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  1. Thanks for the opinion on the cats. it’s a daily driver and I was Thinking the cats would keep it legal and tone down the sounds “some”. I’m not locked on having them though.
  2. I have 2015 Sierra stock (for now) 5.3 w 200,000 miles. I want upgrade to headers and hi flow cats to replace a cracked manifold. I’m seeing a range in prices from $299 for just headers to $1800 for a complete system. I was quoted $950 from a local shop installed, w cats and o2 extenders. I’m not really thinking I NEED stainless due to age of truck and the mostly mild environment I live in. But I don’t want it to come apart and need repairs often either. Im looking for a good value for performance/durability system. For those of you with experience, can you point me in a good direction as far as what’s what? for the record, I tried a search but it was in conclusive. Thanks
  3. 197,****** same plugs same wires same coils. signed I have been searching for good replacements for no other reason than I feel guilty.
  4. 197,******. No catch can. Runs great. I did have to replace the trans at 122,000 but nothing else. Knock on wood...
  5. Thank you for the video link ! I like that dynamic diode is American made. This gives me a little better picture of what I need to look at. Thanks again!
  6. It’s probably been asked but I am not finding anything on a search. Looking for bulbs for my 15 Sierra SLT. Bought some Amazon specials and they are already blinking after y months or so. Would like something simple to replace in the stock housing, nothing crazy but durable if possible. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. How do you turn off the mics or where are the connections to disconnect them? Thanks!
  8. I have seen it on my 15 sierra. It wasnt noticeable until I put adaptors on and it made the wheels stick out some. I did some frame to hub to body measurements and the whole body is offset a little to the drivers side, more so in the rear. From what I’ve found, the offset is within GM specs. I plan on a body lift and at that time I’d like to try to get it centered bettter.
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