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  1. 2016 GMC Sierra oem LED passenger side taillight

    Great price. It is just one tail light or both?
  2. Overland build

    Nice toolbox brother and congrats on the wedding.
  3. Morimoto HID Headlight Parts

    Pm sent
  4. Fog Lights Were Useless

    I have read great things about those foglights and I plan on buying a set soon.
  5. Choosing Baby Car Seats

    I highly recommend britax car seats. We had a Greco when my son was an infant and it wasn’t bad but just okay. We upgraded to a britax and it is awesome. It also is a convertible so it grows with him so to speak. We got ours from Kohl’s with a 30 percent off coupon. Cost us around 300. Hooking it up in my truck and my wife’s car is extremely easy.
  6. I like this idea because I don’t use the sunglasses holder
  7. Rigid vacs are good. I had a shop vac prior to my rigid and it sucked lol. Go with the rigid
  8. Bosch icons. I have had two sets with new issues. Make sure you get the 22OE model so they fit the wiper arm.
  9. This happened to me as well. Had it replaced under warranty.
  10. Lock'er Down Console Safe / K2XX

    Awesome safe. Good luck with the sale
  11. Sorry to hear about your dog brother. Thank you for posting the pics. I was looking for a thread like this to show the differences before I bought my set from TRS.

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