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  1. I know this is an old post but I finally waited till things got worse. Not to bad but bad enough to open the rear. I finally figured out what caused this noise at 40-50 mph with light throttle. For months I have been trying to figure if it were rear end noise or wheel hub in the front. Well I went ahead and checked the rear end out and right after I took the cover off I grabbed the carrier and moved it. It just had a little side to side play. Which made since that when I steered from side to side the left side got worse when the right quieted. Thats why i thought maybe wheel hub. Sorry side noted. HaHa. Then I took it out and noticed that my bearing on the ring side was severely pitted. Then noticed my pinion inner bearing was going as well. Didnt notice the pinion bearing had just a little play when it was all assembled but I can tell you this. After going through this for a while now and finally fixing the issue or issues I learned alot through this. R&P didnt mess up, it is quiet as it was when we first put the R&P in. Lucky. Thank you all for helping me. I have done so much reading on this noise and it just pointed me different direction.
  2. Well I am just going to go ahead and take it to my good ol' buddy at the dealership see what he turns up as far as what is causing it. I do appreciate the help though and i knew it was not going to be a easy thing trying to explain but it was worth a shot. When it's done i will atleast post it. I could spend hours on the web looking for a answer and throw parts at it but i can go without my truck for a day and get it fixed.
  3. I thank you for your honesty and I have considered that but I got back up under there with one of my friends that works at champion Chevrolet here in katy and we looked at the front wheel hub bearings and nothing. Jacked up the rear and spun the wheels by hand and noticed that the passenger side drum sounded like marbles were rolling around. When under load just with our hand it sounded like a tank track. Not as loud of course but same rhythm. He told me we will go ahead and replace both wheel bearings and while we have those out we will re check everything and make sure that everything is still good. Long story short im the type of person that hates asking for help but sometimes you need to swallow your pride and just ask and hopefully you shall receive. I'll post tomorrow after switching things out just in case I do fix it atleast someone else would have a good starting point. Once gain thank you.
  4. Hello all, I have been doing alot of searches on line for this kind of experience on this strange noise that is hard to describe. So i guess i will just jump on in. It started 3 months ago. When i drive 40 on thru 50 mph i get what i would assume is a whine from the rear, atleast i assume that it is coming from the rear. As much as i would like to hang on the outside while it was going 45 mph just to listen, i cant but Its hard to tell when your exhaust is loud. Anyways, when it hits 40 mph there is a light whin and slowly gets a little louder till i hit 50 mph then it goes away. If i were to let my foot off the gas it will go away but as soon as my foot lightly touches the gas you can here it. Now if lets say i hit 45 and im driving next to a wall it also sounds as if there is a little rattle that accompanies the slight whine and engine speed. So my question to all on this topic is, could this be a carrier bearing starting to go? Maybe my pinion bearing? It just makes the whin at 40 thru 50 mph. Everywhere that i looked i cant seem to find the answer i am looking for and figured someone might have gone thru the samething. Recently i replaced my U joints and about to change my extended housing seal because it is leaking. See 2 weeks ago i changed my transmission mount because it had a rip in it and dont know if when i ripped it then with it being misaligned may of came a leaky seal but i can deal with that later. I just need to try to get a answer on this noise. When we set the gears everything was in spec and the pattern was perfect on drive and coast side of the gear. The pinion was sitting like it was supposed to be. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all. Vehicle info: 2007 GMC Sierra xtreme with a tuned 4.8L, 4L60E and a 4.10 rear.
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