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  1. For sale kicker Vss full setup

    I'm in nj what u asking? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Wireless charging

    Wow that's great info. I wonder what that does, and if the sierra module would work. Not sure but the '18 canyon is not on the apple list. I would like to see if any of those cars listed have a four wired plug Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Wireless charging

    I want to try this for the canyon. But it’s four wire. Does anyone know if it will work? If I order the new module and it doesn’t work, would anyone here want to help me out and buy it from me? The first three wires are the same color as the Sierra harness. I bet that fourth one is for the charging indicator light
  4. Wireless charging

    Can someone with a ‘18 confirm a thicker wire isn’t being used on the harness?
  5. Wireless charging

    Can someone with a ‘18 confirm a thicker wire isn’t being used on the harness?
  6. Any Supercharged K2XX Owners?

    Interesting stuff for sure
  7. Any Supercharged K2XX Owners?

    Good info just something to keep in mind, KR does not always mean there is/was knock. There are scenarios where knock is likely to occur and the engineers add KR as a preventative measure. You can prevent knock with much less timing retard than it takes to remove it once episode already begun.
  8. Any Supercharged K2XX Owners?

    Do you have anything to support that? These engines don't require as advanced timing due to more efficient burn.
  9. Any Supercharged K2XX Owners?

    Direct injection. High compression isn't as much of a worry
  10. What's the mpg on the sticker? I'm actually surprised how good these goodyears are. I agree the michelins are the best tho.
  11. 2014 5.3 headers?

    Long tubes or bust. There's so much room in the full size truck even making the exhaust work isn't much of a job. Try doing it on a fbody. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. 2014 Silverado Chrome Z71 grille

    I'll pick this up

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