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  1. Be patient -- You are spending a-lot of money that I'm sure you worked hard for; and you will be rewarded with something ordered the exact way that you want- not something off the lot. So this process does take time- My last pick-up was a 2002 Silverado 2500 that was on order for 18 months. It was ordered as 2001 but ran into the next model year and yes I had other vecihles to drive but I wanted certain options and was willing to wait. That truck served me well and thats why I'm back-
  2. No, maybe not- Remember if you order an option or anything that is on constraint then the oder will not be picked up by the factory until that constraint is lifted and now that the supply situation seems to have much improved orders will be built much quicker. Of course if the supply changes so will build times- therefore delaying the hole process.
  3. This should not mean much to anyone trying to order now- You must keep in mind the new model just appeared and the constraints for that 6.2 and 20" wheels really held things up.
  4. my order was finalized with the dealer on 9/19/13-
  5. Just got an e-mail from my dealer and my order was picked up and I have proposed build date of 12/16/13 and there was no mention of the rear sliding window one way or another. Just happy its finally going to happen.
  6. Hey- Mike Thanks a bunch! This clears up a lot for me and I am sure many others. You would think GM would have all the ducks in a row before rolling out a new long awaited model. But I would guess things are a lot more complicated than one would assume. Thanks for the brake down of an order.
  7. That's fine but does order go threw or get delayed? Is it the build lottery or a percedure to this madness?
  8. Can someone explain how orders are placed- I've heard orders are picked up by GM on a Tuesday and if there are no constraints they are assigned a order number and build date. Is this the case and if so how and who gets priority? I placed an order back on 9/17/13 -Quad cab, 6.2-,Max tow, ect- My dealer-D'ella GMC is in communication with me every week with this or that on constraint. So now with all of us with these orders, who gets theirs built first and when? What is the hold up with these 6.2 engines anyway? 20" wheels too. Also what happens to an order were it includes that rear sliding window and Gm decides not to offer it- Does the order still go threw or does it sit in limbo? Any info would greatly be appreciated.
  9. Thank-you, Jennifer I would really appreciate the help- This not knowing is tough and I am willing to be patient as long as there end to the story. Hopefully a happy one!
  10. It's a shame we are all in the same boat-- not knowing what's going on with these orders. Whoever it is that keeps track of this site really should give us some insight to what the delays are about and a realistic time frame to the resalution. We all long time GM customers with multiple cars-- Do you really want to loose such a devoted fan base. We are your best form of advertising- Please --I like these cars and trucks but I need tobe respected and so does my money.
  11. My truck is on order with a dealer in upstate New York in Queensbury --Della GMC Cadilac. Super nice people, but its out of my salesman's hands and he is on top of things- but this would be a hole lot better to hear from someone at GM. Sold my 2002 Silverado back in August and really would like this truck before the snow piles up.

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