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  1. 8k for a delete.... I'd just drive it & leave er' stock
  2. I know the 1/2 ton is an ltz. The HD looks like an LT trail boss or something. I was referring to the general looks though.. The 1/2 ton is definitely growing on me but I just cant understand what GM was thinking when they designed the HD... Its ugly IMO
  3. I think its retarded to not have a handle to drop the gate.. My pops truck has been to the dealer twice for the tailgate now. All because the button isn't working...
  4. Following. I was considering the gen5diy harness too. Anyone actually do this mod? I'd love to know what they bought as far as the lights and more specifically the bulbs they used
  5. ANY body shop is better than the dealers... I'd say you want it corrected somewhere else!
  6. Black truck & the Acadia was white diamond. We traded it in on a 19 Tahoe a month ago though!
  7. Neat pic I snapped the other night. 3 years & 52kmiles later, I still love it!
  8. I just bought a 19 Tahoe & double checked to make sure the it didn't have the 8 speed... My dads 19 Silverado with it is terrible
  9. My nut backed off @ around 18k & I lost fluid. I had the TSB performed & have 52k on it now. So far so good but its always in the back of my mind
  10. Wife and I got a good deal on an LT but we want to make the Tahoe look a little nicer. If anyone has one or know where a clean used unit is, please let me know! Thanks in advance
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