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  1. I would keep the truck. Sounds like you would not like an SUV by your own admission. Try these for your steering wheel. I live in Manitoba. My 17 has no heated steering wheel but these work. For 2 bucks delivered to your door you can't go wrong even if you don't like them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Black-Soft-Warm-Plush-Auto-Car-Steering-Wheel-Cover-Furry-Winter-NEW/232844078220?hash=item363696ac8c:g:Of8AAOSwdA5bPcOZ:rk:13:pf:0 Jim
  2. That's a lot of snow. What part of the country? Jim Manitoba Canada.
  3. My 2017 WT radio comes on to a different channel about 3 or 4 times a week. FM to AM. Don't know why. My 2014 did the same thing. GM never did fix that problem. Jchoi, I had the same thing with my 2014. Eventually the radio went and was replaced under warranty. My 2017 does it only once in a while. Jim
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    paint shaking machine Ha Ha. Jim
  5. AFM Disable

    WOW. You got a good deal NARDA1. Thanks for the info. Right now it is covered in snow. Manitoba Canada. Jim
  6. The guy in the 2nd pictures gotta be a pimp. I use these. 2 bucks delivered to my door. Can't find this style where I live. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Black-Soft-Warm-Plush-Auto-Car-Steering-Wheel-Cover-Furry-Winter-NEW/232844078220?hash=item363696ac8c:g:Of8AAOSwdA5bPcOZ:rk:23:pf:0 JIm
  7. Hi all. I have a 2011 5.3 Sierra. Just got the truck and know nothing about tunes. All I basically want to do is disabled the AFM. Maybe do a little adjusting in the future. Only 23 thousand miles on it. What is a good tuner to buy for what I want to do? Thanks Jim
  8. My Gmc app unlock

    If you don't subscribe does any of it work or is it just a bunch of buttons on the mirror? Jim
  9. A pillar grab handle

    Yes, it's to stop wearing out the seat even though I use a seat cover and easier to get in. Found this post. Jim 2011 Sierra SLE 5.3
  10. Hi all. Have an 2011 Sierra and was wondering if there is a grab handle available for the drivers side A pillar. There is also a speaker there and a cap for what looks like the air bag but not sure about that. Could be a cap for a bolt. Jim 2011 Sierra SLE 5.3
  11. The GM looks WAY nicer then the RAM. Jim
  12. I considered a Ram but the staff were so ignorant and rude that I spent my money on a GM. RAM only allowed 11,100 miles a year for their lease where GM allowed 12,400. With RAM, you had to buy the extra miles up front. Who can predict that. This is in Canada. 3 year lease. Jim
  13. Agree there. 100% Jim 2011 5.3 Sierra
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I totally understand what you are saying GMCJOE17. If you think that feeling will never go away, might be time to change. Keep us abreast. Jim
  15. Rudyb said, Weird, I have the same problem but mine isn’t adjustable. My solution was just to remove it. It looks goofy, but it’s more comfortable, and I can see traffic to my 7 to 8 o’clock much better. How do you get them off? Mine go to the top with the little button then seem to just stop. Jim

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