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  1. I have a 08 silverado with the gen iv 5.3 I'm wanting to swap for a gen iv 6.0 does anyone know if the injectors are the same and if the computer will still work with the 6.0

    1. OmahaBen


      You are on the wrong forum. LS1tech.com can help you out. You need to make sure that you get the same reluctor wheel on the crank and that if you have variable valve timing the computer may or may not control your new 6.0.


    2. hunterRuggles


      Ok thank you. I am trying to swap to the 6.0L vortec max, it has the 10.0:1 compression little beefed up. the main reason I'm trying to get it is because it has the same reluctor wheel (58x) and they both have VVT. from everything I've seen it should work I'm sure il have to get it tuned as well. thanks for the advice on LS1tech.com il try it.

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