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  1. That's my concern, didn't want to tap into the wire.
  2. I used a diode on my 2014 Silverado to do this mod. I don't see why another diode wouldn't work on the new gen. Boost auto parts sells a $20 kit to do this job but I'm guessing I could just push in a diode on the #10 and #18 wire in the brown connector. Thoughts? Here's the boost link https://boostautoparts.com/products/6hi?variant=13994646437943
  3. I started my dad's 19 ram 5.7 hemi and then my 5.3 with the covered resonators and flapper clamped open and the 5.3 was way louder.
  4. Yeah I agree when I started it after sitting for 4 days I was like nevermind it is actually louder.
  5. Please do us a favor and do a before and after cold start!
  6. It's hard to judge it cause I forgot to take a before and after cold start video..
  7. I did this to mine tonight and it seemed to have some more rumble. I will look forward to the cold start in the morning. I'm guessing the flapper valve is open when turned clockwise?
  8. Isn't there two flapper valves? One in front of the muffler, one after?
  9. So the flowmaster 50 has some rumble to it with the screens taken out? I want a new muffler but nothing loud in the cab and no drone.
  10. That's exactly how bad mine was. I had both sides too.
  11. Hope it's resolved for you. I waited 16 days total and mine got the whole window replaced and that fixed it.
  12. Can you make a video of a cold start and interior sound? Also what part number muffler?
  13. Well it rained all day. Checked the truck no leaks with the new window.
  14. I looked around and don't see any sealant. Looks good so far.
  15. So I got mine back from getting the rear window fixed and the A/C. They advised me it was low on freon and they filled it up and put dye in it.. I have a feeling it's going to go out again. How does a brand new truck have no freon in it??
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