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  1. Looking for 2016-2018 Sierra headlights. Sle all terrain, slt or Denali. Thanks!
  2. Located in Canada. Blackbear Autocal V2 for sale Has 6 slots left. Was used on 2016 Sierra 5.3 and a Corvette. Switched to a diesel so have no use for it $250 CAD
  3. Carven R vs Dynomax Bullet

    Got the mini bullet on. Exactly what I was looking for, flows way better than the super 10 and in my opinion sounds better too. Great muffler/resonator for the price.
  4. Carven R vs Dynomax Bullet

    Just ordered the dynomax mini bullet 9" probably get it put on later this week. $40 shipped was hard to say no haha
  5. Carven R vs Dynomax Bullet

    Any idea which would be louder?
  6. Carven R vs Dynomax Bullet

    Sounds really good but I definitely feel a power loss
  7. Just wondering who's running either of these and what their reviews are? How loud at idle or wot? Videos aren't much help so looking for reviews because I want to switch from super 10 to a straight through muffler. Thanks!
  8. MBRP to Super 10 Mpg Loss

    Yeah I think I'm gonna keep it. The muffler isn't what's hurting my mpg (9 mpg) I think I need a new tune
  9. I have a 2016 sierra 5.3 with a flowmaster super 10 and am getting awful fuel mileage with it and I'm driving easy (9 mpg) was thinking of going to a straight through muffler like dynomax bullet or bullet mini just wondering what one would be as loud as the super 10 because I like how aggressive it is. Any help appreciated thanks!
  10. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I have a black bear tune so I don't have any v4 drone I highly reccomend it. Welding was the best option because I don't want any leaks
  11. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I looked at videos and don't find it very loud
  12. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I just welded in a 3" single in single out super 10. I'm not sure but it seemed like the Mbrp straight through performed better but the super 10 is louder. If I could find a straight through as loud as the super 10 or louder I would switch to that for sure! I've heard of people with dynomax bullets but couldn't really get any reviews on them.
  13. MBRP to Super 10 Mpg Loss

    Wonder if there's a louder muffler?
  14. I have the super 10 also and find it pretty tame. are there any louder mufflers?
  15. MBRP to Super 10 Mpg Loss

    Only disconnected the negative, notice any difference with the 3rd cat hollowed?

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