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  1. I went from a 2018 CC Z71 5.3 6 speed to my current 2018 CC 2.7. I averaged 17MPG in the 2018 I currently average 20.5 MPG in the 2019 2.7 If you’re looking to save MPG and don’t have a need to tow, the 2.7 is a great. My 2WD rides like a Cadillac, after the 8 speed jerks from 2nd to 3rd.
  2. That MPG would offset the added cost of diesel. I was getting 17 average in my 2018 Z71 5.3
  3. Roll Tide! Have you done a hand calculated MPG? I’m getting 21.5 50% city and 50% 80mph on I-10 currently in my 2.7 Silverado. It’s 2wd, looking to upgrade to 4wd. I was hoping to average 25mpg in the 3.0 For reference, in the 2.7 I can get 450 miles out of about 22 gallons.
  4. I’m interested in a 3.0 CC LT Z71. Fact finding like OP. You mentioned down here, I’m in South AL. Temps rarely fall below 30. Interested in your MPG in the same climate.
  5. Did your 3.0 have the composite springs? I called another dealer and they were aware of the steel springs that were needed to install the 2”. Have you had any issues or regrets?
  6. Has anyone used the GM 2” lift? https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/performance/lift-suspension-upgrade-system-for-4wd-vehicles-84768243?vin=3GCUYDET5MG199410&categoryId=12009 Lift Suspension Upgrade System for 4WD Vehicles Part No. : 84768243 dealer says it’s not compatible with the 3.0 but the site states that the steel leaf springs are required. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/steel-leaf-spring-kit-84768245?vin=3GCUYDET5MG199410 Steel Leaf Spring Kit Part No. : 84768245
  7. Good offer? $45300 2021 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 4WD cloth $2390 3.0 Duramax $2125 All Star Plus $1795 Z71 Off-Road and Protection Package $275 Integrated trailer brake controller MSRP $52,730 Offer: $46,016 + local tax = OTD Didn't include local tax in breakdown. Dealers website and the Chevrolet vehicle search site has the price listed as $44,421, net price with dealer fees. When I went to dealer their offer listed GM freight as a line item under MSRP which already includes freight. That drove the price up from advertised $44421
  8. Yes, Two days in the service department. Diagnosis: Circuit testing unable to find root cause. Per UCODE advisory replaced speed sensor , performed reprogram. Bottom line they have no idea. Apparently there are issues known issues with the 8-speed transmission. No issues since I received it from the service department other than the random forward thrust when engaging from Park to Drive.
  9. Saturday traveling around 50 MPH the speedometer dropped to 0, winded back up to speed travelling and the engine revved high, switched to N , then Drive and no other issues. Monday I was cruising at 80MPH on interstate, engine revvs high and I loose acceleration check engine light engages. Switch to neutral, engine revvs down. Switch to Drive, didn't feel it go into gear, "D" starts to flash, press accelerator, no response and the engine doesn't rev. Coasted to the nearest exit and parked. Shifted to drive and nothing. Turned off/started. Shifted to Drive, felt transmission engage. Ea
  10. The price point was to good to pass up so.... I purchased a 2019 2.7 Crew Cab 2WD. I traded in a 2018 5.3 Crew Cab Z71 w/ level and Borla exhaust. Very different experience's in both trucks but the lower overall debt and payment was enough to justify. I'm very pleased with the 2019 features over the 2018 (except autostop and missing fog lights on LT trim). My truck has the All-Star and convince II packages. The HD rear camera is enough to justify the convince II package upgrade. As I stated above I hoped for better MPG but i'm happy with the return so far. As for the 4 cylinder haters o
  11. I had the opportunity to drive a 2019 2.7 Crew Cab 2WD Demo w/ 4000 miles this weekend while my daily was at the dealership. I filled up when I picked it up, put 115 miles on it and filled it back up when i returned it. I wanted to see a real world MPG so I retraced my daily commute a few times to get an accurate MPG for my drive. I currently have a 5.3 crew cab 4WD that averages 17MPG. I calculated 19.9 MPG on the 2.7. The MPG was disappointing as I believe better results could be achieved with a 2.7 ecoboost in a Ford.
  12. Have you found a fix for this issue? It’s very annoying. My 2014 was sealed tight as you couldn’t hear anything but muffled sounds from outside of the cabin. There is hardly a difference with the door open or closed on my 2018.
  13. I'm waiting on the salesman to send me a pic of the codes. All of the 2WD trucks on the lot have the Z60 sticker. I'm suspicious that they might just add that sticker for show. Do you know what RPO code that I should look for?
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