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  1. 2006 Crew Cab Silverado 275/60/20????

    I finally found a guy when i went to order my tires that had 275 60 20's on his silverado with stock 20's. There were no rubbing issues when he cranked his torsion bars three turns. I guess I will see.
  2. 2006 Crew Cab Silverado 275/60/20????

    I have 275/55/20's on the rims now that are in storage. I want to run 275/60/20's. No one around me has them in stock. Before I order them, has anyone run 275/60/20 without a leveling kit on a 4x4???
  3. I have searched and cannot find this answer! I am in need of new tires. I have the 275/55/20 Cooper Zeon LTZ's for summer tires, which are in storage. No tire place around me has 275/60/20's in stock. I need to order these or should I say want to and was wondering if they will fit a 2006 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab at stock height. Please post pics if you run them.

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