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  1. For me, I usually can locate those types of add-ons much cheaper than at time of order. This one has been unique because they keep finding flaws and issuing new part numbers for the new fixes and then pulling stock of the old ones... supply and demand.
  2. This is supposedly coming back in stock tomorrow for $356.25 new customers save 5% with code NEW2020: https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-silverado-3500-transparent-trailer-camera-auxiliary-trailer-camera-models-with-cwm-pdm-uvn/84946379-p-92306103.html. Replaces 84876818, 84518122, 84477541, 84605536, 84580657, 84477539. I don't know much about this store other than I ordered another part from them over the weekend that is currently on its way to me, pretty quick to ship.
  3. Not as long as I have seen a few people around here, it has for sure been a journey. Just happy to be on the final stretch!
  4. Got news that my truck shipped by rail last week headed to Wentzville, MO. GM chat gave me the container number the truck sits on, unfortunately there is no way I have found to track it... I just eagerly wait...
  5. Silverado and Diesel. I can tell you my dealer put the order in as a priority 2 and is a volume dealer, I am assuming that helped speed things up.
  6. My truck is an LT, Ordered March 16th and was just built this week. Got the VIN this morning.
  7. I'm a little nervous how incentives will change, my truck was built this week. I like the current incentives plus the extra Costco offer, would set me up pretty sweet. Gotta wait I am guessing three-ish weeks for the dealer to get the truck in.
  8. I would check this out to see if you can make your own....
  9. With all this craziness I received some good news today... My truck preliminarily falls into the 6/22/20-6/28/20 production period
  10. Has this been your experience? I have yet to find a chat rep to give me the event code, do I just need to keep trying to find one that will?
  11. Some good news... https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2020/05/28/gm-adding-second-shifts-truck-plants-next-week/5274744002/
  12. Due to the timing of my order, I fully expect a call from the dealer saying GM canceled the order...
  13. Some good news. After a bit or research on the dealership, I sent an email to a specific person at Laura explaining what was going on and promptly received a phone call from the GM. We had a positive conversation and I now have the correct information. Now we just play the waiting game to see how all of this turns out with COVID.
  14. After receiving an escalation from GM customer service I finally received a call from Laura with the order confirmation number... Problem is when I check to verify it, I am told it is not valid. I was told to check my paperwork.. I laughed as Laura hasn't sent me anything. I have sent an email to my sales person requesting a copy of the workbench order.
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