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  1. Have you found a fix for this issue? It’s very annoying. My 2014 was sealed tight as you couldn’t hear anything but muffled sounds from outside of the cabin. There is hardly a difference with the door open or closed on my 2018.
  2. I'm waiting on the salesman to send me a pic of the codes. All of the 2WD trucks on the lot have the Z60 sticker. I'm suspicious that they might just add that sticker for show. Do you know what RPO code that I should look for?
  3. I'm looking at a 2WD Sierra SLE and it has the Z60 sticker. The window sticker doesn't list any options other than the normal SLE. Is it possible the dealer just added the sticker to the stock truck?
  4. Still have trim, excellent condition. I can email pics.
  5. No scratches or nicks. They are in perfect condition. I have the appropriate boxes (same ones the black trim came in from gmpartsdirect) for shipping to make sure they are protected.
  6. No Problem. Need these gone, taking all offers.
  7. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/184895-fs-takeoff-chrome-window-trim-2015-cc-sierra/
  8. Selling the Chrome Window trim from my 2015 Sierra Crew Cab. $130 shipped to the lower 48.
  9. Definitely the correct part numbers. IF ordering from gmpartsdirect.com make sure to not input your current vin# if your purchasing black trim for chrome. My order was delayed a week because the parts didn't match my vin# and they wanted to confirm that I was indeed ordering the intended parts. I don't fault them for double checking that the parts were correct as much as the slow customer service response time.
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