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    My wife and I bought this Cajun Red 6.2L Crew Cab 2020 Trail Boss last week. I've owned a bunch of vehicles in the past and would say that this impresses me as much as, if not more than, my 2011 Ford Raptor. Loving it! Borla S-Type exhaust, Truxedo Sentry CT bed cover, and Husky rear wheel well liners are all ordered and arriving over the next few days.
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    Sometimes you gotta just let it go, it's obvious at this point his elevator don't go all the way to the top.
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    Got tint yesterday. Tint matters. It’s like a whole different vehicle.
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    Yeah, you’ve got problems of your own lol. Sent from Above
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    Hi Guys, I have noticed that a lot of the vents or air ducts under the seats of these trucks are covered or partially covered with carpet. Because of that I modeled up some adapters that you can print on a 3d printer and slide on the vents/ducts under the seats so the air is deflected upward and they keep the carpet from covering the vents. I made a video showing how they work and I put the link too the 3d printer files in the description so you can download and print your own. Video showing how the vent deflectors work and the files needed to print your own
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    How can this possibly be the trucks fault? You crashed it. Stuff happens. Call your insurance company and get things going to repair or replace the truck. from what you described I can’t imagine what truck would have survived that hit that slammed the underside and bent the cab.
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    Forum seems to be be full of negatives regarding our trucks. Let’s hear some good! I’m coming from a Toyota Tundra and love my March 2020 Elevation. Much more refined truck and it’s a head turner here in Boise, Idaho. 5.3 10 speed is a joy to drive.
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    Fresh wash and wax. Carwash place finally opened after being shut down do to the Covig19 crap. And it stopped raining for couple of days.
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    Added some leather, grill lights and painted bow tie.
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    Honestly forums really blow everything out of proportion. Usually people join a forum for repair advice or to rant about their car. No one joins to say "Hey! Nothing is wrong with my 6 year old truck! I love it. Bye" I'm also in to hear from higher mileage guys.
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    Comprehension is not your strong suit. Every single truck on autotrader is FOR SALE! It is not like nada, kbb or edmunds.
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    I never imagined that after asking if the benefits of one engine outweigh the other, that people would be yelling at each other about piezoelectric knock sensors.
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    Cabin Fever. I know I got it. I need a month+ off to chill out, maybe do some fishing and hunting. Too bad I got a CC though, can't use my truck that way.
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    I’m not defensive of my purchase of a CC over a DC. I could have bought a DC if I wanted to and saved more money. And yes I do think CCs look better than DCs. That’s what drives me crazy about you. Is you think your opinion is the only one that matters. I like the looks of CCs better than DCs and sounds like the majority of people here do as well. You like the look of the DC more than the CC. You’re not wrong and we’re not wrong. People have different tastes and that’s ok. If you run into a crazy person in the morning and not another one for the rest of the day. They’re the crazy person. If you run into crazy people all day long you’re the crazy person. This can be applied in this thread quite well. Time for you to get a grip on reality.
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    People started buying trucks to use as family haulers about 20 years ago. That's when the CC became more popular than the DC. That can be seen in the growth in sales numbers of the CC vs the decline in sales for sedans. The short bed became more popular at that time as well because trucks were being used to move people more than anything. Bed space was a secondary consideration. Why do you think only one out of every 300+ 1500's has tow mirrors? Because people use them to move people, not do work. Further, why do you insist on insulting people by saying they "mindlessly buy a CC for the extra cab space"? If that is what's important to them and fits their needs then who are you to judge. If you want a truck and you are hauling 4-5 people daily and a few landscaping items a couple of times a year then a CC is the best choice. It isn't your money after all. As for resale value, crew cabs built in the last 15 years hold their value better. Period. The DC is much less desirable as a people mover, which is what trucks are used for now, therefore they have a lower resale value. As for looks, that is 1000% subjective. I prefer the CC standard bed then the DC standard bed and lastly the CC short bed.
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    I think the CC is a better looking truck, and i would never, ever go back to a DC. The room for my kids car seat and for my dogs is more than enough reason Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Just did that yesterday! Took off everything except the 6.2L on the hood. First time debadging. Really like the look of it.
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    Hey? When you’re done talking about dicks, can you please review this spec chart from Car & Driver that shows literally everything you said is wrong... https://hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/files/2019chevroletsilverado1500highcountry-vs-fordf150limited-vs-ram1500limited-finalscoringcompletespecsperformancedata-1545396085.pdf Hemi, even with E-Torque... 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. Even your 5.3 is quicker than a Hemi, at 6.1 seconds. But the 6.2 with “no discernible difference,” 5.4 seconds... Ram is 600lb heavier and always has been the heaviest truck of the big three. These are simply facts, not anyone’s opinion.
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    New speakers all around. [emoji41] Man, these babies sound crystal clear. It's a huge step up from the stock paper cones. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    They cater to different markets... GMC exists as a luxury brand, occupying a space between Chevy and Cadillac in truck and SUV market. As one GM dealer owner said to me. GMC makes a huge profit for GM and if they ever dropped it most GMC customers would not buy a Chevrolet because traditionally Chevy has been a budget brand. GMC made the first truck and never made cars, Chevy started as a car company? Chevrolet = the guy works at the construction co GMC = the guy is the boss at the construction co Cadillac = the guy owns the construction co
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    Been on this forum for a few years but not really active,Just picked up my new 2020 gmc at4,this thing is a beast with the 6.2,absolutly love it
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    The light shield came in today, here are a couple photos
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    It sure does. Rock solid. My way is actually an apples to apples comparison. You have no way of knowing exactly what options each vehicle you are looking at has on it. I do. With 100% certainty. Let's do it your way on autotrader.com. I'm sure you will have some sort of issue with autotrader but here goes. 2013 CC LTZ 4wd <100k miles within 500 miles of my zip code $17,995 - $27,890 - 48 trucks available 2013 EC LTZ 4wd <100k miles within 500 miles of my zip code $17,198 - $25,283 - 8 trucks available The EC is 5% - 10% cheaper. NADA said 11%. You have 6x as many trucks to choose from in the CC. Guess which truck sold more and which holds its value better. You do not have a leg to stand on buddy. I can keep proving you wrong all damn day or you can just STFU and go away.
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    Gotta love how the guy doubles down on the troll. I bet he doesn't even have a double cab. Or friends, which explains the camping alone and never hauling people I guess. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, thought I'd drop in here. I'm new to the forum, new to Chevys, and new to pickup truck ownership altogether. Purchased this Trail Boss new a little over a month ago and have since put almost 1300 miles on it. I love it and look for every excuse to get behind the wheel. Now looking for something to tow with it... Bonus fake internet points for someone who can tell me what vehicle is parked in my garage - you can see it in the reflection in the doors.
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    Thank you Jesus. Double Cab's are fine superhighsierra, if that's what you want. Don't tell me how to use my damn truck. I use it weekly to haul lumber, landscaping ******, etc. I also put friends in it from time to time and take trips where they're more comfortable in that. It behooves us to have the bed for storage on those trips and the ability to tow the boat. I'll buy whatever the hell I want and I'm super happy with it. Just because I don't sleep in the bed of my truck 4 days a week doesn't mean it's not getting used.
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    Exactly. And I also think the CC looks loads better. The DC works better for one or two guys in this thread, that's awesome for them. It doesn't work better for most people. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Just an up-date to this thread; my '17 Silverado 1500 owners manual calls out a transmission & transfer case fluid change at 45k miles under the severe usage. Here's a copy n paste from owners manual. "In addition to the normal service schedule, some vehicles require service more often. Severe service is for vehicles that are: Mainly driven in heavy city traffic in hot weather. . Mainly driven in hilly or mountainous terrain. . Frequently towing a trailer. . Used for high-speed or competitive driving. . Used for taxi, police, or delivery service" I feel this is a better service schedule than 'normal usage'. I actually do a 'Drain & Fill' on all transmissions, front & rear differentials & transfer case by 30k on these 1500 series trucks. I do a drain & flush on auto transmission about every 10-15k miles after the 30K mark. But this is my Life Time schedule.
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    The DC is not more desirable than a CC SB. Let’s go look at sales numbers and see what sells the most. GM builds based on what dealerships order. Dealerships order what sells. Let’s look at resale of two identical (except for cab size) 2017 trucks And see which one sells for more. As far as the DC being a better looking truck.... I don’t think it is, but that’s subjective so that one I’ll give you. Looks is all subjective. Everything else you stated you are objectively wrong.
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    I totally enjoy coming on here and catching up with a lot of the conversations from time to time, but I find it hilarious that there is always people with the belief that things should be done one way and they are quick to say that’s just my opinion after they say it .... That’s what makes this country great, because you are allowed to have and voice your opinion. To some on this forum they believe if you own a truck it’s meant to be used as a work horse beater. Well I didn’t buy my truck because I needed a work vehicle or wanted a good ride. WTF!?!? Since we have opinions, I believe all trucks ride horrible off the show room floor and they handle like ******. So when I read comments about lifting your truck destroys the ride quality it makes me believe that those that say that only own trucks and have never owned a vehicle that’s meant for the “Road”. I bought my fully loaded 2019 Z71 in December and at times if felt like I was sitting on a water bed the way the soggy Rancho shocks poorly absorbed irregularities in the road. I am more impressed with the solid planted feel of my truck now after I lifted it versus the sloppy stock set up. You get what you pay for when it comes to lifting your vehicle. This statement is really going to hurt some feelings on here; my truck is 100% a toy, and it looks exactly how I want it to look. And to be honest, I’m totally blown away by the crazy attention it receives when ever I drive it. The experience is totally shocking. The out pouring of love and curiosity is truly unreal. However, It wasn’t built to appeal to anyone but me and I’ve knocked it out the park. I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest with the modifications.
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    So we got our 2020 3.0 Crew cab/short box denali in December and only had the chance to put a couple thousand miles on it. ‘This week we finally got to take it on our first big trip out west. We are half way through the trip and going through SD and WY we avg’d about 75-80 mph. We have 4 people in the truck and bed has luggage and supplies and we are getting about 25mpg. I realize if we went 55mph that we’d probably get closer to epa numbers but I’m pretty happy with this result. Additionally before this trip, with around town driving, we were getting consistently getting 24-25. We took this same trip a few years back with our suburban and averaged about 18-19 mpg. Overall truck is doing very well and no issues- Its a pleasure to drive and comfortable for all.
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    I've had mine for a month but just recently joined the forum. Leftover 2019 Silverado High Country with 6.2L and standard sized bed. I also traded in the stock 22s for OE black and chrome wheels. I also have put on a tonneau cover and AVS Aeroskin. I just debadged the high country on the fender and tailgate, along with the Silverado letters. Debating on keeping the 6.2L on the hood.
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    First Post. Just bought this Sunday. 2019 Silverado RST. 9 miles! (5.3L, 2WD).
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    Wisconsin informally opened about 2 weeks ago when the state Supreme Court struck down the order on a 4-3 decision. Make note of this, it’s important later. After the ruling, the governor referred to us as the “Wild West” and predicted a huge surge in cases with being open with his order no longer in place. 2 weeks later, no increase whatsoever. Active cases and positive test % are down, in fact. Hospitalizations are flat. Haven’t gone under 300, or over 400 in months. Heard this one before? We held our primary election back in April 7th. Republicans were said to be killing people by holding the election. National media sensation. They even pulled James Carville out of the freezer to shame us. Well, of 400,000+, nobody who voted in person died. They asked everyone they tested for the following month if they voted, and found only 54 cases between voters and poll workers. Just a funny little blurb here...statistically, you were actually less likely to catch the virus if you voted than you didn’t. Well, media and public officials are back at it again, predicting a massive increase in cases due to people enjoying their freedom over the weekend. If this thread still exists in two weeks, I’ll quote this post and update the figures...think you know where this is going. Oh, and the State Supreme Court case I just spoke about? One of the (leftist) justices, Rebecca Dallet, who wrote an impassioned dissent to keep us locked down until after Memorial Day weekend “for our safety”...well, she was tagged in a Facebook photo, on a boat, with another family, not social distancing over the weekend. This would have been a clear violation of the order she just vouched for!!! Just another clear example of hypocrisy, and how our rulers treat this virus “threat” when nobody is watching.
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    Amsoil is the best you can get. I have it throughout my truck. Front and rear diffs, transfer case, brake fluid, oil, and transmission. Really is the best product out there.
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    Just picked this up on Friday. Moved from the GMC Canyon. Got the Duramax in this one.
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    I picked up my 2020 LTZ in Boise yesterday and had a great afternoon driving it 300 miles home.
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    Am I the only one who loves the interior design of the new Silverado’s? I read so many reviews in which they talk about its poor quality. I actually love the design. The texture and placement of the knobs, hvac controls, etc... it is very functional and easy to use. The speedometer is a bit boring, but I have come to appreciate its simplicity.
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    Well, I know for certain the real world trade-in value of a 2016 double cab...because I traded that sumbitch in for a crew cab! I obviously didn’t get as much as if it were a CC. But I didn’t pay as much either...actually made out really well on the deal. Fact remains that GM builds what they think people will buy, and dealers order what they think they can sell. CCs are like 3 to 1 over double cabs in inventory count around here, so that tells you what the majority wants. Everything else is just opinion.
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    Got the leveling kit on finally. Glad to be bigger than the Rams!!! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Tell that to politically influenced doctors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found this on another forum I frequent. https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/05/26/watch-wi-man-busts-msnbc-for-mask-shaming-while-cameraman-is-maskless/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2Xn7HTFQOJ26MQUZpnrZ4KQqpSjonoCMcKL6XX-V0QfrOrFHsK_L5788s
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    When you buy a vehicle YOU OWN IT, NOT GM. GM put just enough thought into it to get it through warranty. They don't own it and once past the ever shrinking warranty, they could care less. They make MONEY not vehicles. Be your own advocate. No one else will. Change your fluids. ATF like engine oil is built with consumables that are depleted over time. Its not made to last forever despite what some may like to believe.
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    How are you going to leave the 2019 Ram out of that list? Airbags may not deploy in a crash: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/ram-1500-recalled-for-software-problem-that-can-disable-airbags/ Loss of power steering: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/fca-recalls-2019-ram-1500-pickups-over-loss-of-power-steering/ Brake pedal can literally fall off: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/ram-trucks-recalled-because-brake-pedal-can-detach/
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    I traded in my 2009 Silverado 1500 this past Friday for a new to me 2019 Silverado LTZ 4x4 with the 6.2, with 19k miles. I'd been looking for a while, and comparison shopped till I was blue in the face. I was sad to see my '09 go. It was a great truck that I bought new during GM's bailout and served me well, but it was time. So, here it is...I was ideally after the 5.3 simply because I didn't really "need" the 6.2, but no complaints here I assure you. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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