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  1. Agreed! Even after upgrading my tires to 305/50R20s I don't have wander....just crap mileage.
  2. I might try jumping my tire pressures. I'm at 40 all the way around right now.
  3. They probably cover the rotors under same warranty as brake pads....7500 miles.
  4. Ride quality...pretty good. Takes lots of weight to balance these and it's still not perfect. Road noise....fairly minimal all the way up to 80. Fitment...very slight rub on the factory splash guard at full lock to the left when in reverse....but no issues full lock on the right. Fuel economy.....this will leave a mark. Normally about 21mpg at 77. Took a trip to Florida on I-95. Averaged 15.4 mpg at 77.
  5. For some reason I cannot upload a PDF here but Google this PI0564K It will pull up on the NTSB site and you can download the PDF there. It will give you all repair instructions to basically replace all the wax on your frame. Unless you completely degrease your frame anything you add to it will fall off.
  6. Well... You're not supposed to undercoat a waxed frame unless you completely strip and paint it. Any kind of petroleum based product will soften and remove the coating. GM does have recommended repair procedures.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-19-GMC-SIERRA-84214460-GT377-FUEL-GAS-TANK-FILLER-LOCKING-CAP-OEM-NEW-/183950464297?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  8. Check a couple of things...first your USB cord. Believe it or not some cords are just crap with these trucks. Second try moving your USB port assembly slightly while you're plugged in. Mine is bad and forces a restart everytime along with alerts for missing SD card etc.
  9. Yes but then you increase probability of hitting parts of your fender liner. That size tire you're looking at is about a 34. Might cause problems
  10. No worries....I did find one area it rubs. It only does it under hard braking while simultaneously turning hard. Normal driving... It's fine.
  11. According to tire rack overall width of the tire will be 12.2" installed on a 9" rim. It is a 33.2" tire versus the OEM 33".
  12. Upgraded today from stock 275/60R20 to 305/55R20 on factory wheels on a stock ride height AT4. It "fits"
  13. Agreed...but if used within their parameters...it works well most of the time. Love it when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Just kick back relax and the truck will idle along with no issues.
  14. Thankfully you did not wreck your truck. I have had very similar experiences with the adaptive cruise control. Most commonly it is when the sun is very low on the horizon and blinding the camera sensor. Other times it is in high fog conditions or other conditions of extremely reduced visibility. Any kind of ice buildup directly in front of the camera will also disable your adaptive cruise. It may not actually be a system malfunction it may actually be a limitation of the camera based system I think there's a warning about this in the owner's manual too I'll have to look it up later. One thing I didn't think of is closure rate...with good visibility and moderate closure rates on the highway it really does work well. High closure rates...it does freak out. Good luck
  15. If you didn't suffer from low oil pressure you're likely fine.
  16. I've got this on the carbon bed. Really good attention to detail and smooth operation. No problems closing with the tailgate in any position. Grab handle does not interfere.
  17. Glad they got it isolated. Regarding the sloshing probably needs to be purged under vacuum unless you have a leak. Malibus have had this problem for a while.
  18. People flash me occasionally...same truck...just really depends on the road. Why are you removing your front lift?
  19. I did find this...guess it kind of answers part of the question.
  20. Yeah...I get it...assume I didn't search lol I did. Everyone seems focused on 35s and aftermarket wheels.
  21. Didn't see this...but it seems to be focused on aftermarket wheel/tire combos.
  22. I saw the same posts....but not this size. A 305-55-20 is a 33x12.40. Not finding too much info on that. Thanks though..
  23. Looking at Grabber A/TX LT305/55R20 on stock rims (20x9).... 65lbs 8.5-11" 9.5" 12.4" 10.6" 33.2" 626 Compared to factory size 40 lbs 7.5-9.5" 8" 11" 8.6" 33" 633 biggest concerns are of course...will it fit? And what about the unsprung weight? Anyone try this and have to pursue other upgrades to try and make it right?
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