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    After months of drooling over everyone's photos here, I finally pulled the trigger last Friday. Here's my Northsky Blue RST Z71.
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    I finally decided on new wheels and tires. Black Rhino Chase 20x9 +12 offset BFgoodwrench all-terrain TAs 33x12.5x20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There have been a ton of threads about lifting, bigger and heavier tires and the resultant bitching and moaning about mpg and power loss. I'm never ceased to be amazed that these people spend thousands of dollars on those mods and fail to save some coin for a gear change, then they bitch again because they don't want to spend the dollars to fix what they screwed up in the first place.
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    Pretty nice shot of my truck yesterday
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    just picked this up yesterday. had boards and tonneau cover waiting. De-badged it today. looks much better without that z71 on the side and trail boss sticker on the box. getting ready for ceramic coat and window tint. Also, got to throw on the 1.5 leveling kit and then I will order wheels and tires.
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    Well then... Guess you don't need our help..... Mistakes happen, we're human...
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    I just got new flush center caps for my Method Racing 304 double standard rims. Did not like the big nipple stick look Got them from here https://www.chiefmachining.com/ with engraved Chevy logo Stock nipple stick New Flush center cap
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    Got my 5 inch RC bracket lift installed sorry for the shitty pics still needs an alignment new wheels and tires and cleaned up. Right now its sitting on stocks and 265/65/18. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    So, I've been debating whether I wanted to do the rear bumper step light mod or not. I don't need the additional light for backing up, (I have 2" RC Pods for that purpose) but thought it might be nice for illuminating the step should I need to get into the bed at night. I ended up going ahead and installing 3/4" LED white pods that I tied into the reverse circuit. I did the cargo light / reverse light diode mod a while back, so whenever the cargo lights or reverse lights are on, the step lights will come on. Also added 3/4" LED red outer marker lights and tied them into parking lights.
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    I found out this weekend that while using Android Auto (maybe CarPlay as well) if you rotate the right radio knob it will zoom the map in and out.
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    Fresh coat of Pete’s 53 black pearl, my favorite wax.
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    Hi all, New truck owner here. Always been a car guy but my wifes Tahoe changed my mind. Here are my babies below:
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    Just got my truck back with 6in BDS Lift, 20in Fuel Vandels 20 X 9 +1, 35 in Nitto Ridge Grapplers 12.5
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    Just picked it up last night. Trying to figure out what mods to do first...
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    Trailbosss LT Crew cab standard bed. Had them put on the rear wheel liners, sidesteps and lineX the bed. Coming from a 2016 double cab midnight edition and this truck seems huge!! Did any one vinyl the lettering on the tailgate yet? I'm thinking gloss black letters would really pop on this truck! I plan on getting all black Z71 badges for the front fenders and taking off the trail boss decal... Idk yet lol
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    Well nothing new, but I did clean her up, then proceeded to find a dirt road just to take some pictures! lol.. Man, I love this truck!
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    Hi, New to the forum! I've had my Silverado for a month so far. Here's a pic. Borla S Type catback on the way... I like the ride but I can tell there are 22"s when I hit a bump... Otherwise its smoother than I thought it would be. I've been reading and catching up on all the threads...found the forum looking for tuner discussions; man, a lot of nice trucks on here!
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    I'd go completely insane driving anywhere, following anything for 5 hours at 55-65mph! 😲
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    I have been on this forum for like 10+ years and nothing would make me happier on here to find out when this guy takes it to the alignment shop to find out its incorrectly installed
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    You need to get your panties untwisted... I responded / answered your question... "I've read all the TB/AT4 leveling threads prior to installing and haven't heard anybody experiencing the same binding." My response was.... "To the OP, Just installed the Readylift 2" level kit and 3" blocks rear with no issues or binding...." And then I suggested the logical steps to rule out issues... as did many others... And I also drove 100+ miles after the install before my alignment without binding issues... But sounds like you are an all knowing degreed engineer whom doesn't need our help but yet here you are asking for input on a web forum... You sir are an @ss hole. Good luck with your issue... I'm out...
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    All I want is the key fob features through the app Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Just got my truck back with 6in BDS Lift, 20in Fuel Vandels 20 X 9 +1, 35 in Nitto Ridge Grapplers 12.5
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    Made ya look!!!! Not 24" rims, dual 24" smart tv's in the back seat of my new Trail Boss!!! Both work just great synced to my iPhone's hotspot. When you have a boy who plays travel hockey and you're on the road every weekend, you get creative... Will hook up his PS4 next time so he can play Fortnite with his buddies too!!! Starting to think I have too much time on my hands...don't judge :-)
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    Mine came with the black tail gate lettering. I like how it brings it out.
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    285/55/22 Nitto Ridge Grappler Best tires you can get if you want a nice ride with an aggressive look... read some reviews.. it’s clearly the industry leader for new hybrid truck tires Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think you were half joking, but did you check the source of your article? From the best I can tell it was an opinion piece written for a sophomore level science class at Penn State. So some real hard journalism there. He claims that "2.2% of all fatal accidents are because of speed." Yeah, okay, and in Wisconsin, only 2.2% of fatal accidents are caused by alcohol. The rest are because a deer jumped out in front of the car. Regardless of the speed anyone is travelling, most accidents could be prevented by being aware, leaving proper space around you, and not being under the influence. Some combination of those usually contribute to a wreck because one driver makes a mistake and others can't react in time. The faster you are going, the less time you have to avoid disaster, and the more damage you do upon impact. plain and simple. I do wish police would enforce the "stay right except to pass". I also wish semi trucks had a 30 second time limit to be in the left lane. If you can't make a pass in 30 seconds, you don't need to pass the other truck. That just causes packs and creates road rage. Driving slow is fine as long as you don't impede the flow of traffic. A slow driver should be courteous and get out of the way, so as not to create jams of people behind them.
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    I have about 2500 miles on my RST. Owned it for just about 3 months. No real issues at all, honestly. The phone BT connection has been spotty at random times, but nothing systemic. 8 speed had some poor shifts the first 1000 miles from time to time, but it has been very smooth since. The only thing I can complain about are the Rancho shocks, which - I feel - are total crap. I was just out of the country, riding a bus around a Middle Eastern country the past 10 days. I will say that sometimes us truck nuts can get hyper sensitive to small issues as owners. Being away from my truck for just over a week gave me some perspective. Now that I'm back to driving it around after some absence, the minor things that were nagging (including the Rancho ride) are not as bad as I felt they were before. Funny how this can happen.
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    Doing work on the trails last Sunday outside of Black Canyon City, AZ.
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    I think how one drives with these 8 speed tranny's has a lot to do with the MPGs as well. I notice the old school way of babying the throttle from a dead stop where you make sure the RPMs never get above 2k keeps the tranny shifting through 2-4 gears slowly and they seemed to be tuned for some high torque or something that drops the live MPG monitor on the DIC. If you get through those gears quickly and start getting into 5-7 before she goes into 8th gear, the live MPG monitor jumps up into the teens rather than staying below 10 like in 1-4 gears.
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    We'd still have manual transmissions a plenty if everyone had to learn to drive a stick shift to get their license. Tough luck finding them anymore new and it's getting even more rare this year. Toyota is even winding them down. Even the trucking industry is so desperate for bodies that they're mainstream autoshift transmissions anymore. Such a sad state of affairs.
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    To me 2" is 2" no matter how you get it. Wether you put it on the top, bottom or middle it still increases the cv and ball joint angles. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Installed my Peragon cover. So far, I absolutely love it. Only recommendation for install would be to refer to their YouTube videos - so much easier than following the paper instructions they provided. When the panels fold up they only stick out about 6 inches from the cab and the panels are super easy and quick to take out completely. 5/5 stars so far
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    Got rough country light bar kit installed even with my grille shutters. Just finished my switch writing this morning so will test the light out tonight. Happy with the end results! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Dang boys, I've got over 92,000 on my 2016. You need to drive more
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    Day 1... Now... Before... After...
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    Ok, just did a 4K mile oil change, Mobil1 0W20 Annual Full Synthetic is always black when I change it at 4K miles, this is Amsoil 0W20 Signature Series at 4K miles, looks like it’s only got 2K miles on it, proof is in the oil change, EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE! Looks like I’m getting a bit low Sent from above
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    Calm down boss, 90% of the people on here are installing bigger tires for aesthetic purposes, not off-roading. They fill out the wheel wells better. Didn't realize we were upsetting a consummate professional off roader. Guess its a good thing its not your truck.
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    No noise in the cab on highways and around a corner. Truck did save my life this week on a pile up on QEW Niagara bound . Hit the brakes and the Boss stopped on a dime. Semi behind me hit the shouder hard. Went home and drank some good Canadian Whiskey
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    Chocolate Falls this past February IMG_3922.MOV
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    The only thing that’s specific to the AT4 is the seat inserts and stitching colors. The darker chrome around the vents and headlight controls is the same on everything so it’s not like it was brought in just for the AT4. You’re giving them too much credit! The aluminum control knobs are in all GMCs, and they are awful looking IMO. Totally cheesy, and the only sore spot in the GMC interior. I know they tried to differentiate between the brands but there must have been a better way. The dials on the Chevy look and feel much better. Otherwise if people seriously think the K2 was nicer with it’s ginormous swath of unbroken stitched rubber across the top of the dash, and a center stack that looks like it was being birthed by a cow, I’ll leave them to it. Had them both, and know which one I prefer!
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    Ordered one of these bad boys!
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