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  1. Have a set (4) of GM bed tie down rings lying around. Brand new never used. 25$ shipped anywhere in the US. Paypal before lunch and ill ship overnight.
  2. As the title says. What’s your payment mileage and total out of pocket cost for RST and LT trail boss. Sticker price would help too. Selling my 14 and getting something new very soon.
  3. Ive seen some escalade owners upgrade to the camera mirror. Wonder if its possible in these trucks. It involved adding the camera and routing a wire to the mirror. didn't seem too bad.
  4. Yup. Guess it’s not the savior l, though it does look slightly better.
  5. how long before pgamboa has this ready to mod into older trucks? Ill be first on the list hahaha
  6. actually i found it. Took all the electronics out and filled the housing with water. Tested all the seals and there was one spot behind one of the trim clips that was leaking at a decent rate. Re sealed it tested it and its good to go (for now). we shall see.
  7. thanks for all the input guys... realistically im looking at the fall so maybe some black friday sales.
  8. So I was all set on a zone 4.5 with 35x12.5R20 Ridge Grapplers in the fall. Getting some sticker shock on that rubber though and second guessing myself. whats the best place to go for a deal?
  9. not true.. the passenger side fogged up i dried it out re-sealed it and its been clean as a whistle since. for some reason the drivers side keeps giving me issues that i can't track down
  10. ive gotten pretty damn good at taking the front end off so ill pop it off that way i can see how much is really in there. if you're right and i hope you are... leaving it in front of the dehumidifier opened up for a few days should dry it up. then ill put another 4-6 goretex breathers on it.
  11. i tried that last time and couldn't find any thing. That's when i moved to the pressurization and soapy water method.
  12. anyone have any other ideas? I was planning on taking it off again, letting it dry again, pressurizing and soapy water again. FML
  13. need need need need. the pink one was done by finesse concepts in texas. @finesseconceptstx on instagram
  14. holy hell someone did it. now my wallets going to hurt because now that ive seen it done i have to do it myself not sure how i feel about hte 16+ bumper swap but the hood is a must.
  15. So this might even be my second post on this subject. I have a set of the eagle eye projectors on my 14 1500. First time i mounted them they leaked, ok fine they are aftermarket lights its too be expected. I take them back out seal them up good... add some goretex breathers and screw in breathers from theretrofit source. Passenger side has been good since. Drivers side was good for a while, then i go to wash my truck and shortly after hosing off the front end it fogs right up. Took the headlight off and there was maybe a shot glass worth of water in it. I dried it out.... covered the entire thing in soapy water and pressurized the housing to find the leak. Sealed up what i found and put it back in. Drove in heavy rain and it was fine. Washed the truck again Saturday and the damn thing fogged up again. Haven't taken it out to see how much water got in but im getting super pissed. Ordered some more goretex patches but I don't know what else i can do about it. any ideas? anything i can be missing?
  16. all these videos of "do catch cans work?" and they all show what its caught it a weeks time. Im not saying that doesn't convince me because i am already going to do it on my next truck regardless. But what really needs to be seen is intake valves on similar mileage vehicles with and without catch cans.
  17. soooooooo anyone with a can please post a pic for comparative reasons. This is not a challenge truly curious to see.
  18. i feel like in pictures ive looked at the 5" knuckle lift keeps the drive line angles the straightest. I don't mind the poke, rear spacers will take care of that.
  19. Post up if and only if you are running 9" wide +18 wheels. I have XD hoss with stock(ish) tires that are about to need replacing so weighing my lift and tire options. Thinking 4.5 zone but i like the 5 inch RC knuckle kit as well.
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