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  1. +1 on Access. I have had one now for 6 years and it is perfect. Had one on my old truck for 8 years with no issues. If you see some flap on a rollup,, first make sure your tension is tight enough on it. If you still have a problem you can pad the crossbars with PVC insulation to make it fit tighter and take out some slap. Usually the slap is only an issue in very high crosswinds coupled with high speeds. I noticed it on my old truck but not on this one.
  2. I dont have enought knowledge to argue it either way. I beleive e85 has a higher effective octane rating than even 93. However it has less inherent energy than regular gas. If the 93 tune cannot take advantage of anything higher than 93 then it seems like you would suffer in performance. However I dont fully understand why the stock flex fuel trucks bump up HP by about 30 horses just by running E85. What inherently makes it able to do that if not for adjusting timings and whatnot to take advantage of higher octane? And if the stock truck is smart enough to do that then why can the stock truck adjust to optimize for 93?
  3. what fuel program are you using to run this mix with? E85 is hard to find around her but its possible. If it was same MPGs when towing I could see it being worthwhile.
  4. I put a Husky Centerline TS WD hitch on my truck/trailer for this new rig. It works great. No chains to mess with. Not nearly as much noise as my old E-2 hitch. Trailer was rock solid all the way home. I also run rear airbags with about 35psi in them. I know there are lots of opinions about needing way more expensive hitches for sway control but this one works great for me.
  5. Well, I ordered a refurb Diablo on eBay for $190. I installed the canned 87 Octane tune with medium shift points. At first I was ho-hum about it. It definitely shifted better for acceleration but sometimes it has a pretty hard shift. But the hesitation the truck always had is gone. When you floor it, it will move now. Stop and go traffic is giving me slight worse MPG, but when I average it into my daily commute overall Im getting about 16mpg, slighlty up from mid 15s. But what blew me away was last weekend when I went to go pick up my new travel trailer. I set cruise on 70 for most of the time, and my 50 mile trip average reached 25mpg at one point. I was blown away. When I pushed it up to 80, I was still getting 21-22MPG. I had a moderate crosswind, so I cant say that I was getting a tailwind assist. I was also going uphill generally as I was heading from Houston to San Antonio. I noticed that with the AFM deactivated and the tune, it seems to hold speed in the second overdrive vs the first overdrive that it was using before. In any case the RPMS were around 1500-1700. Previously I was getting 8mpg average towing my 4500lb camper. If I had perfectly flat ground and a tailwind I might get 10 average. This new camper is 5700 lbs. On the way back home through the rolling hills I got 11+mpg towing it at 70mph. I did put 89 octane fuel in it when I filled up in San Antonio, but I dont know if that made a difference or not. When I tried 93 before it did nothing for me. I was also pleasantly surprised that I could actually pass people now. When I pressed the pedal hard I could get it up to 80 pretty fast. Granted, there was downshifting and RPM were up there, but it could do what it did not want to do before. Overall I am pretty pleased. I am hping these results last for me. I am still considering the DiabLew tune, or even trying the 93 tune during towing. But part of me is also afraid to mess with these results.
  6. Damn!!! I was about to buy the Intune i3 on ebay refurbed for $189 and they just sold out :-(
  7. Thanks for all the info. I may try the tune. Its a minimal investment to add a little fun and maybe capability to this truck. If it doesnt work for towing, at least it will be more fun to drive.
  8. I would love to get 10mpg towing. I can only do that on the flat with a tailwind it seems. It seems worse in the winter but I don't really know if they change the gas in Texas or not. with an 89 tune can u run 87 for day to day driving or will it mess up your engine? I'm not sure if the $2k+ for new gears would be worth it on 33s. seems like it would be better to save for my next truck, since this one is going on 6 years old. i really want a 6.2 max tow. if only it could be had with trailboss package...
  9. Yes, 4wd. I have 33" tires so that effectively reduces my axle ratio a little bit. I would love to do 4.10s or 3.73s but the cost just does not seem worth it. have to do both differentials I have heard.
  10. Hello all. Ive tried researching this and cannot find a clear answer so I thought I would ask it more directly. Does anyone have a Black Bear or Diablew 93 Octane tune that is used for towing? I have a 2014 GMC 5.3/3.42/z71 and tow my 4500lb (empty) RV and it feels very anemic. It can do the job, but it is a struggle, especially in a headwind. 6mpg at times. I know that one should expect this to an extent, but I long for more oomph. And better shifting Even in manual mode the transmission sucks. Will the 93 tune provide any tangible benefit for towing? Or is it more for seat-of-your-pants feeling driving fun? Im considering getting the tune as a stopgap between this truck and my next. Hoping for some less chromey trim options to be released on future 6.2 models. Right now the LTZs and SLTs are too shiney for my taste.
  11. Im pretty sure Motor Trend hates GM - they would have awarded this to the last gen Titan over the new Chevy. But even so, Im not that surprised by this when you compare the two. GMs biggest real advancement is a transmission with more gears and small diesel that plays catch up to the others. I do think both the Chevy and GMC are hands down looks winners over the Ram externally. They are beautiful. Rams exterior is about as bland as you can get. Their last gen was way better. However the GM interior is uninspired with the same cheapo leather (mostly vinyl) used in the last gen.. Even discounting the 12" screen (which is just plain cool, even if you hate on it) the Ram interior is the hands down winner. My own column shifter nostalgia isnt enough to change that opinion. At least it is not on the center console wasting space like Ford and Toyota. I think the biggest innovation from Ram beat that beat them is the addition of the mild hybrid. That is actually pretty cool in that it adds 150 ft-lbs of torque on the low end to a gasser. The Ram might not last as long, I dont know. I think talking smack about it is like the pot calling the kettle black. My GMC had a ton of issues for years. It seems pretty solid now though. Regardless of awards, I probably wont buy either for a couple years. I dont think either did enough over the last generations to be worth upgrading. But they are both darn nice in their own ways.
  12. Thank you all for the info. That seems like ridiculous decision on GMs part. I have seen the conversion factors that show the true axle ratios with the 10 speed and while the 3.23 is good, it seems so foolish not to have more offerings for a 3.42 in the 6.2. If anyone is really seeking out that 6.2 max tow package they are going to be looking for a fully decked out truck with 4wd. I will probably hang back a year or two to see if they change their offerings. The new trucks are beautiful but honestly offer nothing improved enough to compel me to buy one just yet.
  13. Does anyone know if the AT4 can be bought with a 3.42 rear end? That truck can be had with a 6.2 motor. But all I see have the 3.23 rear end. I want something to pull camper that is not so anemic as my 5.3 z71 with 3.42s. I am sure the 6.2 with 10 speed would be better anyway but a 6.2 with 3.42s would be awesome. And the AT4/Trailboss look so much better than a standard Z71.
  14. Hello, folks. I am new to this thread and have some questions that I am sure are in the 65 pages of posts, but Im hoping to cut to the chase. I am considering a tune to help with the sluggishness of the vehicle. I press the gas pedal and its like the truck has to think about it for a second before it decides to go. I am assuming a tune can help this: Questions: 1. Wouldn't a tune a shop on a dyno be more beneficial than any of these mail order tuners? What is the downside? Cost? Adjustability? My brother-in-law had his done at a performance shop in Houston. It was about $600. 2. I read ambiguous comments about an add on device to eliminate gas pedal lag. What is this. Is that a physical widget that is separate from the tune? 3. Can a separate tune be loaded to the Tow/Haul setting to enhance towing? I find the truck adequate but just, when I tow my 4500 lb RV. Passing is virtually impossible. I know you can only ask for so much from a 5.3 half ton but I figure there may be something that might help. Thanks!!!
  15. So, I did some research on another forum website and someone measured the stock sub to be appx 1ohm. Apparently it even has 1 ohm printed on it when you remove it. I bought a dual 2 ohm voice coil Kicker Comp R yesterday. I got it with damaged box from Sonic Electronix for $56. Crutchfield and Best Buy have them on sale for $75 this week. It is the sub that the ebay box is sold with if the seller loads the box. Volume air space specs work out perfect. I may try wired in parallel to show a 1 ohm load on factory bose amp and see what happens. PRobably not much if I had to guess. If not I will add an amp and run it in series to present a 4 ohm load to keep the amp cool and stable.

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