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  1. Ok, so first I noticed my cruise control became intermittent and now has officially stopped working. Shortly after my passenger side HID low started to get dimmer, like noticeably dimmer since it's a 10k. Driver side works just fine. Fog HIDs work fine. Then the other morning I noticed the passenger low turn on, on start up for 1sec, then immediately turn off. Thinking it was a start up issue, I rotated the light switch thinking it just needed to get some juice, still nothing. I'm thinking there is a correlation, but from just looking at the wires I cant see a short. I tried doing a search and can't find anything. I've seen suggestions for the relay harness, I'll try that when I get back from TDY, but was hoping for some help if someone else has had this issue. I ruled out it was the ballast since it does turn on, but it turns off to low power... Safe assumption? It's an OPT7 10k HID low setup, anti flicker ballasts, just no relay installed. Is it possible just that side isn't getting enough power form the battery? I checked fuse 16 before I left and it was still good. Do I need to switch the fuse to a 20? Go to a yellow top battery? Possible alternator? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Oh yeah, it's an '07 Silverado.
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