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  1. New 2018 vs 2019 dilemma

    Here we go again... 1. first year redesigns will have just as many issues. new engine design with skip fire. 2. Deep discounts on 2018's solid truck when loaded, esp with a 6.2L don't sit here and tell me the 6.2 isnt worth it prob..., not not fulling anyone. Prob... get it for free with discounts so its moot. 3. 2019 side mirrors are the ugliest mirrors & position I ever seen on a truck, bar none. 4. Projector headlights missing, 2019's are not projectors... why did they go back to 2007.5 headlights? reflector lens, squeezing the penny's out. 5. Still offer a sunroof for some reason aka leaking hole, why no A/C headliners like the SUV's, center console air is ridiculous. I firmly do not agree with the mass's that includes the roof made of glass... some peoples kids. only 2 things they offer now over my truck is HUD, and side blind alert. which was ONLY in the SUV chassis for some damn reason. Get you a 2018 loaded, you'll be much happier, only problem is later you wont settle for a LT wont even cross your mind. BTW when I spec'ed my Denali truck it was less expensive than a SLT with the same options. In fact I had to order it and wait, and it was still less expensive.
  2. LED H11 Bulbs?

    What? no... good LED's will outperform the 30-35w HID's... now the older 55w HID's that a different story. My factory Sierra LED's are crazy bright easily out performs my 30-35w HID's on my Caddie I would even say they can keep up with 50w, You get what you pay for, buying a $20-40 set of LED's and you have your answer.
  3. LED H11 Bulbs?

    I would normally say never cut a hole in your dust cover its not just a dust cover but a moisture cap as well, you will have to fit the light inside the headlamp unit that means the harness and all parts, so get the smallest most compact unit. The fans typically fail or make noise, no OEM manufacturer uses fans, even on my GM OEM LEDS on my 2016. The fin's can be cut or bent, or use the 2nd option, since the heat sink is the same only fan-less
  4. LED H11 Bulbs?

    for your fogs 5202's , those are the older style, that had issues with fitting in the fog light housing o-ring issue... PITA to install, not bright at all. I do not recommend at all. For your low/high beams stay away from "fan style cooling" leds, for the H11, if you have the room, number 1 recommendation. - http://www.jdmastar.com/product/752/6S-H11-LED-Headlight-Fog-Conversion-Kits-for-Limited-Space-Set-of-2.html 2nd- http://www.jdmastar.com/product/289/8TH-Gen-H11-LED-Headlight-Conversion-Kits-Set-of-2.html 5202's go with a more powerful from JDMastar lastly use the 5% off your entire order code on the Jdmastar website. Code = "JDMASTAR"
  5. was the steering wheel under any stress on the steering lock? if so it may not let you start sadly my mom does it all the time, but that also keeps you from turning the key all the way as well.
  6. FYI, GM made a retro-fit kit for the older vehicles that didn't not originally include the Qi charging. made available May 9, 2018. GM# 84526978 includes the new charger and wiring harness. GM service Bulletin# 18-NA-153 (I dont have the PDF) Chart https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/static/pageImages/learnAbout/articles/documents/GM_Wireless_Charging_Compatible_Device.pdf
  7. Air damper? Useful?

    simply put yes, especially in a stock vehicle configuration. The Chevy engineer Tom Peters worked on both Corvette and Truck, in fact your air dam is an cloned from the corvette, and scaled to fit truck. some boing info... but hes a small part of info...
  8. PPF, from the time you drive it off the dealer lot. I drove mine straight from my dealer to my favorite PPF and window Tint, get ceramic tint. TIP: PPF the entire front end and full hood & fenders, and sadly the A pillars.
  9. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    Hey take your driveshaft off and take it to a driveshaft shop. the drive shafts where balanced in Mexico but believe they might be out of round. Same concept as a wheel, you can still balance a bent or out of round wheel. Dealers dont have ways of checking driveshafts or axles unless its visibly noticeably bent Sorry about your truck, mine rides smooth as glass.
  10. OP, get it replaced and move on you'll be happy. Manga-ride is best damn riding GM factory suspension I have rode in given the cost, smooth as glass, loads improved over my 2013 Denali, same tire, same wheel size 20's on LTX Defenders. My brother now owns my 2013 Denali, so its as apples to apples as it gets, tires where installed the same day, MRC delivers a better experience, connected and better controlled. I bet I get better life from my MRC with 20's vs the 22's guys, already went through all that BS with the boss's MRC caddie with 22"s Even have Maga-ride on my CTSV its a bit more firm but the suspension is wonderful all around esp... with sport/touring modes. As a former Mercedes Benz tech, if you think Magna-ride shocks are expensive you have no idea what Europeans charge for similar shocks, Magna-ride is substantially less expensive, all the guys here complaining about big money $$$ shocks, get a grip on reality, shop around heck even the air ride shocks cost more. For all GM Rancho shocks guys that rave about them, its about the worst riding truck I have ever been in, sloppy and loose. MRC adds benefits when rolling, will firm up the outside to act like a sway bar, standard shock can't do that! Some good info... http://www.bwigroup.com/product/magneride-controlled-suspension-system/
  11. that CPO is a cash grab, dealers typically make more money on used vehicles anyways. Buy a new Denali, factory rebates etc..., better lights, new radio, etc... 2018's will be greatly reduced in favor of the new 2019's. hold out for a 6.2 its easily worth the extra dough to have one.
  12. Aftermarket Brake kit

    16.1" rotors is all you need trust me, rears won't do as much as you think anyways adds huge cost to the vehicle. Wilwood kit is about the same price as GM, Id run factory GM 16.1" 6 piston brakes over aftermarket any day. I run OEM on my CTS-V works just fine and I get parts easy. Amazon is running 20% off right now on some GM consumables, picked up filters, brake pads etc... for vehicles. Brembo is a highly trusted brand, they are on just about every high performance vehicle you can name, Wilwood comes in as aftermarket class brakes. I myself and even loads of others retro fit Brembo brakes on vehicles more than Wilwoods. you need a 20"+ spare wheel and tire as well, people always forget to upgrade spare when they do brakes. Save yourself a headache buy the GM and get a 20" spare wheel and tire. its expensive b/c its worth it. geez you should see what Mercedes Benz charges for the exact same Brembo brakes. Now that the 2019's are out, the fronts have fix piston front calipers, might what to look into those for a budget build with parts availability for a long time.
  13. actually the 16+ cupholder is removable just not reconfigurable (the rear bottom cubby is still there), its just no where as easy to remove as the 14-15's
  14. Sierra Denali, Magnetic ride... 20's I have magnetic/air ride on my caddie with 22's never again!!! awful ride unloaded, much worse if you tow anything. 22 for looks, ridiculous reason. Lastly to say 22's ride the similar as 20's, seriously in denial. Driven some many vehicles as a dealer tech of my years worked at discount tire when I was 18yrs (firestone Ford "exploder" recall) through college, became the wheel and tire guy at my shop, then the other 2 shops sent wheels and tires to me, company president & CEO cars come to me as well. loads of tire and wheel experience not just some one saying 20's vs 22's. shoot I have have my own Coats tire machine and hunter balancer....... 22's sh.....eet.

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