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  1. I know a guy who owns a trans shop, has a 87 silverado with over 350k miles (that was back in the early 2000s) he said trans fluid at the first 30k to remove any break in friction material and 40 to 50k after. He never had to open up that trans at all. If you dont do your trans at 45k or sooner it will fail. You do so tlc it will not. I do my own driveline fluids myself in amsoil.
  2. I wanted a set but found a set of slightly used westins for $75..... kind of similar style
  3. I got a used one and had this issue. Flip the last panel up, the rail with the clamps are held in by 2 sheet metal screws 1 on each side, unscrew them ,silde the whole bar about 6 to 7" closer to the bed, but make sure the clamps can still grab the bed lip. And zip the screws back into the outer rails. And nice and tight seal afterwards. I initally went 8.5" closer but the clamps wouldent grab bed rails. Play with it before you shoot the screws in. And i dont have my clamps cranked down at all, they are good covers but for some reason that rail is too far back
  4. Its the only option i wish i had. Id use it most everyday
  5. Same here got it 2 days ago and much much better silky smooth now
  6. I was just told they would do the labor and filter free but id have to pay for all they SYN and couldent credit me for the blend. So id be around $60. No wonder why i do all my own maintence. First time ive used a dealer for a OC. And my 4th free will be my last.
  7. I fought w GM cust care and the dealer about the SRAs not being AT for almost 3 months. I would have been happy with the Dullers. They made up lies that the AT tire upcharge was for 18" rims not tires even though it said tires on my window sticker. Then i said why did i pay for 18" rims in my all star and z71 specific 18" in my z71 package? She said the district rep and GM truck guy confirmed the upcharge was for rims not tires. Got sick of the runaround and lies (its what they count on you doing) so instead of wrapping my truck around a tree this winter i put 275/65 18 Cooper ATPs $800 otd so
  8. Just bought a slightly used tonneau pro soft tri for $175 i love it. Was set to buy a american tonneau $250 new but they have the same clamp style so i went with gently used. I had to unscrew the last support bar that has the rear clamp tracks and move it 7-8" closer to the tailgate because it dident crush the seal on the tail gate properly.
  9. 2 days ago i got my Cooper ATPs on I like them so far. I have noticed a DIC drop in MPG from 19.5 to 18 or so. I wonder if its the diameter difference messing w the computer calcs? I went with 275/65r18 so 32" vs stock 31" and a much grippier tire. Plus noticed v4 wasent engauging as much but i may have been lead footing it due to lack of sleep last night/head cold. They put my pressures at 35f/35r should i put more air in? I do need to get the RF and rim matched because my 75+ vibes came back. DT i went to did not have a hunter but one by my work dose.
  10. I just did Cooper ATPs yesterday. Slight silverado vibe began again (not as bad as my first few sets of GY SRAs) so i need to hit another discount w a Hunter
  11. My vibes were good after visit 3 and who knows how many tires and RFB. Yesterday i got new Cooper ATP 275/65 18 and a slight but not as bad as the initial GY SRAs. Will hit a discount tire w a Hunter and get it ironed out asap
  12. 2015 CC Z71 Short bed 5.3 3.08 rear. Aluminum upper and lowers
  13. Wonderful after a month of fighting GM cust care and my dealership to get the proper Dullers for my 15 and told to shove it and bold faced lies now the 16s become standard? Now i get to waste money on decent tires before i die this winter
  14. Same here about 1k miles after who knows how many tires and RF balanceing. Thats all it took for me.
  15. I have a 3.08 wanted to hate it. At 5k miles runs great now after break in and trans has learned. Dosent bother me
  16. Im looking at cooper ATP and Hankook ATM 275/65/18. Had ATMs on my 08 and loved them
  17. So finally GM cust care called back about the GY SRA vs AT tires. Got a load of BS, im dumbfounded. Said the $150 AT tire upcharge was for the 18" rims because i have the all star package? And all RPO codes are appropriate and got was i an supposed to. My response then was I have a z71 and that automaticly has the z71 specific 18" rims. She pulled a duurrrr well thats what the district manager and the truck rep said is correct so we wont be swapping or refunding anything. Then i looked in my sticker and i paid $1890 for the all star with the 18s the z71 i believe includes the specific 18s and
  18. Chevy. 5.3 CC Short bed 4x4 z71 3.08 6 speed. It was a 70mph+ 98% fixed by multiple sets of tires and RF balancing. Now i only notice a tiny tiny vibe after long 80mph drives. I have to be looking for it and even then it may be road noise.....
  19. Im happy, found a set of Westin Sure grip boards in black for $75.00 with mounting hardware not the sexiest looking set but functional for my 5'1 wife and 5 year old, and very functional for our non existent budget! One side was new in plastic apparently it was warrantied due to finish issues and the other has a tiny scuff. Will try and get pics after I get it on later today. Ill put a link of the set below. http://www.autoanything.com/nerf-bars/westin-sure-grip-aluminum-running-boards-with-mount-kit
  20. Look in upper glove compartment GU4 is a 3.08 GU6 is 3.42 on the RPO codes
  21. Would 295/65 18s with stock z71 rims fit a stock 2015 z71 without issues?
  22. I got $14,250 off in rebates and GM discount in july on mine
  23. Well mine seems to be gone after roadforceing the 3d time and who knows how many tires...... on a long 4 hr 85mph drove a tiny teensy vibe may have been their but i also may have been fooling myself hard to confirm. But still the issue where GM is still not looking at reason with the SRAs being all season but me paying for AT tires. The whole world knows they arent AT except GM. They say whats factory is right 100% of the time and their is no error possible.
  24. All I have seen are z71s with the painted bumpers, I wonder what chrome will look like?
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