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  1. Sorry no pics but there is three quarter size spots all on the drivers side door,doesn't look like any type of rock damage just flaking paint down to the base coat. Also the paint looks really thin in that area pretty much ruined my day when I saw that. The truck has never even been off road mostly highway driving. I will say this has been the best truck i've ever owned but a 2014 truck shouldn't be having issues with it's paint falling off. Wonder what its going to look like 5 years from now,i don't even want to think about it...
  2. Looks like you can add me to the paint flaking club as well. I just noticed mine today its got me totally bummed 40,000 dollar truck and now the paints falling off it you got to be kidding me. First thing I did was get online and check GM TRUCKS to see if others are having similar problems,and yup they are. Now the question is what should I do. Anybody having problems with there paint as well?
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