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    That's what sh.......... OK.. I will refrain
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    All 3 plexi pieces are cut and painted with matte clear. For now they're just sitting in position for a photo op. Next step is to glue things together.
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    here in LA we're already at $4/gal this week atleast. meanwhile out in the port of LA they got petroleum ships lined out to sea by the dozen. i cant see why covid should cause such congestion to unload. meanwhile the Chinese now have a nice 4 door EV sedan, they claim to they can produce 1 car every 60 seconds, so they will flog us with the cheapo ev's, for $20,000 usd and gets 450km/charge.. how much is power going to cost us when these POS's arrive and we start consuming more energy in a different form,
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    Most companies that sell them have a chart or the product itself tells you what size oil pan it should be used for. 50 watts is only like 1-3 quarts. 100 watts up to 3-5 quarts. 150 watts for 5-8 quarts. I'd have to crawl under the truck to see exactly which one I got but I'm pretty sure it's around that 125-150 watts, which was enough for these engines. Napa is where I bought it.
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    I am probably not the only thinking how much? I’ll take one set.
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    Just received my custom tune from Lew the other day, only put a few miles on it so far so I cant give much of a review yet. But I can say its a different animal. I will give a review after I put a couple hundred miles on it.
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    This article talks about the L8T block. Appears that it is quite some hunk of iron, stronger than the iron 6.0L block. Seems like overkill even in an HD pickup, I suspect the L8T was designed for heavier commercial vehicles: https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2021/01/gms-6-6l-lt-iron-block/
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    Just picked up a Denali Grille w/ camera and am wondering if anyone has done the install themselves and ran into any issues hooking up the camera? I’ve only seen a few videos online of the new body style sierra grille replacement but am unsure if the camera addition will give me any issues. All help appreciated! Will be posting before and after photos as well??
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    Long bed FTW! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am in a similar boat. I dont have a leveing kit nor I want bigger tires. However, I am looking at E rated LT265/70R18. Just more load range E in that size vs the stock size. Hoping not to get any rub. One thing to watch for is not only no rubs lock to lock at stand still. but also in motion and while articlating. I use this website to gauge the tires different https://tiresize.com/calculator/ I don't think an inch or two will make that much of a difference at least from previous experience I was never able to tell when I put slightly wider and taller tires on my old truck. Good luck.
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    Better find a new place to live then! Thank goodness I live in the good old plain states where hospitality is a priority. I remember when I moved to Las Vegas. Unreal how different life was there. No one waved at you when you drove by them. Everyone stared at you like an alien instead of saying friendly hello. So glad I’m back here where common courtesy is expected. I feel better with my kids in school and walking home as well. Never in Vegas would I have.
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    Trucks with VYU plow prep and all dually models don't have shutters. Single rear wheel non plow prep trucks get them. All engines.
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    Yes, the GMC kept the buttons on all four doors, even in the lowly Elevation. Chevrolet no longer has buttons on rear doors, even on high end models. That's why I am looking at GMC, not Chevrolet.
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    The vacuum pump was redesigned and they replace the old one. If you have the issue the pedal will be REALLY hard to push down, intermittently. It happens at slower speeds and it feels like you're not going to stop, but it will if you push extremely hard on the pedal. I had to basically stand on mine when it happened. Was turning left from the street into a parking lot when the car in front of me stopped. Going about 10mph the pedal got really hard and I tried slamming on the pedal and eventually stood on it to stop just in time. Took it in the dealer the next day and they replaced the vacuum pump with a redesigned one. This was before the TSB was issued and I was out of warranty. A few months later they extended the warranty just for this issue and I was reimbursed by GM for the repairs (around $700). Because I stood on the pedal to get it to stop it ruptured the boot inside the brake booster. The truck stopped fine after the new vacuum pump was put in, but I had an annoying squeak from the booster. That got replaced as well. And as far as feel, it was the same before and after. The only difference is no intermittent hard brake pedal due to vacuum loss. Haven't had it happen since the new pump was put in ~50k miles ago.
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    Added a chain for more tie down points...
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    Thank you! So I spoke with BDS and they told me that the longer CV shafts that are on my truck now would require a kit made strictly for AT4/TB. Sounds like I would have to replace my current longer ones with the previous shorter ones if I want to run the zone kit or BDS non-AT4/TB kits. The 2.5" coilover that BDS offers is starting to look better and better lol.
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    I have fuel used, fuel remaining on the Scan Gauge II reader. When I refuel there is a screen for that where you correct the offset. The scan gauge is really close but it does not correct the DIC. When I bought Pepper the sticker said 24 mpg highway. A year or two later the EPA 'corrected' value was lowered I think to 22 mpg. I have a 28 mpg lifetime average but....I'm far from average, right? Peppers best tank was a bit over 33 mpg over a tank. The DIC said almost 36 mpg I know you've heard of the "Hundredth Monkey". You don't need to convince them all, just a population large enough to give credibility to the rest so they all fall in line... ? The all electric car universe and self driving are actually a bit bigger than GM. They are the show used to convince the monkeys. This has been done before. Are you ridding a horse? Is it even legal to keep a horse anywhere but the farm? How did we get from the horse to the car to making a horse kept in town for daily transportation against the law? Answer....One person at a time until there were enough people to make it reality. Who drove that buss? Auto makers? Big Oil? Same bus, just a new bus driver.
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    I've driven in the SoCal bowl and adaptive cruise control is the only thing that makes it bearable.
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    I have a bluetooth reader. I use the free Torque app. I found a live readout of MPG's but I haven't found a "fuel used" gauge yet. Plenty of time to play with it. I'm driving some 800 miles this weekend and I plan to monitor it. I'm well aware of all the sales tactics designed to target impulse shoppers. You and I may fall for them less often than others, but it must work or every store wouldn't do the same thing. You really have the GM marketing geniuses playing the long game. If they really are trying to hook you into your next purchase by making you think you're getting 1 mpg better than you really are. For what its worth, my window sticker told me to expect 18 mpg combined, and by golly, that's about what I get.
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    If it’s cold outside. It can get a little growly!! Just on start up. It’s a loud crisp growl then tones down quickly. I love mine. I won’t put anything else on any other truck I buy. The best part is the highway driving. You do not hear it. Until you step on it. Father had flowmaster on his F150 and I can’t stand riding in it. Constant drone.
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    I’d prefer low/no maintenance also Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    that’s how i keep my women, too.
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    Ah, man. Yeah those are not the Z71 mats. You get the Z71 mats only if you get the Z71 off road protection package. At least, that was the case in 2019. Or you had to specifically order them. Here’s my window sticker showing the Z71 option, but not the “off road protection package” option. I paid for the floor mats, bed liner and wheel well covers separately. All those came with the off road protection package. But the truck I wanted didn’t have it.
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    It’s not that big only about 10” longer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Temp was -30 this morning, truck fired right up after bring plugged in 4 hours. Warmed up faster than my previous truck 2012 5.3L and once it was warm I had to turn off the seat heater to keep from sweating. Tires were down about 5psi due to cold. We don't get too many super cold days like this but good to know the diesel will handle it just fine.
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    Zip tied to the back of the grille. Wired direct to the battery with the relay activated by jumping the high beam fuse in the panel under the hood.
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    Yeah I suppose but I don’t see that happing too much to me with my children. Plus there are so many darn lights on this truck already it would just blend in haha.
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    It was purchased new by me in Alaska. And I guarantee you I will never be a resident of California. Never. Ever.
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    More progress! Today I got the other letters cut, I got the lights all soldered up and installed into the chrome. I used shoe goo to seal up all of the openings in the plastic and cover the soldered connections. I used my silver paint pen on the edges of the plexi and was going to sand and coat them with matte clear but the nozzle broke when I popped the cap off, so that'll need to wait. Plexi cut: Soldering the LEDs together: Installed: They work!
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    1- I have a chevy, not a GMC..... 2- I already have an illuminated bowtie.... 3- I'm following this cause of how amazing this looks and the workman ship you've put into it so far. Keep it up man, that looks AMAZING Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
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    I read it. And I think you should reread mine also! I gave you numerical data that shows the difference in 0 to 60. That’s what I was referring to. Big difference. Go drive one, I can guarantee you will have a smile on your face the minute you put it into sport mode and mash the gas pedal!!!
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    C&D test results are always on the “quick” side of things. And MT on the slow side. Reality on the street is usually somewhere between the two. With intake and catback and 3.42s, I still can only match, but never beat the 5.4 seconds C&D got on a stock High Country with 3.23s. As far as the 5.3 vs 6.2 debate, I never begrudge anyone who buys the 5.3. Quite the opposite, I’ve complemented the 5.3 in the new trucks A LOT. Think even in this thread I did. I just wanted the fastest truck I could get because I’m a man child. And there’s snow and salt on the roads almost half the year and a sports car wouldn’t work. Besides, in a straight line these trucks would embarrass just about any “sports car” from the mid 70s through the 90s and even some in the 2000s. I swear this thing would smoke my 96 Camaro SS from 0 to at least 50. AWD and auto trans, this thing just hooks up and goes. It’s a lot of fun and worth the money to me.
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    A couple tenths of a second huh?? A couple is 2. Last I checked it was about 7 tenths which is pretty big when racing. I’m 39 years old and still love to mash on the truck every now and then. It’s a joy driving a truck that can go 0-60 in under 6 seconds. As for the “picked on” as a kid statement. Pretty lame! I don’t see how enjoying 420 HP and being bullied relate. Maybe it’s you that can’t afford the $2500 up charge and the cost of premium fuel????. And your envious of that??????
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    I agree with @Transient here because I did the same thing today with my High Country. Washed it in a heated bay with high pressure washer. We have had a blizzard past 2 days and I wanted to get all the grime, salt, and chemical $hit off my truck. Took me an hour and half to wash and dry it. Truck took a ton of water in on the front end because it was covered with “grime” from driving on interstate. Truck started up just fine. There has to be something else going on with this issue. Plus, with all those videos I posted earlier in the thread. These Trailboss’s have been tortured by GM themselves along with all kinds of car magazine publishers. I can’t see how OPs truck did what it did. There is an underlying problem. Hopefully it get taken care of.
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    If your in one of the areas that doesn't get below 0*F (or at least not often) then you won't need one. (but the truck should have included one) Won't need to use the block heater either. (they all shipped with the block heater cord tucked up under passenger side battery) Canadian order guide for 2019 shows: V10 Cover, 1-piece, covers radiator grille and front bumper openings for diesel engines in winter weather 1 - Included and only available with (L5P) Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine. The US guide for 2019: V10 Cover, 1-piece, covers radiator grille and front bumper openings for diesel engines in winter weather 1 - Requires (L5P) Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine and is required on orders with "Ship To" locations within the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Michigan, Colorado and New York.
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    old post, but JL Audio makes a stealth box that goes in the center console, if you have a center console.
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    4” OEM found on local Craigslist for $300.00.
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    That would be quite interesting. Perhaps you could market it as "all natural"!
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    A larger tank is better. If you want to stop and walk around, you can at any point, you don't have to be out of fuel to do so. If you tow a large trailer, fuel range shrinks substantially.
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    I installed my ASE this weekend. It was a snap with the right plastic trim tools. Took me about 20 mins. I'm loving not having to remember to hit that switch any more.
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    im also going to swap to the HD front bumper, and im slowly collecting parts. I know you need the following Complete HD front bumper with all brackets HD Grille HD Filler pieces (under the headlights) Front Fender trim (if its for a 14-15, 16+ do not need the trim) I believe the Grille and the filler pieces are a direct bolt on. The front fender trim on a 14-15 are longer in the front, so when the bumper is swapped on will not fit. A set of HD bumper trim from 15+ are a direct fit. From what I can tell, if you use the 1500 Frame brackets, and make a bracket to adapt the HD bumper it will fit on. THe only thing I am not sure that the tow hooks are able to be used in the OEM location with the HD Bumper
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    Lol. That little trim piece under the dash apparently holds the entire truck together. Somebody at GM decided it needed to be CLIPPED IN. Thats the only “difficult” part of the install.
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    Sorry, a bit off topic... I'm curious why GM doesn't sell a direct connect module which taps directly into the current camera's already installed on the truck. How cool would it be to have a recording of the front, back and side camera's?? Assuming you already have this feature on your rig of course.
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    I'm in Orlando and my Floridian ass throws the seat warmers and steering wheel warmer on every morning that is below 72 Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    You can't really over-rev them lol. Mine routinely turns 6000 rpm with the stock cam..... with the 216/226 on a 114 LSA I am stabbing in the heap it will probably get bumped to 6500 lol.
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