy was an increase of just under 4". I calculated the 6" drop would put me in the sweet spot.
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    WOW!!! Those are some pretty impressive numbers. All the magazines 0-60 times were at around 7 secs. So you're telling me that a tune, exhaust, and CAI, plus, you have your truck lifted with bigger tires and you knocked off 1.4secs!?!? That's amazing man! GM has a winner for sure on their hands if that is the case. Congrats on those upgrades because you FOR SURE got your money's worth with those upgrades. Just imagine if you upgraded the turbo on that thing. I remember my buddy had a 2013 Limited Furd 3.5L ecoboost, and he replaced the turbine wheels with bigger ones and the gains were unreal. Maybe you could do that with yours?? Would love to see you find a Trailboss with a 5.3L and one with a 6.2L and see how they stack up against yours, since yours has a lift was well. My dealership doesn't have any in stock. Kinda disappointed. They don't even have any 3.0L baby Duramax's in either. All they have here are 5.3Ls and 6.2Ls. Might have to stop at Billion Auto on my way to the lake house this weekend and take one of theirs for a drive. Take care and again congrats.
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    Except when it comes to emissions. It's a Federal Offense, go ask them.
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    Where'd you buy them from??? Any wait time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I love my 2.7T. However, I am in the camp that doesn't pull anything besides a golf cart. I don't understand some on this forum with all the hate - when it comes down to it, if we needed a truck that pulls 9,000 lbs we would buy the truck that pulls 9,000 lbs. Honestly, IMO, I think one of the problems with the new engine is the lack of branding. I know I'll roasted for saying this, but Ford (knowing the public perception of a smaller, turbo charged engine) did a great job of branding it and making it consistent across the board. Not saying it's a fantastic lineup or anything, I have never even driven one, but 99% of people shopping for a car knows what an EcoBoost is. All that to say, I think if GM did a better job to brand these engines (so Skippy's on public forums don't just bash it without ever driving it) and market these engines early to overcome the perceptions, we would be in a different place. Instead, it took the route of "See for yourself."
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    Well that sucks because mines on it’s way from China now. I’ll post if it happens to work well
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    I got mine at about 25% off MSRP in October ‘19.
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    Welcome to the club. I predict more will follow
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    I am thinking of trading in my 2015 1500 Silverado LT 4.3 for the 2.7, but after researching the mpg I am hesitant, my 4.3 constantly gets 22 to 23 mpg ( rural driving ) and have had up to 25 mpg driving 75 mph in the mountains of Colorado. So the gain in mpg of one truck over the other isn't much. Wondering what other's opinions might be on my thinking, a new 2019 or 2020 with 2.7 would be close to 12,000 and my trade in. Factory discounts aren't as much as back in the winter on this set up,
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    They've only been around for 2 model years so I don't think you'll find many people that have put 30-40k miles on them. I got mine a month before this COVID bullshit so I'm getting tremendous mileage. 1-2 weeks to a gallon probably. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Both sides on mine hit the frame brace so I cut a little off of the corner of the brace and no more touching. They do clunk when going up but the ones on my Tacoma make the same sound. Before cutting a piece off there was a mechanical sound when driving slowly over bumps. That sound has disappeared since trimming the mount and no further contact between steps and brace. Love the Amp Steps and love the no-step look when raised,
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    I think most of the newer tailgate stuff is answering a question no one asked. I think the corner steps work well.
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    I have a 2014 5.3 with a 110k on it. So far nothing for motor and transmission other than regular maintenance.
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    Thanks everyone for the help. Found this video and am going to attempt this myself before taking the truck into the shop. I can't afford to be without my truck as I am going to the mountains soon while also not wanting anything to break while in the snowy mountains. I will share my results after I have completed this.
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