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  1. As stated, it’s a gamble. If you could afford to put the cost in savings account to pull from you’re better off in most cases. But usually when buying a new vehicle you want to put a bigger down payment against the vehicle to keep payments affordable and don’t put a couple grand back.
  2. I think I saw it in the settings of my ‘15. Mine is a LTZ Z-71
  3. WDT Emblem Vinyl Overlay

    I have a friend that owns a graphics shop and he gave me some pieces of gloss, flat and carbon fiber vinyl to do my '00 and my sons '09. I did my '00 in about 30 minutes. The trick is to get the emblem clean especially in the crack. I used Windex and a thin rag with a thin piece of metal to back in there good. Allowed it to dry and then simply laid it over the emblem cutting the vinyl along the outer edge of the crack and it turned out great as far as I'm concerned. Use a good quality vinyl for UV or it won't last long.
  4. My other vehicles have a convenient 3 flash turn signal for lane changing that I really would like to do to my 2000 Silverado. Has anyone tried this or thought about it? I'm wondering if it's as simple as changing the signal relay.
  5. I bought a 2000 LT about 1 1/2 years ago with 196k on it just to kick around in. Anything about that vintage had 175 to 250k on them and knowing the LS type motor was a good motor with a long life as long it is cared for I decided to chance a high mileage one.it appeared to have been maintained and the tranny had about 25k on it. Since then the AC clutch started slipping under load so I replaced compressor, condenser and evap as I figured if the clutch is failing the compressor soon will also. I replaced the radiator prior to last winter because I saw a small white streak on one of the tanks when checking the anti-freeze and am now replacing the water pump due to a small leak at the gasket. I figured if I have to take the WP off to replace the gasket I might as well change it. The LS type motors are tough and durable as it uses no oil whatsoever between changes. I knew there would be some items that would require replacement due to its age and mileage. I don't regret purchasing it at all!
  6. My son lives in Abilene Texas and the dash on his '08 Silverado LTZ cracked this summer.
  7. The dash on my sons '09 LTZ is cracking also...
  8. And also check for corroded wire splices and connections. Swapping to LED should not be the issue.
  9. '94 K1500 4 low issue

    A lot depends on where you live. If it will run and is drivable, basically no matter the condition of the truck they sell for $1,500 to $2500 around here.A decent one around here averages about $3,500-$4,500. NADA shows about $3,500 low retail. This one has good paint, good interior, all service records and a Leer Signature series camper top painted to match the truck, but it will be coming off and going on Craigslist.
  10. '94 K1500 4 low issue

    it's a '94 and am just looking to buy this to kick around in around town and haul things to the landfill, recycling center, pine straw, mulch and etc. so I dont have to use my utility trailer and 2010 Escalade as a errand truck. I haven't specificaly checked the tire pressures but just looking at them they should be sufficient. I've owned a '81 K5 Blazer, '92 Yukon and a '99 Yukon and am familiar with how the low range operates. When its in low, it's in low.
  11. '94 K1500 4 low issue

    First off, Thanks for the reply. It seems fine in 2 wheel drive and in 4 wheel high range. When 4 wheel low range is selected on the manual floor shift (it lights up indicating 4 wheel is active) and starts to pull in low and then the RPM's raise up as if you were riding the clutch in a manual transmission.
  12. '94 K1500 4 low issue

    I test drove a dark blue regular cab Silverado K1500 truck today and it was in good shape, good interior and paint for that matter that has 226k miles on the body. The motor and tranny has about 90k on it. It seemed fine in 2wd and in 4high however when in 4 low it starts to pull and then starts slipping at about 3-5 mph.. Could this be the actuator or possibly a bigger problem? The truck is really clean, not beat up, everything works and appears to have been maintained except for the 2low issue. I can get it for $2800. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Glock Auto G22 (.40) Glock Auto G30 (.45) S&W Auto 5906 (9mm) AMT Back Up DAO Auto (.380) S&W Revolver M19 (.357) S&W Revolver M36 (.38), Colt Custom 1911 Auto 1880XSE (.45) Colt LE6920 LEO Only AR/M4 (.223/.556) Rock River AR/M4 (.223/.556) Olympic AR/M4 (.223/.556) Romanian AK47 (7.62X39) IIZHMASH Saiga (12 ga.) Remingtom 870 Express 12 ga. Winchester Model 06 Pump (.22)
  14. Any Virginians here?

    I lived in Falls Church, VA for 5 yrs, when I was a kid. My ggrandmother lived at Colonial Beach.
  15. NC members...

    Mark up another for Mooresville, NC

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