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  1. Click here to listen Im taking it to a more experienced shop tomorrow for another opinion.
  2. Yes they swapped out to another set of new plugs and replaced the wires back to the original. Number 7 is miss-firing.
  3. 2015 5.3 205,000 miles. Have not had any issues engine wise, except it’s had a manifold gasket leak for about 6-7 months. I decided to replace with headers and ory pipe since I’m there. Also replaced spark plugs and new wires. Engine now has a miss so bad they can’t tune it... shop owner thinks it is a collapsed lifter. Is there anything they could have done to cause this to kiss so bad they can’t tune it? They have even changed plugs and replaced the old wires to rule out bad ones. No luck. im taking it to get a second opinion. I’m going to have to drive it 40 miles rou
  4. Not sure asking here has had any benefit as there are opposing views in both directions. LOL what else could I excect by asking a generic question on an internet forum! I do appreciate the feed back. Looking at a couple more trucks this weekend so i may be back with more questions....
  5. OTR, this is a def option for me. I am not driving as much as I once was pre-COVID so keeping it and doing a complete tune up/upgrade may been smart. I used to drive 5-6000 a month but now I am at 25-3000. This whole process started because I started adding up the tune-up/maintenance/repair costs and I thought that would be a great down payment on something newer with less miles, and a moonroof with 22's. LOL To your point about values, Im seeing 100,000+ miles for sale at 31,000! 8-/
  6. Yes, I work very hard for the money, but I have to be cognizant of cost. The 19+ are $10-15,000 more and I have a daughter getting married next year (surprise) plus 3 other daughters. LOL I may just hang on to what I have for the time being. My 15 has the GM clunk in the shift at times but I have gotten used to it I guess. I also have an for intune 2 and have dialed in the shift fairly well. To the Chevy shake and other issues, it always concerns me buying an older low mileage vehicle like what I am looking at. Did they just not drive much and trade every 3-4 years or w
  7. I found an 18 2wd with 6.2 and 8 speed that im going to look at this weekend. Its 2 hours away so I hope It works out. Anything specific to feel for with the 8 speed? Ive read some but making sure I am not missing anything.
  8. OLM on my 15 is 7500 regardless of how hard I drive it. Tires are Michelin and are rated @ 70000 but usually get 50000 miles. Still on factory plugs at 200000 and get 18-19 mpg on highway at 75. (I dont drive 75 often though.). Also not saying that is right but it is where I am at with my truck. Also, I use full synthetic and Wix or ac Delco filters and go 10000 on changes. I used To have the oil tested and 10000 was always good so I have Not tested in a while. Brakes made it to 165000 but I rarely pull a trailer and my daily drive was 225 miles, mostly highway.
  9. I found a 2019 2wd with the 5.3 but it has the 8 speed as well. Is there an issue with the ‘19 8 speeds as well?
  10. Great replies. . Thank you. ive put 200,000 on it and as I said, I love it. Ive considered keeping it. It’s very comfortable and i make a lot of long road trips 2-4 hours and don’t want to lose that. With more features and just less miles in general, a new used truck seems to be a wise choice. I have also considered keeping what I have and adding some performance pieces. Been a great truck other than having trans replaced at 120,000. Decisions decisions.
  11. I’m shopping for a new used truck. I def want the 6.2 so I am looking at Denali 1500’s. I have a ‘15 and have loved it so I’m really okay with the 18 body style. But I’ve seen a few 19’s that I like as well. They are usually about $7-10,000 more though. I’m wondering if anyone has any feedback that has had both and if there is anything that makes one a better choice than the other. I’m torn on which one to get so just looking for some experiences. thanks
  12. As my name indicate, I have a 15 Sierra with 200,000+ miles. Ive replaced the pads and had rotors turned 30,000 miles ago. Lately at slow speeds, like a drive through or super slow traffic, I have noticed the brakes grabbing. I believe I have narrowed it down to the fronts but not 100% sure. . At highway or reg speeds, I dont notice it but at slow speeds it’s very “grabby” . Ive had the brakes recall service performed.as well. Anyone experienced this before and have a diagnosis? thanks
  13. Thanks for the opinion on the cats. it’s a daily driver and I was Thinking the cats would keep it legal and tone down the sounds “some”. I’m not locked on having them though.
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