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  1. Great thanks for the info. That is good logic and I called my service manager who ive delt with in my old position as a apparatus supervisor for my FD for our GM ambulances and he seemed to think it may work so he is going to try and submit the thermo caused the rad failure process.


    If not I think I will just do it myself. $150 rad that Im sure will be better then the garbage GM installs. WIll prob use the updated GM thermo just to be sure to not use a old style its $40ish. It will save me $250 for the adjusted price they are helping me with. ($1000 from the non adjusted price if I just paid cash)


    Looks easy enough remove top cross member, unclip from Condensor, drain coolant, remove shroud bolts and hoses remove trans linesx4 and lift out. 2 or 3 hours goofing around

  2. To the wife the money is alot lol. she is very mad that a new truck is having these issues. Me its more i hate paying for labor/depending on others/glutton for punishment/wanting it done right not  by stealership hacks. The same dealership broke my seat pad clips that I found out when I installed my Katskins last week soooooo. But it is attractive to have them do it and not worry about it.


    And if i can confirm that the AC dosent need to be meesed with i.e. unclipped from rad ill  do that.

  3. ok so went to the dealer they contacted GM. They will let me pay $450 for a new Rad and thermostat installed 1 year warranty on my 2015. I can get a Stant thermo for $15 or gates for $100 (not sure why the huge price difference) and a Sperctrum Premium cooling depot Rad shipped for $150 (all rock auto prices) My experence is after martket is better then OEM (or else I wouldent have a leaking rad a 2.5 years and 45k.


    Is the install that bad? I read that the AC condensor will not have to be removed just unclipped is this true? Should be pretty strait foward I fix all car issues.


    So $165 for Stant/Spectrum parts. $250 Gates/Spectrum. Or $450 GM replaces. 


    What say ye?



  4. I wanted roadwire but couldent find them cheap anymore (used to be  $550 on ebay all day but then disappeared ) so i got katskinz.


    Ok did install yesterday and boy are my hands and sholders sore!


    Clips in seats suck easy to break and dont seem to hold great afterwards i need to unzip the drvers seat back and re clip it up mine let go carrying the seat back to my truck. Wish they used the Velcro from the rears everywhere. 


    Yes i need a heat gun on them stat mostly the rears. I dont think Michigan weather will allow self shrinkage. 


    But overall happy i saved $1000 to 1500 on labor

  5. Your all making me parinoid now...... im 42k 2.5 years old and pretty darn cold here in Michigan currently.  Ive had good luck with Walmart (satan mart) battries. Used them in about 8 cars. My momd died at about 2 years and they warrantied it. Its now about 4 years old at this point. They are made by a large battery manufacturer cant remember who now.

  6. So i noticed where the TB connector rubber to the plastic U shaped box pn# 22738661 has seperated at 2 points allowing unmetered air in. Not really into aftermarket intakes. Any idea on wgat to use to glue the separation? I used gorilla tape for a temp fix. Anyone in Michigan who is going to toss theirs due to a aftermarket intake?

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