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    This is a pic I took which I thought would be pretty cool to post. Old and new.
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    Hey guys, Something very exciting to share with you. A lot of people have been interested on whether or not this 2.5-3.0 HMI retrofit would even be possible in our older generation of trucks. Well, I'm happy to say that the proof-of-concept is here for you to take a peek at Like I mentioned in the video, there are still some kinks that we need to work out. Navigation is handled in a different way on the newer HMI than the previous version, and we're still testing access to other stock 2019+ vehicle applications (onstar availability, store compatibility, wifi hotspots etc.). But I'm happy to report that not only does it work on our test bench, but it also works in my 2014 (which I think is pretty sweet). In regards to the new 3.0. Carplay and Android Auto are working as you'd expect, but they're faster and less buggy that with the old HMI's. the entire unit is just a nice face-lift and snappier to use all-around.Go test a 2019 Sierra and you'll see what I mean. We are also working on some pretty fun unlocks and features for these units as well, so keep your eyes peeled. I'm hoping to be able to offer a full retrofit kit for the new 3.0's in the not-so-distant future. There are a few things that need to be sorted, harnesses to be made, etc. to facilitate a seamless upgrade experience, but we're getting closer and closer each day and I figured it was time to share a bit of our progress. Please, if there's any questions you have post them below. I'll be happy to answer Thanks again for reading/watching. Feel free to PM me about any of your vehicle update needs. *****Q&A***** 1. Does this require the HD screen? A - No. This was done on a 2014 SLE with the SD screen. However, we CAN retrofit an HD screen into the system. 2. Will we be able to provide unlocks for this generation of HMI like Video in Motion, Rear Camera in Motion, Boot Logos and more..? A - YES. We will post those upgrades and mods here as well as to their section on the T1XX area of the forum when they become available. (Hint hint, soon) 3. What hardware is required to complete this upgrade? A - Right now, there is a fair bit going on behind the scenes to make this work, and we're still not fully at 100% functionality. These units use new HD cameras, they connect to certain components differently and use some completely different components... All of this has to be taken into account when we make a retrofit kit. So while this isn't as simple as a 2.0-2.5 upgrade, we're working hard to make it as easy as a swap as possible.
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    Picked mine up today LT trail boss. Loving it so far.
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    Oh rubbish. Deletions: Adjustable seatbelts Power pedals Sunglasses holder Additions/ improvements: Rear AC vents Increased room in every measurable area Flatter rear floor Storage in rear seat backs (most trims) Electronic parking brake opens up some leg room Keyless go (most trims) Steering wheel no longer oddly off center of drivers seat 4WD switch no longer exactly the same as the headlight switch and right next to it Available heated rear seats Available 360 camera Available HUD Available camera mirror (why don’t these options count?) Thats the interior alone. Couple that with a vastly improved driving experience. DFM is near seamless. 8 speed is improved, and 10 speed is flawless. New driving modes to tailor steering and shift points to your driving style. Lighter weight. Better brakes. Wider and deeper pickup box. Power tailgate. Multi pro tailgate. You start to add the stuff up and realize it sounds a bit foolish to reject the T1 on the basis of power pedals or a seatbelt. It’s improved by every measure. Also, if the Ram was the perfect vehicle and the total benchmark in every area, I would have bought one, you would have bought one, we all would have. But we know that’s not true and the perfect truck doesn’t exist. I’m sorry but your K2 is not it either. I couldn’t get out of mine quickly enough after driving the T1. It’s night and day. Sorry.
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    Here is a few more pictures after I washed the truck and put tire shine on
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    Washed her up after I put a add a leaf in rear and 1" spacers up front. Love the height now gonna leave it alone for now. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    This was inside my front bumper. I have a pacific blue AT4. Read the description.
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    Is that slot below the button the credit card reader for OnStar?
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    2019 LTZ w/ 6.2L engine -- Just got my 6" Pro Comp lift done. Fuel Vapor 20x10 wheels. Toyo Open Country R/T 35X12.50
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    Got most of what I want done, matte ballads wrap, chrome delete, need to darken the tail lights next.
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    Now I don't want you boys dogging me for being over tongue/tow weight or anything like that.
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    Added some blacked out badges. Had a couple extra Silverado ones left over in the kit so figured I’d try them on the doors. Waiting on a z71 badge to be painted also
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    I noticed multiple threads, including ones I made up complaining about the audio quality of the new trucks whether it with or without the Bose More specifically, the rear speakers. I'm here to tell you that there is hope. I decided to replace the speakers in the rear of my crew cab in hopes that I would get more sound. It worked!! Not to the point where the inside is rattling, but enough that I don't have to turn the volume up so high. However, when I replaced the rear speakers, because the clarity was much better, I was able to notice that the fronts were distorted, so I ended up replacing those as well. Now I'm noticing that I have to turn the bass down. So if you're looking for a solution, start here. I replaced all door speakers with Pioneer A-series speaker. 6x9 5-way up front and 6.5" 3-way in the rear. What's nice about the Pioneer, is that they come with a plastic bracket to hold the speaker, that fits in the door in the same position. You just have to break off the tabs that aren't needed. Rather than splicing the wires I order Metra wire harness, part number 72-4572. It plugs directly into the factory harness and you attached the other end to the speakers. Everything I bought off Amazon and spent about $125. If this is something you're looking to do, I can't Express enough the importance of sealing the speakers. Even though the brackets are a direct fit, it does leave air gaps. I used silicone to fill in the gaps. If you've ever worked with silicone before, you know how much of a mess it can be. To combat this, before putting the speaker on the bracket, apply the silicone to the edges of the bracket where it meets the door, and then spray the silicone bead with all-purpose cleaner. Then run your finger around the silicone to create a good seal and wipe the excess on a piece of paper towel. It makes the job a lot less messy and it won't stick all over everything. I also put silicone around the edges of the speaker, where it touches the bracket, just for added assurance. This is optional. The end result is still the same. Better quality, better sounding, and more volume with less power. I hope this helps with those who are suffering the same issue I was.
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    Don't be throwing in common sense into this irrational decision! This is a forum to discuss how much we waste money on our trucks!!!!
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    fyi there are two trans in these trucks. one is the 6 speed and the other is the 8 speed. you know the difference by looking under the hood and if it has no dipstick its an 8 speed trans. 2ndly the 6 speed and 8 speed require different fluids. the 6 speed is dexron vi and the 8 speed is a mobil 1 lv atf hp fluid. they can not be mixed. 3rd the mobil 1 fluid is recommend by the dealer due to the trans shutter issue, which is caused by the previous trans fluid getting contaminated via water, its very hydrogroscopic. the fix for the shutter is flushing the torque converter with the mobil 1 lv atf hp trans fluid. 4th at the dealership i work at ( nearly 7 years as a tech) i have done hundreds of trans services. pan drops , fluid exchanges (not flushes). the machine we use to do a fluid exchange uses the vehicles own transpump to exchange the fluid. we tap into the system via cooler lines in series and run the vehicle with the machine filled with new clean fluid and it pumps the old out and sucks the new in. typically changes 14 qts. when you do a pan drop you only change about 6 qts in the system. it is not pressured by shop air or anything. it does not damage the trans. the 2014-2018 trucks have a trans thermostat. in order to service these we have a special adapter that we use to tap into the system, there is a block on the side of the trans held on by 1 bolt, it has the cooler lines attached. we remove that bolt and that block install the adapter right at the trans and connect the machine to that adapter. typically on trucks or vehicles with a serviceable filter we suggest doing the fluid exchange at 45k and the filter at 90. if you tow alot, load down the truck , drive is harsh conditions every 30k would be ideal. on vehicles with out a serviceable filter that still uses atf fluid the fluid exchange is the only way to exchange the fluid, most dont have dipsticks . yes there are fill plugs and fluid level check plugs/drain plugs. its 100% easier to do the machine and its the same thing. for those saying dont let the dealer use "bulk" fluid ... the bulk fluid we carry for atf is dexron vi which is spec by gm.
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    Love watching these remind me of an era I lived in when I was a small boy. used to see these trucks in magazine cut them out and put them on my wall and drool over them. My favorite part 10mpg and folks here complain about 17mpg lol Cheers
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    2019 Custom Trail Boss Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Again Jacoby your comments are not necessary .
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    If we could hand out trophies on the internet, we would most certainly give you one.
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    Did anyone really need the display to tell them when their AFM 5.3Ls went to V4? I sure didn't. As Marky Marky said... "feel the vibration!"
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    Hello all. Just received my new Torque Converter from Circle D. Have to say they are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I have dealt with so far on my build. Walked me through every option needed. Custom built and arrived 15 days after order. Thanks to @1SLOW1500 for the recommendation. Wish I had a clear bell housing... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have done this swap already ... you only need to add one wire from the clock spring to the cluster for the LIN bus pin #20 in the cluster to pin #2 on the clock spring connector That single wire will give you wheel illumination and cluster navigation controls
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    Some people even have the nerve to call the 5.3 a dog when it’s over a second faster to 60 than that sad TBI big block could manage in a relatively lightweight 2WD RCSB. I love the look of the 454SS but by every other measure it’s pretty terrible in today’s standards. What a great time to be a truck buyer!
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    Grumpy gave some great feedback. I don’t know all of the reasons why manufacturers choose the materials, maintenance intervals, etc.. that they do. I think it’s safe to assume “reasonable lifespan” or “reasonable amount of maintenance” is somewhere in the mix. Thankfully, I’m not a “reasonable” kind of guy. I expect more and am willing to do more to get it. :-) The 6L80 is a great transmission. If you’re goal is absolute longevity, decreasing time between your fluid change intervals, decreasing the fluid operating temperature by modifying your trans thermostat (very easy to do) and driving the truck gingerly will have a tremendous impact on how long it lasts. I absolutely think 250k+ is achievable before a rebuild.
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    Just added a heated steering wheel to my 2014 Silverado LT crew cab It literally was a plug and play I didn’t have to add no wires Just swapped the clock spring with a heated one and plug was hot. Took about a good hour as I had to wait alil while for the battery to drain
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    I was trying to find a listed depth for our trucks but couldn't find anything. I saw stuff listed for the Colorado over seas as well as the testing Ford did with the ranger. I did find a video a few years back when the K2's came out down in Mexico with a Sierra All-Terrain showing off its off road chops with an off road specialist and it was going through a river where water was up over the hood, but I can't find those videos. Either way this was two weeks ago outside Red River New Mexico. And no, there wasn't any water intrusion, no lights on and no issues or stalling. I walked it and it was to about the top of my tire (I would guess around 30-36"), so the bow wave makes it look deeper than it was. The middle was even deeper still. In case you have any worries about how deep you can go this might help. When DFW flooded two years ago there was a low spot on Loop 12 for those that are familiar with the area that stranded a bunch of cars with no turn around. When news crews were there it showed a 3rd gen Tahoe going through with the water just getting to the top of grille and it made it fine so it seemed as it drove off. Truck has been fantastic, taking me in and out of remote areas and trails with out a complaint or issue, GM sure knows how to build a truck. My diff and transfer case fluids should be here today to change this weekend. At 60k I think it is time anyway, transmission I will do this spring. Just wanted to pass this along for any further info for those that are trying to inquire. If I find any water in any of the diffs I will pass that info along as well, I am curious about the breather set up. Tyler
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    One cannot overstate how excellent the LED headlights are on the T1 trucks equipped with them, IMO.
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    Your lack of spelling and grammar skills alone should be enough to repel any prospective marks for your scam. If not, your instant defensiveness and name-calling surely will be. Get lost.
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    First truck OP? There isn't an issue with the rear end hoping around. All live axles can do that under a particular/unique circumstance. The few that complain just aren't used to it, have unrealistic expectations or came from another truck set up differently where it wouldn't do it in one spot but may have somewhere else. No issues though, you won't crash if you find the 1 in a thousand spot that makes the axles bounce around a little, the stability systems keep that in check. As for seat comfort, that is on your, each person is different. A nice CUV with an IRS would be less prone to rear end movement... Tyler
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    GMT400 - 88-99 trucks GMT800 - 99-07 trucks GMT900 - 07-14 trucks K2 - 14-18 trucks T1 - 19+ trucks Designation GM uses for the truck platform Ryan B.
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    I don’t understand why the obsession over more interior changes. I went from a 2011 to 2019 and could not be happier. If I had any more technology I would either not use it or have a stroke trying to learn it.
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    I snapped a few pictures when I changed the mirror to the auto dimming. Maybe they will help someone with the swap.
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    Yes, those of us in our retirement years have considerable history and experiences to draw upon. I don't see where it gives one any sort of permission to be rude or disrespectful. The "internet" has paths to all sorts of garbage but I see no excuse for it on a forum of this calibre.
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    Love my AT4!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Put on about 500+/- miles last weekend after spending a couple days in the Traverse City MI area. Can't complain about one thing on the truck. With quite a mix of driving, average mpg was 22.2, and with a high of 25+ over a 50 mile avg, with the a/c on most of the time. L84, Tonneau cover, Flapper & screen mod, 87 octane, 20" tires @ 37psi.
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    If you don't own one they are ugly. If you do then they are the best looking trucks out there. I don't own one . I think they are hideous. High Country is the best looking but also the most expensive I own 2 - 2018 LT's and think they look better than a 2019 LT so there you go.
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    Yes, they are 305’s. Thanks for the compliment. They sent me a picture today, picking it up tomorrow evening.
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    After some long patient wiring and soldering and thanks to WAMS for programming I now have a Denali cluster in my rcsb Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got an alignment after the leveling kit I put on a few days ago. And drove her down to my pond to fish!
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    The looks of the nose on the Custom is what first drew my attention. All from the commercials when they first started running them. I too am a big fan of the embossed CHEVROLET in the grille vs the obnoxious to me monstrous bow tie emblem in the center. The tailgate with no bow tie and dual exhaust tips sealed the deal. The factory 20's were icing on the cake. I am a big fan of the body colored "no chrome" look on all of my vehicles. So the small black grille bow tie and the rest of the emblems were my first mods. I agree on the center console issue. Thankfully it's an easy fix and there's a very good thread about it located here. And thanks go to Jeffed for posting the info and this pdf document. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=111339 Cliff notes: Black armrest with storage P/N: 8464-7286 (also known as 84647286 on most GM Parts websites) 5 each Clips needed for installation P/N: 1154-9266 (also known as 11549266) I'll be doing this as soon as the parts arrive. I've had two previous "power everything" Silverado's in the past and to be honest, not having the steering wheel controls and all of the other bells and whistles really doesn't bother me. This time around, black on black with the towing package and v8 were at the top of my list. IMO, Chevy nailed the look with the Custom. Especially with the mid year discounts. I suspect they will be even better towards the end of the year. Only downside to waiting is your color options once the 2019 inventory is gone. All of my local dealerships that had the ones I was looking at are now sold. I jumped on board back in June.
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    Its funny to read reviews by Motor Trend / Car and Driver etc. they have to find something to complain about so they pick on the interior, which admittedly has lower grade materials perhaps than RAM or Ford, but it's a truck!! I don' care if you buy a High Country and want all the comforts that's fine, but start complaining about how low grade it is, then just get rid of it and buy Daimler or BMW, you probably don't need a truck anyway if you're that high maintenance. Just hire out whatever you would need a truck for LOL Personally I love the interior, its got great features even in a base LT and plenty comfortable. Not to mention as a whole, the 2019 T1's drive so much better than the K2's. The handling is better, less weight, and don't even get me started how much better the 8-speed improvements are than the old 8-speed or 6-speed. I had a 2017 crew cab LT and my new one is infinitely better.
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    I like my 19 interior [emoji2373] Ryan B.
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    Emblems look a hell of a lot better on the doors than the fender. I might have to do this.
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