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  1. Congrats. I honestly thing the K2's look better anyways
  2. Me pulling a 305 conquest whaler. Its like 13000 or so with the trailer.
  3. Fords 21 F150. GM better step up their screen game quickly! I hope they follow suit and update the interior and front ends of the 2500's. They're just awful.
  4. Man, I've had the itch for a new High Country lately but I'll wait and see what happens with this knocking. I couldn't live with that noise! It would drive me crazy!
  5. This^^^ That's definitely a dealer whoopsie & they're blaming it on GM. I wouldn't take it even if they fix it. Itll never be the same
  6. The GMC would look a lot better with the 2021 Yukon front end and the 21 Tahoe interior... I cant stand how the GMCs look like a pig nose now... I thought the same about the Laramie Rams before their redesign.
  7. 295 60 20 Terra Grapplers. They barely rub only in full lock. I did crank my keys up a couple turns
  8. I have an appointment for November 11th to take it in. The dealership said they haven't been able to do anything because of the strike. They're replacing an engine and another head gasket job that are in line in front of me.
  9. Definitely stinks big time. Makes me question the reliability of these trucks... In 55k miles I've had a water pump, power steering pump, electrical issues, power folding mirror motors, water leak(s) in the cab, and now head gaskets......
  10. 55k miles on my 16 LML with excessive coolant pressure. I had a local diesel shop confirm my suspicions before I take it in this afternoon. Bummer for sure... At least it's still under warranty!
  11. This is honestly the most ridiculous problem to have on a pickup! Sorry for the OP's problem, but there isnt even a key hole or handle to open it manually! My fathers had this same issue and he had to have the dealer reprogram something. He couldn't get his tools out of the bed to do a job we had because he has a hard tonneau cover!
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