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  1. That’s a valid point. We will see what happens. The truck will be put through the same driving/towing conditions as soon as it gets out of the svc Dept as it has since new......but dealer still has no idea when they’ll even receive parts to perform the repair.
  2. I’ve definitely not ever received any letters from GM pertaining to recalls/campaigns/TSB’s for this particular truck. We’ll see what the next 7 days brings in terms of parts showing up, then I’m going to have to have a discussion in regards to how long we (GM and dealer) are going to let a broken down 2017 truck sit in the svc dept that I’m paying payments on. There has to be a point where they are willing to do something. They’ve got nearly identical trucks on the lot as we speak, albeit 2018 models.
  3. That’s very helpful info, thank you. I’ve never before seen that bulletin....seems like I should’ve been notified of that on my 2017 model. That is exactly what has happened with mine.
  4. According to the svc Dept and the photos I was shown, the pass side rear hub bearing broke loose, damaging the threads on that side and damaging that side of the rear end assembly in general. The truck was making a deep roaring sound at certain speeds that was quickly getting worse, loud enough to drown out the radio at normal volume. No confirmed date as to when parts parts will show up to fix it....apparently it’s a backordered piece or is otherwise hard to come by from the supplier.
  5. My ‘17 cc 2500hd with 6.0 and 4.10 rear is currently on week two at the dealership awaiting a rear end replacement. Not here to vent about the dealership-they have been very courteous and professional so far, obviously it is something covered under warranty. My my main reason for posting is to ask if anyone else has had similar issues with low miles (mine just turned 16k), and/or subsequent failures after a repair/replacement. I had enjoyed the truck thus far, but my confidence in its ability to last, and also occasionally tow 4000lbs with far less than max payload in the bed, has diminished to near zero at this point. The failure occurred while I had just shy of 4K hitched to the truck and probably 1800lbs in the bed, plus me in the driver’s seat-far below what the truck is rated to do. I can sell sell or trade it without taking much of a hit financially, and am seriously considering it. I’d be interested in hearing your opinions/experiences with this or similar issues.
  6. Hypertech speedometer calibrator for GM trucks 2006 to current. This will recalibrate the computer settings for those who have larger than stock tires, it will also recalibrate the truck for any change in rear end gear ratio. Buyer is responsible for verifying compatibility with their vehicle. Price is $200 or best reasonable offer.
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