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  1. Oil Change Question

    I always check mine in the morning after vehicle sits all night. Jim
  2. Traction

    The new 2019 1500 Silvie is 450 lbs lighter. Does that equate to roughly 100 less lbs per tire? Is that going to cause a little lousier traction? Jim 17 Silverado
  3. My 2017 4.3WT stays off. Jim CYWG
  4. Lego bucket rock excavator

    and you would have to put all 4000 parts back together. lol Jim
  5. Rotate tires.

    Took 45 minutes to do this. In Manitoba Canada where I live, rotation is not free. Used to be the mechanic said but not anymore. Service rep said the same thing. Jim
  6. So I brought my 17 Silvey in for it's free oil change. Got them to rotate tires. She says on 4X4's they go front to rear, rears to front and cross. Didn't know that. Funny thing they take the tires off to check pad wear but don't rotate unless you pay 20 bucks even though tires are already off. Is well worth the 20 bucks. Hourly rate is 135. Canadian an hour Jim
  7. Lego bucket rock excavator

    Finally done. 4000 pieces. Might buy another one as there is a different machine you can build with the same pieces.
  8. Battery Replacement-Ugh

    Had a 99 GMC. Battery lasted 13 years in Manitoba Canada. Does get to +90F here in the summer but not a lot. Gets to -30 or 35F in the winter. Had 160,000 miles on it. Used a battery blanket in the winter and a small piece of plywood under the battery. Jim CYWG
  9. Idles on one cylinder now. Active changed to Dynamic. The 2019 Silverado will be available with six engine/transmission combinations. This includes new 5.3L and 6.2L V-8s equipped with GM’s Dynamic Fuel Management, which actively shuts off any number of cylinders required to optimize fuel economy — meaning it can idle efficiently on a chilly job site while running on a single cylinder. Jim CYWG
  10. 2019 round wheel wells.

    Here is the link with a picture. Jim https://autos.winnipegfreepress.com/news/view/468037793/standing-the-test-of-time.html
  11. Apparently the 2019's are going to have round wheel wells instead of the square. I like the square. Ford is round. Jim CYWG
  12. Brake fluid Change?

    Do mine every 2 years. The first time was after 3 and it was rusty at the wheel cylinders. This was on a 99 GMC. Did the transmission fluid on the same truck and it would shift better. Jim
  13. Starting

    Hey men. The new trucks seem to use a relay such that when you turn the truck to the start position, it cranks over. You can then release the switch and the truck continues to crank until it starts. So, if the truck decides it is not going to start, how long will it continue to crank? Jim CYWG
  14. LEGO Saturn V

    Construction on the bucket wheel excavator continues. Half way through the parts and the manual. Jim

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