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  1. Looking for 2016-2018 Sierra headlights. Sle all terrain, slt or Denali. Thanks!
  2. Located in Canada. Blackbear Autocal V2 for sale Has 6 slots left. Was used on 2016 Sierra 5.3 and a Corvette. Switched to a diesel so have no use for it $250 CAD
  3. Got the mini bullet on. Exactly what I was looking for, flows way better than the super 10 and in my opinion sounds better too. Great muffler/resonator for the price.
  4. Just ordered the dynomax mini bullet 9" probably get it put on later this week. $40 shipped was hard to say no haha
  5. Sounds really good but I definitely feel a power loss
  6. Just wondering who's running either of these and what their reviews are? How loud at idle or wot? Videos aren't much help so looking for reviews because I want to switch from super 10 to a straight through muffler. Thanks!
  7. Yeah I think I'm gonna keep it. The muffler isn't what's hurting my mpg (9 mpg) I think I need a new tune
  8. I have a 2016 sierra 5.3 with a flowmaster super 10 and am getting awful fuel mileage with it and I'm driving easy (9 mpg) was thinking of going to a straight through muffler like dynomax bullet or bullet mini just wondering what one would be as loud as the super 10 because I like how aggressive it is. Any help appreciated thanks!
  9. I have a black bear tune so I don't have any v4 drone I highly reccomend it. Welding was the best option because I don't want any leaks
  10. I just welded in a 3" single in single out super 10. I'm not sure but it seemed like the Mbrp straight through performed better but the super 10 is louder. If I could find a straight through as loud as the super 10 or louder I would switch to that for sure! I've heard of people with dynomax bullets but couldn't really get any reviews on them.
  11. I have the super 10 also and find it pretty tame. are there any louder mufflers?
  12. Only disconnected the negative, notice any difference with the 3rd cat hollowed?
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