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  1. 04 Sierra. A lot of stuff on the dash like masks, bandanas that interfere with the ALS. Try cleaning or replacing. I use the dial on the left side of the dash to turn off the auto mode and kill the lights at night when needed.
  2. I vote: - bad/loose ignition module - bad/loose ground - loose battery cables
  3. You can also try disconnecting the main wire to the starter. It's not fuse controlled , connected directly to the battery. Pull the main fuse, and relays as well. Check the wiring for chewed wires.
  4. Check the 25a washer fuse. It aupplies power to the while system. The switch then provides power thru the pump fuse to the pump. The pump fuse is an additional fuse that is used to protect the control from a short I the wet pump environment.
  5. Air, fuel, spark Put a fuel pressure gauge on the rail and verify fuel pressure when keying on. Use a timing light to verify spark when cranking Use a scanner to verify air, temp, pressure (MAF) etc when cranking.
  6. You will likely need a valve body and controls from your year. You can chase part numbers at WIT.com and compare.
  7. Chew marks, uh oh. You'll need to chase wires all over as something else was probably chewed on as well.
  8. Likely pickup tube. If your idle is low, then the oil pressure will drop as well so you might have 2 polyethylene to chase.
  9. Your system has Freon. The cheap fill guage should be used / read with the compressor engaged. You might have: , broken low or hi pressure switch . Bad relay . Bad temp sensor . Bad control system. If you are going to bypass the relay, be sure you have a full set of changes on the system. If you over pressurized the system, you can blow the compressor.
  10. If you can't find a stepped clamp, get a 3" clamp. Find an extension pipe that will slide over the 2.75 pipe. Cut off the 1" section, the section that slides over. You can then put the clamp over this loop.
  11. Yes, yes, yes. Time to pull the valve cover and have a look, and hope it's up there. Have you run the stethoscope around the engine at 2500k? Hopefully, the noise is up high on one side. (Is it more 'tsk, tsk, tsk' or 'whisper, whisper, whisper'? Lifter vs bearing)
  12. Wow, lots of "tranny abuse", may have to call the tranny rescue team. Bent cross member - tranny and differential may not be aligned, bent, etc Dirty fluid - probably blew out the clutch pack in the mud. Messed up rear - might have a bent axle, out of balance tire/wheel. Did you find anything in the pan when you dropped it to change the filter? You might shredded the wire harness where it connects to the side of the tranny.
  13. Had similar symptoms with a bad front hub/bearing assembly. It was really scary in the rain with lots of steering slip/slop.
  14. AC Delco had become a sourcing rather than mfg arm for gm. Go with Denso or Bosch.
  15. Leave the upstream o2 sensors out for the rest drive
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