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    Automotive electronics and accessory’s of all kinds are my passion, and I’m always available to help others out in any way that I can.
  1. http://autospatech.com/added-accessories/remote-starts/gm-remote-start-using-factory-remote-flip-key.html this remote start is with Flip key and it fits various models of GMC, Buick, and Chevy, and that includes GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox as well. here are the details of this system: plug and play interface works right with the vehicle’s computer and utilizes an extended range remote for ease of use. Simply use your new extended range remote and your vehicles starts! A very inexpensive way to add this great feature to your vehicle and takes no more than 1-2 hours to install.
  2. I’m going to install one of these new systems we have in the next week or so and shoot a video
  3. Call the guys at Autospatech 866-674-1705 they have a new extendend range kit available that you can actually do yourself as it is pretty much plug and play
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