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  1. Just replaced mine with an optima 34R it is shorter and taller than OEM but the hold down fit it well. The positive bus block that was on top of the old one just barely fit, any taller and you would have to get a longer positive lead. I also had to remove the screw for the coolant overflow in the battery tray so I could get the OEM battery out. Thanks for the tip Jesse, I came in and found your post before I started taking everything apart. Do note that the horizontal stabilization bar sits over the mount on the front and under the mount on the firewall side when you are putting it back together.
  2. 3k miles on my Mexican Silverado, radio reception sucks but no other issues.
  3. Checked mine, fittings are tight and no leaks. 01/14 build date 5.3L, Crew Cab, 4x4. Took me a min to find it, on the 4x4 it is under the drive shaft connecting the transfer case to the front diff. Just slide in under the drivers side door and look for the pan.
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