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  1. 3 minutes ago, customboss said:

    2022 LTD Custom Trail Boss 4WD Crew Cab 
    15,763 total miles on truck
    2200 miles on oil OLM at 73%
    Oil  Mobil1 Advanced 5w30 out.  AMSOIL Signature Series 5w30 (ASL) in
    PF66 oil filter off and on 


    NO OIL SAMPLE DRAWN because of peer pressure from diyer2.......LOL  


    Mobil1 looked and smelled like phenolic additives instead of engine oil. Literally liquid plastic.  Amsoil looks and smells like other BIO SYN BASED formulations I have worked with that have Infineum centric additive package. 


    Amsoil is quieter, Mobil 1 was noisy from day one


    Tail pipe has almost no soot at all in it and when I restarted to roll off ramps it smelled like lacquer.  Running Maverik E15. 


    Average MPG has been pushing 24 mpg that includes idling, going to VA, off road and its rough.  On HWY mileage at 60 mph is easily averaging 27 mpg.  65 mph maybe 26 MPG but I prefer to drive slower.  Had a semi run me off the road yesterday trying to pass and met head on with a cattle trailer, jackass.  Speed limit 65 and I am doing 60 on a two lane Federal HWY. 











    Time is money for a truck driver. I give them the road or speed up until I can give them the road. The problem today is that attitude, I pay my taxes damnit. So you bank 1 MPG at 60. He’ll probably lose a delivery if he loses 5 mph. Multiple that by 8 his drive time. Your probably one of many in his day. I’ve followed those guys many miles it amazing what they endured daily. From entitled 4 wheelers. Not saying that’s you. I’ve drove a mile in their shoes, it’s no fun. 

  2. I never knew about the exploding driveshaft until I joined this forum in 2014 just after buying my GMC. In Texas my travels include a few long straight roads with no one around. My earliest memories include pedal to the metal on a certain road. The earlier trucks especially diesels even with gear venders wouldn’t see much over 120 mph. Around 2001 my mostly GM trucks started reaching 130 MPH without much work other than caned tuning. In the mid 90s my Impala and Z-28 bettered that, other rides too. My 2014 never got the treatment because my wife was always with me short 120 mph  passing was about it. All you 65 mph jockeys would are gasping never experienced those long lonely roads out west. Imagine my surprise reading about those exploding drive shafts. All my rides were tried out on those roads. Even the CRV. Not every time anymore. 

  3. 1 hour ago, diyer2 said:

    I repeat..........

    The manufacturers of all goods make bad ones. They make so many they are bound to make a bad one, welcome to assembly line mass produced goods.

    I belong to a few forums and bad products are on every forum. From firearms to higher end audio equipment. 


    I never really had a bad one that didn’t show up under warranty. I usually bought vehicles that were CPO or last years model. For instance my last new one a 17 Camry. I bought just before a new updated model. I got 10k off because they had so many. When the chip thing started they were offering me 18K for it  just last year. My granddaughter drives it now. She loves it. My mother in law quit driving and gave us her 15 CRV with 6K miles on it almost 2 years ago now. It’s at 35K now. Just about the time I was going to trade in the Camry. Initially I hated the CRV. Road noise and the CVT. Tires took care of most of the road noise and I’m growing to like the CRV in spite of the CVT. It’ll get through until car prices get reasonable again. And it’s the wife’s turn. Probably a G-70.

  4. Well my old Avalanche seems to be. I’ve only had 4 Hyundai’s the first one is an 05 Elantra my grandson now drives. My wife drives an 11 Genesis. In between those I had a 10 Genesis coup and a 15 Santa Fe. Three of those had the same engine and transmission with no issues. All general maintenance. Any problems like a back up camera was covered with their outstanding warranty. My wife’s next one will probably be another. Does that count? Or do I have to own a few more before I know for sure? 

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  5. Is it worth it is a interesting concept. Let’s take my Avalanche that was 18 years old when I bought it. It had 167K miles and complete maintenance records. Looked new outside. The driver side leather seat had wear. I paid including ttl 6700$. The primary use is a second vehicle . The first thing I did was take a 1000 miles round trip. Now it stays in town. So far I had AC work for a total of 200$. In January I will hit 3 years and 15K miles. 2 times a year the low water light comes on. No evidence in the oil. If you keep up with maintenance address problems as they happen putting in an engine would amount to a couple new car payments in today’s market. My wife’s 12 year old Genesis just had major maintenance I had some things changed as a preventative 2900$. Already paid in months used versus payments. Liking your ride plays into the equation. Let’s face reality most of us change rides for the next shiny thing. Personally I don’t like all the new electronics in vehicles there’re distracting. My CRV even though I have everything turned off I can. The annoying brake light flashing when someone pulls into the left turn lane in front of me. Is distracting more than help. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, SC Tiger said:

    Mine is in the oil - comes out as some sludge and there is sludge on the drain bolt.  Not a lot of it, but there is some there.


    The 'saving grace' with a slow coolant leak like this is that a lot of the water/coolant actually boils out of the crankcase when the oil heats up.  I haven't noticed any significant 'oil gain' which is when stuff gets really bad.


    I had a 1986 camaro blow the intake manifold gasket, which dumped coolant into the oil.  It was the 2.8L V6 that was famous for that.  We fixed it but by the time it was caught, the damage had been done and it was only a matter of time.  It eventually started knocking.  That has stuck with me on this type of thing, but in truth that car showed SIGNIFICANT oil gain by the time we caught it.  It's also possible that it wasn't fixed properly I guess.


    I admit - part of me just wants the truck to be 'right'.  It isn't my daily driver but I kind of want to get it back where it can be.  


    Plus I will need a new vehicle before too long and I can't see paying $50K+ for a new truck.


    If I get the engine straightened out, this one should be good for another 50-100K (guesstimate) before something else goes like the transmission.  I need to replace a few interior pieces (the dash is cracked in a few places) and, thanks to the inlaws, the driver's side of the bed has a big dent.

    My Avalanche has 178K on it and is cherry. Runs like a top. When it cools off I will change the oil to see if there’s sludge. Oil pressure is good no visible water in oil. It never leaves town so if it’s starts knocking it would get me home. I’m older even though I’m a little ocd I’m past worrying about perfection. My high oil usage 92 Chevy cured me of that. If the right reg cab comes along I may give it to one of my grandkids anyway. If she blows it will get modified. 

  7. 2 hours ago, SC Tiger said:

    I have a 2000 Silverado that has 196K miles.  It's been a good truck and, until the inlaws got ahold of it, was in good shape body-wise.  It's still okay but I need to get the bed fixed or replaced.


    Anyway, it does have an issue.  It has the dreaded cracked cylinder head which is putting coolant into the oil.  I could replace the head, but at 196K miles I'm thinking of just swapping out the engine.  But I don't want to do this twice, so I am looking at remanufactured engines.


    I was looking at remanufactured engines and of course Jasper is the first one that comes to mind.  The thing is, they REALLY like their engines.  For example, their price for a reman engine is ~ $3600.  Another company called Fraser Engines and Transmissions (which I know jack-shvt about) has a price of ~$2400.  PowerTrainProducts has theirs at $2700.  Tri-Star Engines and Transmissions - $3300.


    Jegs has ATK engines starting at around $2300.  I also saw a 450HP engine for ~$3600 I think, but that would require a little more additional work than I want to tackle.


    Other than Jasper and Jegs (who I think is just a reseller), these all came from some Google-Fu.  I know nothing of the rest of them.


    I am a firm believer that 'you get what you pay for' to a point but there is often a point where you're paying for a name.  And these prices are all over the place.


    Jasper claims their engines are brought up to the latest standard (improved "barbell" plug, the pistons that are designed to eliminate 'piston slap', etc).  Not sure about the rest.


    Does anyone have any experience with any of these brands?  Based on reputation, Jasper would be my choice.  But at ~50% higher than the cheapest option.....

    You didn’t say how bad the leak is. I may have a similar problem with the exception of it has yet to show up in my oil. The only hint is slow water loss and last Januarys oil change. The service person said my oil first came out like sludge. I didn’t witness it or seen any evidence yet 4K miles later. I put bars leak in and check before I drive it. I have pretty good imagination. I guess it’s possible that it leaks after driving and trickles to the bottom of the oil pan. Never reaching the pickup to mix with oil. I’ve witnessed strange things with engines. I had blown,stroke engine that used a qt every 500 miles. 15 years later is still smoking the tires. Long, short of it try a sealer first.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Donstar said:

    The Maverick is brilliant, imo.  I've kicked tires on two of them but didn't bother with a test drive.  I know I'd love the nimbleness and want to buy but I need to be patient!  Like you, I can't buy vehicles as easily I could during my working days and now have to be very strategic.  I plan to keep my '15 Sierra SLE and refresh it with a '25 Silverado EV WT.   My current truck is low mileage and in good condition.  I think buying a new gas truck in the interim would be a major financial loss.  Views on EV's vary geographically and saying my next vehicle will be all electric around here seems almost to be a given.   Two days ago, I was following a Tesla and I was impressed by its colour.  It was a paint scheme that changed appearance depending on the light.  I hadn't seen a Tesla like this before and then noticed it had California plates.  EV's and tourists from California are common but I was excited to see them together.  Time is addressing initial concerns about range and time required to re-charge.

    The nice thing about electric trucks is you  could put a generator in the back to eliminate range concerns. I always was first in line to try new things. My first car was an RX3 Mazda. One of the first diesel Oldsmobile, Ram diesel trucks, Chevy diesel trucks. And ford diesel. I’m not afraid of new things. If I was still working I’d probably be in line for the electric truck with a generator backup. My wife has a hard time getting into a truck so that eliminates it for a main vehicle. She has dibs on the next vehicle as much as she loves her Genesis I don’t see her leaving the brand. Probably a hybrid next. With the passing of the new massive spending bill in our congress. Along with increasing inflation and killing the oil companies. There’s incentives for electric vehicles and the infrastructure for them. With the confidence I have in their ability to handle all that. I put in backup generation to power my home that could also charge a car. I didn’t reach retirement age without learning some things. And being able to cover my as$. When our government decides to experiment on our dime. Well that didn’t work, next!

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  9. 1 hour ago, 16LT4 said:

    The Frankenstein engines are fine. With the exception of a very small failure population, most don’t have problems. My local dealer has yet to I do a single lifter replacement, ever. 

    How many miles are on your K2, and when did it apparently fail?


    No one cares about second or third owners, either. It’s a fallacy that automakers care about longevity; they care about about warranty periods. My first K2 was a horrible lemon, but the second is a fabulously reliable machine. 100k miles and 25% into my expected longevity of the truck, on stock components. 

    There’s only a few years that GM trucks were considered least reliable 2012-2018. Just for fun type in your browser least reliable GM trucks. All trucks have problems. Why add more components to fail for very little gain? Thus my problem with cylinder deactivation. 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, bullet225ho said:

    Oil was changed according to DIC.  Have used 0-20 Edge since I got the truck with 52k on it.  


    I'm due for an oil change now and I'm at 278k 

    My  last GM that was a cylinder deactivation vehicle oil change light would come on at  about 7500 miles. Your experience is the opposite of what the oil change (experts) claim you need to do for longevity. I still believe the failures of some cylinder deactivation engines is more to do with part failure not oil failure. The only Chevy truck owner besides myself I know went extended with Amsoil. At 200K he traded his in for a Raptor. He turned his off like I did. There’s really no magic bullet other than luck with these Frankenstein engines. My preference would be lose the 1-2 miles per gallon and all the hardware associated with cylinder deactivation. The people who will be the most affected  by all this will be the second and third owners. Who can afford it the least. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, customboss said:

    Stan,  CRV a CVT?  Change out the fluid to Amsoil CVT and bet it stabilizes without all the slippage. 

    The CVT took a little getting used to. People may laugh but the CRV is just a little slower than my 94 impala ss was. As far as fluid. Honda has an additive that they sell for the CVT. Using it gives you a lifetime warranty. Same with the oil. That’s why I let them service it and use their fluids.

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  12. My wife’s a good shopper. Before all this I couldn’t believe the prices. It took me awhile before I settled on a back up generator and hook up on the house. She wanted the backup or I wouldn’t have done it. Another byproduct I don’t even attempt to go window shopping at dealerships. As many vehicles I’ve bought they all were deals. There’s not many of those. I want to drive the maverick and Santa cruise. The stinger and G-70 is on the list. The more I drive the CRV the more I appreciate it. It helps knowing the Avalanche is there ready.

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  13. My CRV at 5K miles finally got a little dark, damn little. My wife’s Genesis all in town miles is dark at 3K miles. It gets changed just under 4K per their recommendation. It had bumper to bumper 10-100k so I followed. The Avalanche at 3K clearish. The original owner did 3K oil changes, at 6K filter. Funny the last time at the dealership they said my oil was sludge  first coming out. I check before driving every time. No evidence. When the weather gets cool I’m doing the next one. The Honda now at 7K miles on this oil is cleaner than the Genesis. Non are di engines, no turbos. The truck and Genesis travel the same roads in town. The Honda is mostly trips. Funny though the full-size Genesis is just 2 miles under per gallon than the CRV at 72 miles per hour on trips. The Genesis just hums along while the RPMs dance around on the CRV. 

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  14. My mother drives since new a 2000 Ford one ton single wheel 7.3. Her back up is a 98 3/4 ton Ram diesel. She could drive anything but wouldn’t part with either. The roads she travels almost daily are pristine not unusual for Texas. They claim half tons can handle serious weight these days. Anything over a little bit I’m a fifth wheel guy. So there’s that.

  15. Mild drought in my neck of the woods. With the abundance of 100 degree days. Close to normal here. The trade off is 6 months of pleasant weather. Watering consists of flowers, small trees about twice a week. The grass just quits growing but comes back with rain. If I see a patch thinning I water just enough. I get a chuckle out of people who spend a fortune watering. Of course living in some areas they’ll fine you for browning grass. Love those HOAs. 

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  16. 6 minutes ago, 2020RSTBorla said:



    I thought I was going to save you some money if you went the Borla route, but the sale unfortunately just ended at the end of July.


    I just happened on that site when I was looking for cat back systems.


    EDIT:  Oops sorry, lol, thought you were the OP.


    I actually looked into just getting a Borla muffler instead of the whole cat back, but I called Borla and the guy told me the only option for my truck from Borla was the whole cat back.


    I looked into a lot of different options like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Gibson, etc.

    I’ve had dozens of exhaust built by the same guy for 40 years some pretty unusual. He recently sold his shop. I’ve even had super trapp on some trucks. I’ve had hidden exhaust in front of the back wheels that I could cap with full exhaust for trips. I’ve had quads full exhaust with caps loud and not. Never once cost as much as mail order. I haven’t once rode in a truck that had cylinder deactivation and exhaust that I couldn’t hear the change in tone. Some day I’ll run across someone who has the mail order you speak of and be enlightened. I hear it the background on Ram trucks with factory duals. As many trucks they sell with that setup if anyone could mask the sound they would. 

  17. All this getting in the weeds stuff about oil is kinda entertaining. Especially the banter between oil guys. In reality it boils down to the engine, usage, and oil obviously. Slitting hairs may matter in extreme usage like nascar, heavy duty pulling, city driving versus highway. Even masking engine problems with frequent oil changes can extend engine life. I’ve gone as far as 25K miles to 5k oil changes because I evaluated each vehicle separately. In 40 years of lawn tractor usage my average oil change is twice in 10 years with Amsoil. I only mow damp grass. I hate dust. In ten years I get a new one. My last 3 are at my brothers they still run. He doesn’t mind working on them. My 4 vehicles all have different oil change intervals. 10k, trip vehicle highway miles, 5K in town car, 2 once a year under 5K miles. The engine usually is the problem child not the oil. It’s fun banter though, rock on.

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  18. My first experience with the sticker game was in 2006. I made a deal with my son who was still living at home. I wanted the trailblazer ss. I was driving an 04 Z-71 with 100K miles on it. The deal was he could have the 04 and the payments it was just a couple months from being paid off. When I needed to go on job sites we’d switch. Win, win for us both. What kid wouldn’t want to drive a corvette inspired SUV? During the summer my brother needed help running a job so I drove the Z-71 the whole summer put a ton of miles on it. Traded back and my son was like wait a minute, we need a new Z-71. Driving through town I noticed a leftover avalanche with a Z-71 badge on it. It was a loaded leftover they were dealing. He picked it up, I sign the papers everyone was happy. Several months later I have a new tractor purchase training and decided to take the Z-71. It was Texas hot and didn’t feel like walking. The trailblazer being fun to drive the trade off is your not driving much on pipelines. Halfway to my destination while admiring the interior of the Avalanche it starts raining. I’d usually switch to auto 4WD in the rain. Looking left where the switch usually would be were blanks. My introduction to GMS badge games. At least it had posi. My son knew but he wanted the truck and was all smiles when I got home. 

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