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  1. Were you able to get this repaired? Jim
  2. The fact that below 0F or -18C you can't use recirculate. Jim
  3. My 17 - 4..3 is quieter then my 14 - 4.3 was. Less DI ticking I think. Jim
  4. The conditions are amazing for the stop/start to work. Jim
  5. Interesting. What is a modified X pattern for rotating tires? Jim
  6. Tuners

    That's what the guy from HPT told me. What can you use then? Win 7 with a desk top or does it have to be a laptop with Win 7 or 10? Jim
  7. Be careful of that shake. Others have been told it was just flat spots on tires and it wasn't. Test it lots. Jim
  8. Fuel fill problem

    WOW. Whatever happened to just filling up the gas tank? Jim
  9. Tuners

    HP tuners seem like the best but according to the info I got, HP tuners need a laptop running Win 10. Jim
  10. Just slow down. Don't go too fast. Jim
  11. I understand where your comin from. Good luck with the Dodge. Keep us posted on it. Jim
  12. Even though there are rear floor vents under the seat I assume, looks like were going to go back to my parents era in the 60's. They would put cardboard tubes from the front floor to the rear to move heat to the back. Jim
  13. member of the Realtor association. Now that's a good one. Jim
  14. New to the forum

    Nice truck. Jim CYWG

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