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  1. Ok, so fuel is less likely a problem (and spark). So focus on air. Try cleaning throttle body and MAF. Use a scanner to check tps is operating and operating smoothly. May need to replace idle air control motor.
  2. Change the fuel pressure regulator? Long crank before catching? Try turning the key to run for 5-10 seconds before cranking and see if it catches faster. If yes, then fuel pressure problem.
  3. O'reilly warranty program has o'reilly funding it with higher prices. I've installed enough parts from them on my cars that they own my cars. Pretty much free parts for life with my labor.
  4. Abs+pc is a type of plastic. You probably found a ground strap that had a metal clip protected by plastic covering. Find someway to permanently bolt the wire to the frame using a compressing eye loop
  5. Did you install a new/reman compressor? Did you reuse the coil? If so, the coil could be going. You can test the coil by checking resistance at the harness connector. Should be around 2-5. A short may not show until the circuit is heated up.
  6. A TSB was issued changing the gap. If you are Running the original plugs, they were at the larger gap
  7. I'm running two craftsman plastic boxes. 10 years now
  8. 01 burb has riveted ball joints. I went the route of cutting the rivets. Had to remove the control arm to do it. Never, never, never again. Will replace the whole unit next time
  9. Does it crank fast, but long until catch? Crank slow and then catch. The first is fuel related, check valve in pump is failing. Try turning key on for a few seconds, and then crank. It should catch immediately. If the second, then battery or starter going.
  10. My idle speed and hard start problems occurred twice - fuel pump - isc valve
  11. New engine, wire harness and computer at a minimum. You'll need to compare accessory and sensor between the two to see if things like power steering pump, egg etc are interchangeable.
  12. Yes, that will affect the MAF sensor readings as more air is getting in than the MAF reports. Result is a lean fuel condition
  13. What have you tried? - checked plugs? - clean throttle - clean MAF - checked sensors via a scanner?
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