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    Mine are aimed correctly so I have no problem giving someone an X-Ray when they decide to flash me. They should redirect their hostility at the jackasses who put LED or HID bulbs in halogen housings. Now that’s glare.
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    Only time I mind if someone flashes me is when it's a man
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    Boy, aren't those grill shutters nice! I was worried that I'd have to drill into the Denali grill to install those male ends that hold a winter cover on. I jumped for joy when I saw them and the heated filter. I remember freezing my fingers in winter storms, cramming cardboard or seed sacks between the grills and radiators and then the nights changing fuel filters on the side of the road. Now just push buttons and drive.
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    This is a very easy fix, no need to take to your dealer. All you need is a screwdriver and 10 seconds of time to pop the hood and adjust your beams lower. I have to do this when I pull the trailer because the back end goes down and front end goes up - thus headlights point higher than they should. Google how to do this and what the "proper" height should be, then you can compare to what yours are at. Essentially it's parking X feet away from your garage or a wall on flat land and measuring the height of your beams on said wall. Then you can make adjustments to a lower height and have both sides even.
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    Wonder why they are making the cool Chevy short bed regular cab 4x4 and selling it overseas only??? It is so effing cool looking! If it was in the states I would probably have one next week. I’m driving an 08 short bed right now and love my truck. My family has grown so it is prettty much me, but it hauls everything I want, including friend and neighbor needs, and pulls a 2 axle dump trailer just fine! It’s sharp and sporty and definitely easier to get around and park in the city! Maybe even bring back the FULL size 2 door Blazer also. Even if they are order only! Give me your thoughts peeps!
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    How many other members here get flashed by other drivers because they think your high beams are on? I've driven past other new Silverado's and Sierra's with no issue. In both my truck and Camaro. I have been in front of a newer Silverado in stop and go traffic and with his lights on and at certain angles, parts of the light did look like it was the high beam but you could tell it wasn't. It's like every time I drive past another vehicle, my hand is on the stalk and waiting to flash the other driver back. I've had people do this to me in the Camaro and my ZX10 but it's like every night I drive the truck I have 2 or 3 people angrily flashing me and the get surprised by my actual brights.
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    5 years later and I don't think I'll ever get tired of this truck. 6" bds coilovers fuel vector 18x9 and toyo rts 35x12.5
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    Awesome. Just ordered one. Thank you.
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    I've been contemplating pulling mine apart and physically moving the LED over so it's on top of the hole instead of offset. The LED itself is almost an inch off to the side and then has a big plastic lens that directs the light at ~45* angle I'll probably debate doing this for a year or two and then next thing you know, end up in a new truck that hopefully has this fixed already
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    I'm in central AL, (war eagle ? ) My best MPG over 400 miles is 21.5, best MPG over 25 miles is 31.5. For context, my truck is the 2020 LTZ Z71 crew cab short bed, custom ordered and fully loaded so, an LT with less equipment may fare better MPG as it would weigh slightly less. The 3.0L Duramax paired with the 10-speed is really a perfect match. Really well-done powertrain.
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    Nothibg yet, but come spring...
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    Done that and still get flashed. What I wished was in the Silverado was in my 2013 Tundra. A knob to adjust the angle of the light in the truck and that was something on a base model Tundra. You'd think with all this advertisement GM did with the new Silverado about towing features that this would be in the truck. I just feel the need to go get a light bar and tie it in with my brights.....
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    Here’s some pictures of where I can adjust mine.
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    It happens. I bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma and only kept it for 7 months. What a POS.
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    I’m interested in a 3.0 CC LT Z71. Fact finding like OP. You mentioned down here, I’m in South AL. Temps rarely fall below 30. Interested in your MPG in the same climate.
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    I am using the range device on my 2019 6.2. 50/50 shot it works order directly and if it doesn’t send it back Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I took advantage of the 0% interest but also got over $6k off the truck from dealer incentives. Along with the dealership giving me $5k more for my 2018 than 2 other dealerships at the time in April, I couldn’t pass the deal up. Plus, I got rid of the $h!tty K2 8 speed transmission. That thing is junk! I am completely satisfied with my deal. Love putting all my money towards the principal
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    It started happening to me around 2011 with the Genesis. I had them adjust the lights. These new headlights when going up a hill appear to be on highs. I noticed it on all vehicles. Usually when the running lights (fog) are on it means there’re on low beams. On two lane roads in any new vehicle I am prepared to flash, your gonna be hit with highs. You think people by now would have figured it out. It the design of the headlights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    yeah the trucks headlamps are aimed too high from the factory and the HIDs are too intense for drivers at night. get them re-aimed by your dealer. it's very annoying for your fellow drivers! the worse offenders are the guys who do level lifts or lift kits
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    I have been it that situation before. Bought a car that I thought sounded great at the time and ended up with buyers remorse. I remember keeping it for a year and ended up just trading it in. It was not the best financial decision, but in the end was happier. Good luck in your decision.
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    If you lease, let whoever do the oil changes. If you own and want it done right, do it yourself.
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    In that first picture it looked almost as if you color matched the bow tie. I could see in another post that it was black. I like plastidip. It has worked well for me in the past. That’s a nice bed cover. I was thinking about the Truxedo Low Pro again. I like the idea of the hard top but I’m wondering how it is if you need to use the whole bed? If I’m moving furniture or something large to where the cover has to be opened all the way does it just lean against the back glass or is there straps to hold it up?
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    Where did I ever say I wouldn't buy used?
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    My '93 shows no sign of corrosion. Have to swing it down every 3k for maintenance, which means I see/put my hands on, it often.
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    Took 4wheelparts 2 months to get my wheels and tires in. Had to switch wheels as well, the nv305 are in back order . Readylift 2 in leveling kit . Left the back alone . Tires are a 295/70/18, removed front mud flap and bracket that is inside of the valance .
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    He just said he won't buy new again: One thing I can at least say I've learned with this is I will never buy another new vehicle again.
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    While trucks hold their value fairly well, they do drop BIG time in depreciation in the first 2 years. That bump you felt driving out of the dealership with your new vehicle was the value of your vehicle dropping $10,000 - as Dave Ramsey likes to say. I'll never buy a new vehicle again as well. At least not in the immediate and distant future. Now if i had a million bucks, that would be different.
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    Dealer inventory is back to being very low again. Used truck prices are way up there because of it. I’m sort of kicking myself. The dealership wanted my leased 18 LTZ Red Line 6.2 . I thought I was getting a good deal when I got into my leased 21 RST that stickered for $1100 more than my’18, 6 months early, (lease on 18 was not up for 6 months) a set of new tires on the ‘21(Hankook Dynapro, don’t like the stock Goodyear’s), kept the original Goodyear tires, all for $25/month less than the 18. Both leases were same $0 down, sign and drive, 15,000 miles/year. So I’m thinking it’s a damn good deal. The buyout on my ‘18 truck was was $32,000 plus tax and whatever. My $57,000 ‘18 was put on the lot with 42,000 miles for $43,000. It sold in a week. Not sure of the exact selling price, but cant imagine it was much less than asking that soon.
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    Dealers love nothing more than to move money around on trades. If you get a good price on the new one, they low ball the trade. And vice versa. Both need to be negotiated separately. While you’re not going to beat the house, you can definitely improve. If you’re insistent on trading to this dealer, at least get offers from Carmax and Carvana and have them in your pocket for negotiation. I wouldn’t be surprised if their offers are at the upper end of the 40-43 range. Maybe even more. And don’t write off a private sale either. Whatever tax incentive there is to trading doesn’t really matter when you’re taking 6k under book trade in for the thing.
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    Talk about douchebags. No brains tons of money Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    I drove my 2016 for almost 3 years and didn’t take an 18k hit. That’s like Rolls-Royce levels of depreciation there. Inventory levels are better than the were 6 months ago but they are still very low overall. I was chatting with my sales rep when my truck was getting worked on. They are still having a lot of trouble getting the trucks people want.
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    GDS is just diagnostics nothing at the dealer level will do what you're looking for however this will: https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-wams-spec-bcm-programming/ New features getting added all the time ?
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    There are just too many variables to give a solid answer. Considering $37k is only $5k below what I paid for my 2020 Z71/RST, if I was trading after only 18 months I'd be okay with it. After all, it probably lost $5k the minute I drove off the lot. So here's what I see: If you payed $55k, you payed way too much. You are trading it in too soon after purchase and will suffer from a high initial value loss. If you are not trading on another new vehicle, you have eliminated a cushion the dealer could use to up your trade value. Current high incentives on new Silverado sales, reduces the same model used sale prices. Your dealership does not have a need, or desire, for your truck. I suggest the same as others, keep your truck a while. Let the 2020 new truck inventory and high incentives expire and as a percentage of cost, the trade in value should be higher. Your loss per month will also diminish over time. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
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    18k depreciation sounds about right. New vehicles lose the bulk of the value the minute you sign the papers. If the dealer is offering $37k they are probably going to sell it for $42k. Another option is to walk away, keep the truck and wait for the dealer to call you back. You might get $40k if they are looking. But as it stands you went to them, the deal advantage is in their court. If they call you, the advantage is now in your court.
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    55 for an RST? I see two problems...paying a bit too much and being offered way too little. Sell it outright. Don’t get bent by the same dealer twice. Only chance at somewhat of a recovery. Get offers from Carvana, Carmax, etc. They were paying quite a bit for these trucks a few months ago. Supply is still low and the 6.2 RST is in demand for sure.
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    Finally got rid of all the chrome on the truck (wheels don't count) https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-2020-Chevrolet-Silverado-6-2L-Matte-Black-Emblem-84192174-GMC-Sierra/303363433099?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
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    I started a new thread because I didn’t find this one first so here’s a repost from there. I recently had my shell arrived and had it installed. It's a Leer 100XR color matched to my truck. It took almost 2 months from order date to delivery which is a little longer than expected. All manufactures told me 6-8 weeks. The options I added are, removable front window so I can clean between without taking the cap off. Power locks which tie into the truck and work via the remote, door handle button and keypad. Headliner in black since a bed rug only comes in black and I might add the floor later so I wanted them to match. Thule rack tracks to mount a roof rack which I had from my last vehicle to carry surfboards and kayaks. There is one interior light right behind the brake light which I think came standard. The shop only charged $60 for install and I'm glad they did it. It took close to two hrs for install to run the wiring for the door locks, brake light and interior light. It probably would have taken me longer. My total cost was $2990.90 after tax. See below for the price breakout from my receipt. This is a cab high model, the interior height is 41" from floor (top of ribs) to ceiling. The tailgate opening is 35.5" high. Ceiling height is enough to sit up with about 5" of head clearance. Later I'm sure I'll camp out in the back on solo trips with my boy instead of hauling a full trailer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I buy a case (12 quarts) of AMSOIL SS for $120 shipped. $10 including tax for a Purolator One and $17 at my local shop to change and dispose of the waste. Private shop that does 99% of my work. Means I do an oil change for the top most self for my 4.3 (6 quarts) at a cost of................. $87 Tire rotation is FREE as I bought them from him. He has never made a mistake in 15 years... Why on earth would I use a dealership? Everything is top drawer and top notch.
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    It's really two separate issues, and the TSB calls it out. If the headliner is soaked, then it is the bolts/tabs/gaskets for the spoiler. If it is just water dripping off of the rails, then it is getting in via the cracked frame or lack of sealant between the glass and frame. I think that the best approach if you want to keep the slider would be: Remove spoiler and replace spoiler tabs/gaskets Remove and replace window, making sure that new window is fully sealed on the frame Seal top of window per TSB Reinstall Spoiler The problem with that approach is that it is detail oriented, and requires a tech that gives a [email protected]
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    See more fear mongering from the people who insist nobody should have the dealer change their oil because they will screw it up. Not saying that doesn’t happen. But the average vehicle on an American road is 12 years old. And fewer than 30% are owner maintained. Probably fewer than 10% realistically. So it’s not rational to think that techs at service facilities are constantly making errors that have any impact on engine life. In the past couple years I’ve had warranty work done to replace my oil cooler lines, reprogram my brakes, replace my steering column. I chose not to worry about them performing a simple oil change when I’ve got no choice but to trust them with much more consequential services. And it’s their ass if they screw it up anyway.
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    If temps are regularly in the -35C range I'm a little surprised there aren't plug-in's available. GM has suggested the 3.0L doesn't really require plug-in until the -25C(-13F) range.
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    Just installed stillen intake scoop 2019-2020 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 TRUPOWER BY STILLEN COLD AIR INTAKE SCOOP - TP403501 https://stillen.com/products/2019-2020-chevy-silverado-trupower-by-stillen-cold-air-intake-scoop-tp403501 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not really sure what the dealers offer and whether they're any good or not. Just my opinion, and not grounded in fact, is that those dealer offers are really just money makers and I normally dismiss them right off. But then again, I don't like anyone touching my vehicles unless they have to, plus when I do it I know it's been done to my standards and satisfaction. I cringe when I need warranty work done.
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    Attached is what I ended up with. I ran the ground wire straight to the battery negative terminal.
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    I will add that I love advanced trailer package that allows you to install tpms sensors in your trailer tires. It shows all 4 tires psi and temp. I check it literally every few minutes when towing at higher speeds on highway. On average my 14 inch travel trailer tires (2 axle 5500lb tt) will start out at 60 psi 80 ton 90 degrees in summer and will add 10 psi and get up to 120 degrees at 65 mph. So those tires really hear up. If your truck has the advanced trailer I would highly recommend getting the sensors installed. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
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    To be honest with you I been looking at this for a while price is what was stopping me but a couple weeks after went on offer up I highly recommend app and actually found it on there the guy had it on for 2 months and he traded truck in for new Tahoe so it’s basically new he has it listed for 100 I talked him down to 80 if it does what it says good if it doesn’t at least looks a lot better than factory Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When I asked the finance guy last Friday when I was picking up my baby Duramax what he thought of Ford's electric F-150 commercial and $500 million "investment" in Rivian, he said "somebody has to be first to fail". Guess he didn't get the memo.
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    Here you go for the differences in headlight tint and how it impacts light output. Not my video, just an example. http://
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