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  1. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I have a Question I am really baffled by. I am looking at a set of Fuel Beast wheels to put on my 2015 Sierra . I already have a Rough Country 2.5" level kit on my truck. I want to get a set of BFG AT K02 tires as well. the wheels I am looking at are the 20x10 -18 offset . what's the biggest tire I can get on these without rubbing . I was thinking of 25/65r20's or 295/60r20's but i'm not sure if that's too much sidewall or not for just a 2.5" lift/level. Has anyone done this or have any input. I was hoping the -18 offset would allow me to run these .My end game plan is to run a 6" Fabtech or BDS lift but I just want something to hold me over a year or so till I can scrounge up the extra cash. Any info on this would be greatly Appreciated.
  2. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    I was planning on the Fabtech 4" kit with these. Did you have any issues with the offest and the RCX Kit and Control arm clearances at all??
  3. 2014 Fabtech 4" lift questions

    i thought the back of the factory 20's have indentions in them . i will have to pull mine off to check.
  4. 2014 Fabtech 4" lift questions

    the readylift 7/8" spacers come with studs already in them... these are what im looking at..http://www.readylift.com/products/components/readylift-gm-1500-7-8-inch-wheel-spacers-w-studs/readylift-gm-1500-7-8-inch-wheel-spacers-w-studs-10-3485.html they make 1/2" as well im just not sure how much clearance i would need for the new control arms on stock 20's
  5. 2014 Fabtech 4" lift questions

    I see Readylift has a 7/8' wheel spacer with studs. has anyone used those with stock 20's?
  6. Is this SLTodels with factoryHID's ??
  7. another lift question..

    2.5" RC will work with stock 20" wheels and offset no rubbing on 33's . You cNnot however run 35's with just a 2.5"
  8. Ive done quite a but of research on what lift kit i want and have decided on the Fabtech 4" kit. However i currently have stock 20" wheels and tires from my SLT PACKAGE. This particular kit you are not able to run OEM wheel offsets because if the upgraded control arms and the angle at which they are. I have seen some people note that Wheel spacers will alleviate this issue until you can purchase a set of wheels/tires. Does anyone know what size wheel spacer will work with this 4"kit and OEM 20's ?? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Hell no to a body lift lol
  10. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    So my question is what 4" lift can i use my stock wheels and tires with . Fabtechs 4" kit requires a wheel spacer which im not a fan of and RC doesnt specify and i like the look and cost of readylfts SST 4" kit but it does not state whether the Control arm will rub on stock 20's or not. Anyone have any advice? I want to stick in the 4" range
  11. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    When you put on this 4" kit dod you run stock wheels ?
  12. 2014+ Best Air Intake

    I understand where your going with this now from your previous statement I was under the assumption you thought a CAI was better than an Intercooled System . which is totally wrong. Adding a CAI to an intercooled setup I have seen some systems like these This is what I Assume your talking about. I think we just misunderstood eachother and I thought you were here to be a smart troll.
  13. 2014+ Best Air Intake

    I saw these and was very interested in the Air Raid MXP kit. I just wanted to do my Due Diligence to find the best bang for the Buck. Thanks for the Link Detroit Rebel!
  14. 2014+ Best Air Intake

    How is my Statement Completely Wrong? The intent of an intercooler and a CAI both is to provide a cooler air into the intake. the only difference is that a Turbo System is forced. Hence the acronym FI (Forced Induction) . The Turbo pulls hot compressed air and forces the air into the intercooler to be cooled and then forces the air into the intake. Putting a CAI on a Turbo vehicle instead of a intercooler may increase or cause the turbo to spool Earlier but will end up ineffective due to the hotter the air is going into the intake as well as the air not being forced into the intake . (ever hear of Heat Soak??) Colder Forced Air and hotter spark = more combustion. (At least until you run out of fuel - so hopefully you upgrade your fuel system to match then have it Tuned to perform at its best) you can post some pics from a website and regurgitate all the info you read that you want but don't come to crap on my thread cause you obviously don't know how to do much else but troll.

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