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  1. Rear window leak

    That's exactly how bad mine was. I had both sides too.
  2. Rear window leak

    Hope it's resolved for you. I waited 16 days total and mine got the whole window replaced and that fixed it.
  3. Replacement mufflers anyone?

    Can you make a video of a cold start and interior sound? Also what part number muffler?
  4. Rear window leak

    Well it rained all day. Checked the truck no leaks with the new window.
  5. Rear window leak

    I looked around and don't see any sealant. Looks good so far.
  6. A/C

    So I got mine back from getting the rear window fixed and the A/C. They advised me it was low on freon and they filled it up and put dye in it.. I have a feeling it's going to go out again. How does a brand new truck have no freon in it??
  7. Rear window leak

    Well I got my truck back today after 16 days. They first tried to do the TSB but it still leaked so they replaced the whole rear window. They claimed the water tested it. I don't have time to test it for a few days but I believe it's been all fixed. Nice to have her back.
  8. Rear window leak

    I got a call today that my new rear window came in and it's going to be hopefully finished by Friday. I sure miss my TB, but I don't mind the RST I have as a loaner.
  9. Rear window leak

    So the dealer called me today and advised they are going to go ahead and just replace the back window instead of trying to reseal it a second time. I guess I was convincing enough on the phone to get them to do that instead of resealing it. Said it will probably take a week or so to get the window.
  10. Rear window leak

    So I dropped my truck off for round two of the rear window leak.. Who else is embarrassed that you get a nice new truck and you have to explain to people when they see you driving another truck (loaner) that your brand new trucks rear window leaks!
  11. A/C

    Yeah it's definitely activated right I have a loaner RST that blows ice cold. I just dropped it off to have the rear window fixed a second time. I advised them about the A/C also. Thanks for the help. I'll post back what they say about the A/C.
  12. A/C

    I would be highly disappointed, it's just over a month old and 600 miles on it. It's going back in for a leaky window for the second time so I'll add it to the list...
  13. Rear window leak

    Did they replace the window or just seal it better with sealant? Glad to hear there's no leaks.
  14. Ok I tried running the A/C today and it never got cold.. turned to LO and tried with and without the inside air circulation. What could be the issue?
  15. Rear window leak

    Ok so I picked up my truck today. The service advisor said they checked everything cleaned the headliner and water tested the truck. I came home and ran a garden hose on it for 30-45 seconds and guess what?? WATER LEAKING INSIDE THE DRIVER SIDE REAR WINDOW! it's not as bad as before but come on man..

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