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    After a month of modifications it's finally here: 2019 Chevy Silverado RST, 5.3L 4x4 in Summit White (angry storm trooper edition) List of Mods: - 6 inch BDS Suspension Lift with Fox Racing Shocks - 35 inch Nitto Tires - 20 inch Fuel Wheels - Custom black paint on the center cap of the Fuel wheels to completely black them out and cover the badging - Amp Research retractable running boards - Under Cover Lux color matched bed cover - Debadged handle of the Under Cover Lux bed cover - Painted the handle of the Under Cover Lux bed cover (black to summit white) - Painted the black portion of the tailgate with the back up camera (black to summit white) - Painted the shark fin antenna (black to summit white) - Painted the chrome around the boarder of the front Bow Tie (chrome to summit white) - Replaced the horrible looking and giant radio antenna with a short stubby one - 3m tint on all windows to include the front wind shield - Removed the RST lower bumper and replaced it with the lower bumper off a High Country. We then took the chrome portion and painted it summit white and wrapped it in paint protection film. - Fully debadged the entire truck to give it that nice clean look - GM Branded Borla Exhaust. OF NOTE: The exhaust note on the GM Branded Borla is CONSERVATIVE to say the least! A little too conservative for my liking. After having an Eisenmann Race Exhaust on our BMW X5M, my wife won't let me have anything loud....) - We cut the pipe on the GM Branded Borla Exhaust so it would remain under the truck and not be visible. - Replaced license plate lights with LEDs - Replaced back up lights with LEDs - Custom made clear corner lenses in the front headlights - Disabled the orange running lights behind the clear corners - Replaced the orange turn signal bulbs with a chrome plated ones. This eliminates the orange reflection that standard bulb gives off - Spray on bed liner - Spray on bed liner in the rear wheel wells. This added protection and blacked out the area. - Removed the "chin guard" under the lower front bumper - Removed the cheap looking mud flaps. I have color matched plugs on order to fill in the holes on the side of the truck. - Installed the "Auto Start/Stop Eliminator" - Installed the Escort 360C using a blend mount under the rear view mirror. The radar detector is hard wired into the power supply behind the rear view mirror. - Installed the Escort M1 Dashcam. This is a direct add on to the Escort 360C. - Relocated the "Apple Carplay USB" from the dash into the center console. This was challenging due to the fact that my Silverado has the bench seating up front. - Removed the ugly warning stickers from the sun visors. Minor mod, but it bugs the crap out of me... List of up and coming mods: - GM Branded Cold Air Intake - 4 Layer Ceramic Pro Coating - USB Plug to replace the one that was relocated to the center console. - 2 Sets of Escort ZR5 Laser Shifters that will connect with the Escort 360C - Gap Guards to cover the small gap in the rear wheel well - Color matched plugs to fill in the holes left behind by the plastic mud flaps Special thanks to: Mike Wilson @ Blackjack Speed Shop Rich Ordaz @ Blackjack Speed Shop Phil Sheridan @ Fastheadlights.com
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    Drove this RST Z71 home tonight. 140 miles to go get it, so I got a great first drive home. Love the ride and new features. Upgraded from my 2007 LT2 crew. Really loving this Satin Steel Metallic. All the sales guys were coveting my truck. Lol
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    Just installed new wheels on my AT4 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here is our new 2019 Silverado RST. For details on all the modifications, here is a link to my build thread:
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    I've owned my 2019 RST Z71 crew for about a month now. In as much time, I've started to get a firm feel for what I like and do not like about the truck. I thought I would share my thoughts here... but take them for what they're worth! A little background... I drive a whopping 8,000-10,000 miles per year, due to my job having me out of town a lot. 70% of my driving is city driving, and my daily commute is about a 14 mile round trip on suburban 45mph roads with stoplights. I upgraded to the 2019 RST from a 2007 LT2 Texas Edition Silverado Crew RWD, which I put about 110K miles on after buying it used in 2009. I researched a new truck for about 3-4 months. I looked heavily at the F-150, as well as certified and new 2017/2018 Silverados and Sierras. I've driven Chevys since 2001, but I really consider myself brand agnostic, looking for the best product on the market for my needs at the best price. My budget was pretty flexible, but I wanted something $45K or less. After visiting a good friend of mine, who owns a Chevy dealership in West TX, I realized I did not want a K2 Silverado. This reduced my decision to a 2019 Silverado or a 2018/2019 F-150. Ultimately, I felt the better value was in the 2019 Silverado, and I ended up liking the truck more than what I was finding in the F-150. I went with the RST, as I'm very over the chrome look. I think the monochrome appearance looks way more "modern", and I just generally liked it more. I didn't need a 2" lift and aggressive tires, so I passed on a Trail Boss. I do, however, LOVE the black front ends and wheels on them. My RST MRSP was $53,800. I got All Star + Convenience II, Z71 packages, etc. A similarly optioned 2019 F-150 was around $61K. Sheesh. I paid $43,660 for it + TTL, etc. The only other option I could have added was Safety I. Because there were only 3 Satin Steel RSTs with the options I wanted within 500 miles of me, I sacrificed Safety I... but I don't really miss it. I like having the corner blind spot mirrors vs. the blind spot indicators, etc. First, let me start with some of the things I do not like... Trim options missing. I realize that there are 3 trims higher than the RST (Trail Boss, LTZ and High Country), but I really wish GM gave some more interior features for the RST and TB. For those not wanting to have all the chrome on the truck, we have to sacrifice features that were on the monochrome LTZ Z71 in 2018 - seat memory, ventilated seats, electronic rear child locks, particularly. Beyond this, I think for an MSRP of $54K, we should also get a digital dash center like the available tech package offers on the LTZ & HC. Why not just make that an option for another $$$? I would have bought it. No gas/brake pedal adjustment. To be honest, I never really found this feature all that great in GM rentals I've driven. However, the new Silverado pedals seem to be positioned a little too far forward. Combine this with the fact that the telescoping steering wheel does not, IMO, telescope towards the driver enough... and I just haven't felt like I have a comfortable driving position with the 10-way power seat. I'm 5'11", so not short or tall. I've finally adjusted and found a position that works, but my 2007 seemed to have a better, natural position for my arms, elbows, feet, etc. No power passenger seat. For $54K, c'mon, GM. No built-in nav. I use Apple Car Play, but it costs me an extra $600 to have the nav installed on my RST? That's lame. It's 2019, GM. I really only want this for the speed limit indicator in the driver info center (DIC) in the dash, ha. Badge placement. Why did they put the Z71 badge on the upper front fender? Weird. Put it as a sticker on the top rear fender, like it has always been. No color-matched mirror covers. Mine are glossy black... which look okay with my Satin Steel Metallic paint job, but why not just color match them to the body? Lacking LED lights. I don't get why you put LEDs in every other place on the truck lighting besides the turn signals and the back up lights. That's just weird. Dashboard. This befuddles me. It looks cheaper and more basic (besides the DIC) than previous models. I realize most of us just look at the digital MPH on the DIC now, but it just looks cheap. Power down windows. Why only for the driver, and not the others? Bed / Cargo LED lights. Why no switch in the bed to turn these on? Mid-vehicle signal. With a truck this big, I don't get my GM did not put a turn signal indicator somewhere on the middle of the vehicle. I get nervous changing lanes on the 6-wide stretches of interstate going 75mph in DFW. This would have helped a lot. Plastic-y interior. Though I do like the feel of the interior overall, now that my truck has started to collect some dust / dirt in the interior, I'm noticing the cheap-looking plastic mold feel of some of the elements in the interior. I appreciate the wood finishes in places, but that hard plastic feel around the console, on the doors, etc. just does not feel like $54K to me. It does not really feel "cheap", but just not as plush as I would have hoped for. I still think it feels better than the F-150 interiors I've been in, with all the knobs, buttons and different plastic components the Fords tend to have. Fuel capacity. I don't get why GM did not create a bigger fuel tank on this new model. 24 gallons, seriously? My 2007 had 26 gal, and even my wife's minivan has 21! Fail. Interior color options. Two options, seriously? Antenna. Again... $54K truck and we still have a 3 foot whip antenna? It was the first thing I got rid of, less than 10 min after I got home from the dealer. So ugly. Things I like... Design. I know this is polarizing, but I think it looks amazing. In 1-2 years, after Ford refreshes, I guarantee this truck will look like the forerunner in style, and not the oddity. The body lines, the grill, everything looks fantastic, IMO. I like the Silverado much better than the Sierra, too. The grill space on the GMC is just too massive and hollow-looking to me. LED lights. The DRLs, LED tail lights, and the LED headlights are fantastic. Interior updates. GM finally made a rear seat with good legroom, and comfortable seating position. Adding the rear air vents is honestly what sold me on getting a 2019 vs. a 2018. About time. I love the spaciousness of the cab, and though many people feel the center stack and overall interior feels "cheap", I feel otherwise. I think the buttons are all well placed, and I love that GM is still doing manual HVAC knobs. No center console shifter. At first, when I was looking at the F-150s, I thought this was an upgrade vs. a column shifter. Then I sat in one. I like GM's way better. The new one feels fantastic, too. I like that I have the entire lower console available, and that I do not have to reach over the shifter in order to get my coffee. Centering of steering wheel. GM finally got this right. All those years of the steering position being off-set slightly. They finally corrected that. It's much more comfortable to drive now. Steering wheel controls. I'm glad GM went back to hard plastic buttons for these, vs. the soft push-buttons on the K2 models. The covers on those buttons always seemed worn out quickly on my friends' K2 trucks. I like the more durable, actionable feel of the plastic. Infotainment Screen. I know a lot of people wish it were larger. I am not disappointed with the size. The screen is very crisp, and super responsive. Bluetooth engagement is very fast with my phone, and I like the display options on it. Better wheels again. I'm so glad GM went back to real aluminum wheels, and not the chrome-clad stuff on the previous generation trucks. My 20" 2007 aluminum wheels looked great, and I think these new aluminum wheels are the best ones GM has made in a long time. Rear tailgate. I love the electronic button and remote unlock /drop from the key fab. The lightness of the tailgate is also amazing. The bigger step footwells in the bumper are a great improvement, too. Cargo bed. Wow, this thing is legit. I cannot believe how big it is. I'm glad it's steel still, too. The increased tie-down options is a huge plus. Rear seat storage. I LOVE the storage compartments in the seat backs. Fantastic use of space. Powertrain. I never wanted the TT 3.5L Ecoboost. I think it sounds terrible at the exhaust, and I don't want to tow 12,000# with a half ton up an 8% grade. I love the growl of my 5.3L V8, especially when I hammer on the gas. The new 8 Speed transmission took some getting used to (coming from my 4spd+OD 2007), but I've found that if you really drive the thing, it responds terrifically. Very smooth, and the acceleration from 30-50mph is impressive. Like... put you back into your seat fast. It is a lot of fun. MPG. I've been averaging nearly 18mpg with my very in-town driving. This is WAY better than the 13/14 I was getting with my AFM 2007. The only time I've really done HWY driving was when I brought the truck home 200 miles from the dealer. I did 75mph avg (going 80mph the first hour), and got nearly 22mpg. Wow. Capless fuel. Love this. Ride quality. Wow, this truck is unbelievably quiet. It's still a truck, so it doesn't ride like a cloud, but it's very smooth on the HWY. The handling is very crisp, and I always feel like the truck is poised when moving around at high speeds. Never loose or rolling too much on body center. Mirrors. I know some are puzzled by the placement of the mirrors on the door itself, but I find the FOV excellent with these. They are big, but not too big. And I really love the blind spot mirror in the corner of the driver's side mirror. Just not sure why they didn't put one on the passenger mirror, too. Badging. Besides the aforementioned confusion about why GM put the Z71 badge on the front upper fenders, I really like how clean and empty the truck is of obnoxious brand badging. I really love the throwback "CHEVROLET" stamped into the rear tailgate, too. Keyless Start/Stop/Entry. LOVE this. Leaving the fob in my pocket and pushing the really great buttons on the handle to unlock is excellent. GM did a great job with this. So far, the fob has worked flawlessly for me. Option button placement. I really like the row of option buttons below the center stack. It's easy to reach them when resting my arm on the console, and very easy to see. Cleanly designed, too. I also like the new trailer brake placement, as well as the placement of the 4X4 selector/lights, etc. buttons on the left. Dual exhaust tips. I personally think these look really good integrated into the bumper. Because they are, I don't have to worry about a lower rear clearance, backing into something that would rip the exhaust off. Plus, the engine tune coming out of these babies is awesome. It's fun to turn on the rear camera sitting at a stop light on a cold morning and watch the exhaust roll out of the dual tips. Bose sound. I know the sound gurus out there have issues with Bose, but this is a huge improvement over the standard GM stereo system. Bed outlet. Actually, the whole charging package on this truck is fantastic. USB and USB-C in the front console, center stack, and rear seat is excellent. Then having a full plug in the front console and rear bed is really nice. Value. GM owners know our trucks hold their value really well. At just under $44K, I know this truck is going to hold its value for a long time, especially since it's a T1 model. A similarly optioned 2019 F-150 was around $61K. That's just crazy. Even though I have a beef with GM for not putting certain features in the truck at this trim / option level, I think the value is very good compared to Ford. Rear headrests. I love these. Finally comfortable, and easy to move down and out of the way. The center drink holder / arm rest is also very nice. Rocker panel paint. I like how GM did this, with the "roughed-up" paint job so it is more durable to chips, etc. There are probably other things that will come to my mind. If so, I will add them to this. Here's a pic of my truck attached. Hope this review is helpful to any prospective buyers! I'm no truck reviewing pro, nor am I a gearhead. But I've always loved owning trucks, and this new Silverado makes me feel proud when I drive down the road. I get a lot of head turns, and it's fun to own such a capable, enjoyable vehicle!
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    Birthday Bath.....She’s 4! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Installed my color matched All Terrain Grill today. That, along with the Bumpershellz covers that I installed earlier this year, my front end is finally de-chromed to my liking. Next up, no-drill amber roof top clearance lights. Thanks to Britt @Waterfowler41 for that next purchase . Before and after pics: Before: After:
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    1" motofab level 35x12.5 BFG KO2's
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    Too pretty not to show off! LT Trailboss with 1 1/2 motofab leveling kit
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    Added a Lock'er Down console safe. Had to relocate my streamlight that was in the console. I think it turned out pretty good. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Every time I'm in the mood, she has a "headache".
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    I own a powdercoat shop so I bought a spare set of stock 22's off craigslist and powdercoated them Matte Black 2018 1500 Denali Ultimate with Nitto Ridge Grappler 285 45 22 OEM 22's
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    Just had these 35x12.5R18 BFGoodrich KO2's put on yesterday. Trailboss with 1" level, no rubbing. They may have fit without the level, but I didn't like the rake. The manager at the 4 wheel shop looked at the truck and said there was no way they'd fit. I insisted that they mount one up and test it, they fit perfectly. I may have to adjust the wheel well liner a little, will have to see how close the tire gets once I flex it offroad. I'll take some better pictures when I get a chance. The pics make it look like the front is higher than the back, it's not, ground wasn't level. No more listening to the song of the Duratracs!
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    Trail Boss LT. Just picked it up yesterday.
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    Spent some time cleaning the truck up yesterday. I had the front windows tinted with future plans to upgrade the exhaust and add subwoofer(s) to the audio. Tires / Rims will be upgraded someday..
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    So I finally got my wheels done and now I can show off the bumper and wheels Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    DQS tow mirrors installed today. Custom modified with boost auto switchbacks and puddle light from A1 auto mirrors! BIG SHOUT OUT to PhilG for the most professional install I’ve ever seen. Looks factory. Couldn’t be happier Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I absoultely love this truck! 2019 Trail Boss Z71! 400 miles on it so far. I been noticing a lot of rubber necking as I'm driving around the last 2 days haha. Mostly from recently purchased Chev/GM truck drivers haha(Maybe they're thinking they should've waited a few months?). And a lot of people have been stopping at it here at work to check it out. It handles great. It looks awesome. And another thing I love is the layout of the interior. It just fits!
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    First hand wash since the fall and got my new handle installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked her up this past weekend!
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    I've been lurking on these forums while deciding what truck to buy. Now that I made my purchase I'm excited to join the community! Here is my Onyx Black crew cab SLT 5.3L fresh from the dealership. Got the leather bench seat so it's a 6 seater. Molded all weather GMC floor liners and spray in bedliner were throw ins on the deal.
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    Sorry not really K2 truck part related but I just wanted to say thank you to you all. My channel hit 100,000 views last night which is a pretty cool milestone for my channel that basically started from nothing. 100k isn't anything crazy compared to some of the crazy stuff my kids watch (looking at you Blippi and Coyote Peterson) but a year ago I was excited to get 5 views a day, now I am up over 2,000/day. Almost 30% of the traffic to my channel is from external sources (GM-trucks.com playing a huge part in that) so thanks for clicking my videos and sharing the ones you think help others. Still a ways to go before I catch up to Phil! Hope my videos help! Here's to the next 500,000 views!
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    Picked up a new 2019 Silverado 1500 RST Z71 in Black! Traded a 2018 Tacoma, so far I'm really loving this truck.
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    It's about a month old... I can't list the mods because it would give the wife evidence... Silverado RST
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    Wash and wax... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    I live in remote Alaska and I am basically on my own if anything bad happens. Here is a breakdown of what I have, I keep it in a duffel that comes inside so it doesn't freeze or get stolen... My wife and I affectionately call it the OS (oh s%*#) bag. Coldest day this winter.. the worst I've dealt with is -73 F in 2011. Typical road conditions for 7-8 months a year. Odds and ends: Flares, jumper cables, 2 rolls of blue shop towels, 4x 1L water bottles, clif bars, goldfish, grill lighter, matches, heavy duty first aid kit (MyMedic brand), extra thermal socks, and 2 -20 sleeping bags. Recovery gear: 2 recovery straps and a collapsible shovel. Floor mats/liners are a great back up traction device in slick snow. I stop and help anyone I can... I have a wife and two kids and hopefully if it's ever needed I have karma on my side. This past winter I successfully extracted 3 drivers on the highway, all of them were driving too fast for conditions. More than having the right gear I recommend slowing down... Especially in newer vehicles it's hard to "feel" your speed, the slower you're going the closer you are to the road (easier to pull you back up) and the lighter the hit.
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    I found very good quality plastic letter inserts in chrome. These are not decal types. https://www.bdtrims.com They sell them in different colors, and in two types: Flat and Domed. I ordered Domed and I'm so happy with the quality.
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    Landed an LT with the 5.3 liter, bed protection package, rubber floor liner, and ‘20 wheels. My first truck. Went from a VW GLI to this Silverado. Two extremes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2019 RST with All Star Edition 22” Wheels and Leather Package
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    I sanded, used adhesion promoter and then base and clear on my old lights, grill and tailgate handle. Still going strong for 3 years except for some rock chips. That’s to be expected though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You wanna know what’s pretty decent in my book? @Black02Silverado Is an AMSOIL vendor/seller and yet isn’t pushing it on ANYONE
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    Bakflip MX4 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well I bought it. 2017 STD box with 6.2l. Big step up coming from '10 Silverado CCSB LT Fits in the garage just fine. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    20" Hostile Wheels with the factory Goodyear A/T's. Short antenna....and hopefully tint tomorrow. Awesome forum you guys have here!
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    Just picked up this 2019 Denali 6.2L with ultimate package in Onyx Black 2 days ago. Love it! Had a 2009 Tundra, 2013 4 Runner and 2014 F250 prior. This truck is next level.
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    Lots of shopping around for the right deal and though I was going to have to end up ordering but just picked up my Satin Steel Custom Trail Boss. Couldn't be happier.
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    Pulled the trigger today on a Shadow Gray LTZ. Going back next weekend for them to install running boards, tint the windows, and swap the front bow tie for black. The way the light hits this color, it changes from gray to green to blue. LTZ Convenience Pkg 1&2 Safety Pkg 1 Trailer Camera Pkg Z71 & Protection Pkg Sunroof Basically everything except Safety Pkg 2 and Tech Pkg.
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    Getting my engine cover hydro dipped. Should have it back next week sometime after he does touch ups and clear coats this weekend. So far I think it looks awesome!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Put on the matte black “Chevrolet” tailgate insert. Very subtle on a black truck, but when the light catches it right, it really pops.
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    Finally got some free time to install my 7" lift. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Design, fab and installation complete. See YouTube video below.
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    Got my AMP steps installed. Had a little helper. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Picked this up a month ago, very happy with fit, finish and ride. I’ve added AVS Ventvisor low profile window deflectors, TruXedo Lo Pro soft roll up tonneau cover, bed stake pocket covers. Had a Readylift leveling kit installed. AMP Research power steps are on their way, will try and install those next weekend. Thank you for looking!
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    I see your $300+ illuminated bowtie and raise you a $10 backlit grill...
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    20x10 -18 stock suspension Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4 AUTO engages the front axles but sends very little power to the front wheels until slip is detected. The power distribution is handled by an electronic clutch in the transfer case. In auto, there is a slight fuel economy penalty and also more noise / vibration, both due to having the axles engaged and more rolling resistance. Also, in theory, driving all the time in 4 AUTO would increase wear on the transfer case clutch and assorted components. Although it is “safe” to use all the time, you really should be in 2WD unless the road conditions are sloppy. I usually use 4A if there’s been a snowfall in the last couple days and the roads and parking lots aren’t all the way cleaned up. I also have been known to slip it into 4A if I feel like the guy next to me wants to have a little stoplight race. Otherwise it’s 2H basically all the time.
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    Was finally pretty nice out today so I took some pictures of the latest projects to the truck...
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