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  1. Aluma Bright will make you’re exhaust look great. Just be careful where you spray. I have also used Chrome Acid. Strips all the dark stains off the exhaust.
  2. I agree with you that it should not happen. Who knows what was forced down the radio mfr assembly line to get products shipped in the last year of chip shortages. I had a random lane departure, parking assist, windshield camera issue throwing error codes. The contacts for the fuse were spread a little bit apart on one side, causing intermittent connection. =nobody’s fault, would have never been caught by QA/QC. The right amount of bounce caused it to connect or disconnect.
  3. I looked into ordering the factory electric steps last year, if I found a 2021 I wanted without them. I got a resounding “No” from a few dealers. If they did not come with the truck from factory, Amp Research is your only option. The truck is programmed in the radio, dash button, BCM, TCM, etc for the factory electric running boards. Ordered and waited 3.5 months.
  4. 1. IOS-15 did a number on wireless CarPlay- it’s all over the internet. 2. you need to backup your phone, reset/erase the entire phone. Start as new and restore. 3. remove all connections you have made with the truck to a phone. 4. none of that helps- it’s likely your phone has a hardware issue or some sort. My 12 pro had issues with IOS 15 and CarPlay immediately, prior it worked pretty reliably. Now, after an update or so it’s hit or miss 70/30. Most of the time it won’t immediately connect to the truck WiFi or refuses to bc of CarPlay. When it refuses to connect- airplane mode, turn off BT AND WIFI- turn everything back on.
  5. I live in the country and drive in a lot of rural areas. Very bright lights are a lot cheaper than deer, cows, potholes, and debris in the road to my truck. Farther I can see anything like that at night the better. My light bar also triggers with high beams.
  6. differences- Black Oak 40” -expensive, claims 44k lumens, chrome reflector, American, family owned, veteran company, stainless steel hardware. Rough Country 40”- half the price, 36k lumen claim, black series reflector (brother preferred), all their product come prepackaged from some country(can’t send you a spare part), all mounting hardware etc are aluminum. Never took photos- truck was stolen. Which one is better- never put the two beside for comparison. Meant to at night with the drone. tips- we removed two of the grill shutters where the light bar mounted, they pop out. Also the light bar blocked the gap anyway.
  7. Behind the grill will hold up to a 40" double row light bar. i have a 40” Curved Black Oak in my 2021 and put a 40” Curved Rough Country in my brothers 2021 for his birthday.
  8. People are always the problem. Some people like me that take care of their stuff and appreciate things like Trailer brakes working on a 10ton trailer. It would be nice to know I had more than the rear axle tires from rolling or sliding. Four more extra brakes and eight more tires locked on my trailer would be pretty stable.
  9. i thought the same about overheating but yesterday on my 7hr drive of combined weight 24,700 I spent three hours in 0-40mph stop and go. Every time I slowed back down or set with my foot on the brake for who knows how long the trailer brakes applied with the truck. If the trailer brakes on the 10ton gooseneck can handle that anytime for as long and often as I need. i kinda doubt it would hurt them to be applied while I loaded a trailer for 10min. if the truck parking brake applied the trailer brakes- you never forget to release them and the trailer brake input dies when you turn off the truck bc the brake controller is on its own relay and fuse.
  10. Assume you’re hooked up to your tag along or gooseneck trailer, loading or unloading XYZ equipment. When I load equipment, I always apply my parking break and chock tires. my idea- going to load equipment and the truck knows you have a trailer by 7 way plugged in= apply the truck parking break and it applies the trailer brakes? To simple and convenient of a great safety option? The new trucks are electric parking break, how difficult could it be for GM to program it?
  11. Single wheel or DRW, had a friend mention to me back in Sept or so that DRWs on order could take forever. Apparently a giant backlog on fleet ordered DRWs or something.
  12. Toss up between Bilstein and Fox from what I’ve heard.
  13. Multipro is all aluminum on all models. Grab a magnet and check it out.
  14. That’s a great winch mount. I might have to order one of them. Thanks,
  15. A lot of people mention the Rancho shocks leak under normal use.
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