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  1. Man I hate those trucks. I had an '08 LT 4x4 for a work truck. What a POS. Almost turned me off of GM for good. My 2015 SLT has been nearly perfect. But I have to get the new AT4. I love the way it looks, plus my son just turned 16 and needs a truck. Perfect timing! I really wanted to keep the '15 anyway.
  2. Read through the entire GM fleet order guide. Biggest omissions I’ve noticed so far: 1. No adaptive cruise, only “following distance indicator” as part of the “Driver Alert Package II” , not included with “Driver Alert Package I”. 2. HUD, 360 Surround Vision cameras and rearview HD camera mirror only available as an option on Denali as part of the CWW Technology Package. N/A on SLT. Pictures online suggest these will be available on the AT4. No mention of the AT4 in the guide. 3. No Z71 option. Now called X31 Off Road Package. Possibly only available on the AT4? As others have mentioned, 6.2 + 10spd only available on 4WD versions. Missing Adaptive cruise is disappointing but not a deal killer for me as I rarely even use regular cruise. If the AT4 has the CWW tech Package, I’m in.
  3. 2019 Engine HP/TQ guesses? 5.3

    Any mention of the diesel? The power ratings and limited availability of the 6.2 would seem to be pushing buyers toward the oil burner.
  4. Love my '15. No problems whatsoever. Replaced the headlight bulbs with Morimoto's, no more crappy headlights. Added factory CarPlay from Anthony (which I never use, ironically). I still think the '14's / '15's look better, especially the Sierra. All that said, I'll probably be getting a '19 Sierra AT4 when they hit the showrooms and give my son the '15. I'd like to keep it around. Enjoy the truck, don't dwell on the problems others have had. Use the board as a reference if you have an issue or need help with something. Most people on here are pretty helpful.
  5. These actual photos from the reveal look much better than the "official" rendered photos from GM. The wheels don't look nearly as small.
  6. I like it. From the interior pics, it can be had with the ventilated seats, unlike the current AT. Also has the digital gauges like the Denali. Sure looks better without all that chrome. I wonder what will be exclusive to the Denali now? Just the magnetic ride, power step rails and “real wood trim”?
  7. "" Will the MultiPro prevent itself from opening into mounted ball hitch?NO. This is the biggest issue we can see with the MultiPro going forward. The inner gate is fully susceptible to damage from a mounted trailer hitch. GMC does mention that a warning sticker will be present to remind owners not to do just this. Owners will have to remember going forward that if they leave a ball hitch mounted, the MultiPro WILL HIT IT. "" How freakin' STOOPID! For all the engineering that went into the tailgate, it seems no one was thinking about what it was actually going to be attached to. I keep my ball hitch mounted all the time as I tow a trailer a few times a week. I can't believe there isn't some type of failsafe for this. While I myself could probably remember to not open the tailgate with the ball installed, I'm sure my wife or kids would not. There will be MANY of these fancy tailgates with ball dents in them. They should just manufacture the dent into them.
  8. Also if you look at the "Trims" area, the Denali looks like it has some huge off road tires. Probably meant for a yet to be announced off-road specific model like the All Terrain.
  9. If you go to the GMC site for the new Sierra- http://www.gmc.com/trucks/2019-sierra-1500-pickup-truck - on the 360 view area, you can drop the tailgate and see it lines up with the hitch receiver. I sure looks like it would smack right into the hitch if you left it in. Sure hope there is a safety lockout of some type. Otherwise there are going to be a lot of dented fancy tailgates.
  10. Someone asked me to repost the pictures. Not sure what happened to them, and I can't edit the original post, so here are the pics.
  11. New pics of the Sierra. https://www.autoblog.com/amp/2018/01/22/2019-gmc-sierra-1500-spy-photos-headlights
  12. 2019 Chevy Silverado Spotlight - Cargo Bed Area

    Just hope it’s more than 80w like the current one, which is pretty much useless.
  13. Ford did this on the '15+ trucks. FX4 used to be a stand-alone model. Now it's a package available on most trim levels. I imagine the Sierra will be similar. I would expect the All Terrain to carry over as a model (equipped like the Trail Boss) and including the Z71 package.
  14. The grill reminds me of the last gen Raptor with FORD embossed across it. Lower-end headlights than on the Trail Boss, not the cool LED projector clusters. I don't see any fog lights. What are you referring to?

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