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  1. vailbuilder- i have denali center caps for those 18's for sale if you are interested. let me know? love those 18 wheels!!
  2. you have and problems with your park assist?
  3. grant-you get this takin care of? my same problems are back
  4. rob- did you have any problems with your park assist also or just the on star? first time was just my on star and this time it works for a minute to as long as 30 minutes- before it stops working my park assist off sign pops up.
  5. and its back so who knows? will take it in for service again next week. gonna leave the power boards unplugged for awhile and see if it keeps up.
  6. i did check to see if they were plugged in and all checked out ok. they started working fine saturday which was the first decent day around here in awhile- so I'm kinda with therink "I had the same problem twice now I attribute it to salt, ice, extreme cold, etc." but still took it in for service to day and they blamed this and my troubles with my on star on my amp power running boards.
  7. ok- not that stupid. its not working. take it in on monday for service
  8. makes me fill a little stupid but thanks!! it was prob the paddle switch. i remember showing a friend the rear cargo lights the other day and I'm sure i hit the wrong paddle. now if you could solve the on star thread
  9. had service replace my onstar unit less than a month ago and its no longer working again. just wanted to know if others with 2015 gmc 2500s are having this problem?
  10. 2015 gmc 2500 with 2800 miles- just started popping up the last 3 days. anydody else get this message or have this repaired by gm service yet?
  11. just wanted to subscribe. thanks for all the updates guys!!
  12. that sucks! hopefully they paid for the new one. i purchased a new slt and all 4 of mine say denali. thanks again!!!
  13. i know some gm employees are on this site. i was hoping someone could help get me a part number to the center cap of this wheel. my local dealer can't seem to find it. any help would be grateful. thanks!!!
  14. used in good condition. less than a year old. sold truck and now have a long box. located in omaha ne. probably cost prohibitive to ship. asking $350
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