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  1. K2's have a telescoping steering wheel as well. At least the SLT and Denali do. The current Yukon and Tahoe have both the turn signal indicator and the blind spot alert (both are yellow) in the mirror. I drove my brother's '18 Yukon SLT and they don't interfere at all. And the mirrors are smaller than the ones on the T1's. Decontenting is a way of life at GM.
  2. That C&D comparison was brutal, but dead on the mark. Car and Driver really do like trucks (but not SUV's) and for years I've found their reviews of pickups to be very accurate. Time will be the judge, but I can't ever remember a vehicle, let alone a flagship pickup, having such a horrible launch and negative reaction as this gen. Seriously thinking about snapping up an '18 Denali for these great deals that are going on.
  3. Article is dead on. Bottom line, these new GM trucks are overpriced compared to the competitors. It sounds like GM knows it too. You can get a loaded Ram Limited or even a Raptor for less than that AT4 at their as tested price. And adaptive cruise coming later next year? Definitely holding off until the prices come down and the full rollout is complete.
  4. It's pretty brutal. And pretty spot-on. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/2019-gmc-sierra-1500-denali-review-first-drive/
  5. Freeman GMC in Grapevine TX is going $15k off '18 Denali Ultimates. That's very tempting. They have like 70 in stock.
  6. Well it sounds like they are using the same expensive magnetic dampers on the new trucks, so repair and replacement cost will still be high.
  7. Copied and pasted from the window sticker of a 2019 Denali. Sure SOUNDS like MagneRide, just by a different name. The electromagnetic damper fluid is the giveaway. It could just be a trademark issue since GM sold the MagneRide name and technology to Beijing West. Adaptive Ride Control Monitors each wheel independently during your drive, adjusting vertical suspension every 2 milliseconds to maintain a smooth ride Real-time damping system uses a dual coil receptor, which improves responsiveness to quickly changing road conditions Enhanced ride and handling in a variety of road surface conditions Uses electro-magnetism to change the damper fluid's properties (no moving valves) Enhances traction and allows more precise steering
  8. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/08/2019-sierra-denali-adaptive-ride-control-replaces-magneride/amp/ That settles it, definitely going AT4 over Denali. GM obviously trying to save a buck, but I guarantee it won’t be reflected on the sticker price!
  9. Dealers definitely dumping the ‘18’s. I’ve had 2 offers in the mail and 2 in email for a trade on my ‘15. Offering $33,500 in trade plus $14k off a new Denali. Still im going to wait on the ‘19. I agree the current design is starting to look dated.
  10. Man I hate those trucks. I had an '08 LT 4x4 for a work truck. What a POS. Almost turned me off of GM for good. My 2015 SLT has been nearly perfect. But I have to get the new AT4. I love the way it looks, plus my son just turned 16 and needs a truck. Perfect timing! I really wanted to keep the '15 anyway.
  11. Read through the entire GM fleet order guide. Biggest omissions I’ve noticed so far: 1. No adaptive cruise, only “following distance indicator” as part of the “Driver Alert Package II” , not included with “Driver Alert Package I”. 2. HUD, 360 Surround Vision cameras and rearview HD camera mirror only available as an option on Denali as part of the CWW Technology Package. N/A on SLT. Pictures online suggest these will be available on the AT4. No mention of the AT4 in the guide. 3. No Z71 option. Now called X31 Off Road Package. Possibly only available on the AT4? As others have mentioned, 6.2 + 10spd only available on 4WD versions. Missing Adaptive cruise is disappointing but not a deal killer for me as I rarely even use regular cruise. If the AT4 has the CWW tech Package, I’m in.
  12. Any mention of the diesel? The power ratings and limited availability of the 6.2 would seem to be pushing buyers toward the oil burner.
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