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  1. May have the sheet in the lock packet that has the code to reorder a new one? Or do what a theif would do use a easy out set and get them off, or hammer a cheap socket on,
  2. Are the soft GM tri folds decent? can get a slightly used one for $200. New is $450 or so. Or should I wait for a extang or American Tonneau? PN# 23462055
  3. Haha no its just in the imaginations of a select few owners...... Just a bummer the truck i want to swap it for is sitting at a dealer semi local to me but the lawyer said the process will be faster with him but could be a few months..... hope its still their.
  4. The shifting throttle issues evened out at about 1200 miles for me mine was real bad at first
  5. Called my local lemon law lawyer. He said they have had quite a few shakers 14 to 15s. Dident give me a specific number though. Getting him the info tomorrow to start the process
  6. Ok so after visit 3 it seemed better. Took a 3+hr drive to Ft Wayne IN. I now have a constant low dull vibe under my butt in the seat almost numbing after a long haul. No more console shake though. Much more pleseant but still not fixed..... calling the lemon lawyer Tuesday for sure now.....
  7. Yes i will be staying w blue for sure love this color its amazing get all kinds of compliments on it and my 5 year old loves blue. Will make sure to get a 3.42 not the 3.08, will not get the z71, and will get the slider/conv package, heated cooled seats and trailer brake. MSRP is just slightly higher for the new one
  8. Got a used set of GM guards off a guy but dident have all the screws. Would S/S help w rust? I hate making any penetrations at all. We all know that means rust....
  9. I called the lawyer they were short staffed due to the holiday weekend will call me Tuesday. I fou d my replacement truck (as long as it dosent vibe) at a local dealer. MSRP is a bit higher maybe $400 ill pay it
  10. Ok from i finally got her on the freeway, my normal drive in to work after picking it up last night. Most of the ride in i thought it was 100% gone but as i was playing around 75 to 80 i could still randomly feel a tiny vibe and see the console shake a bit. Much improved maybe 90% better but still present....... now to debate calling the lemon law lawyer for a final repair attempt or deal w it..... We are going to a wedding out of state so we can put some freeway miles on it
  11. Got back. Dident take a xway home so ill report back tomorrow. Puco meter was apparently 80 before now is 6. They rotated the SRAs on the rims and made sure they were perfect. Stated they tested to 88mph. GM cust care is still decideing on the Duller ATs but service said theyd give me a set anyhow off the loaner truck i had both have 2500 miles worst case
  12. I assume the same will be done to me. Wonder if the service dept will just quietly pull these tires off the rental and put them on my z71 18s.
  13. Ok so after i dropped it off for visit #3 cust care called me and said that a district rep would contact the dealer about the non All Terrain SRAs and if they will put real AT tires on my truck. Funny thing the loaner 6 banger 4x4 DC with the 18" tire upgrade has Bridgestone Duler HTs lol a tire I would not mind.....
  14. I am not afraid of a buyback trade sadly enough, we have about 8 guys at work with 2014 and 2015 sierras and silverados and only me and one other had vibes...... their are plenty of 4x4 CC Ocean Blues in the area to test. Ill even to to Ohio to get the right truck. And i have stopped maybe 20 people at Home Depot or grocery stores and no one has any idea about the issue "glass smooth" After this visit ill call the lemon law lawyer give GM the final attempt and be done
  15. Drop off for attempt #3 tomorrow. Hopefully they wont fuss too long and waste everyones time. Not sure to wait for a 2016 and hope they are better or try more 2015s
  16. Yeah i remember my first visit i made it clear i knew what was up. They said that this was the first theyve heard of it. Then after visit 2 they mentioned that a month before a guy lit them up on their service review for not fixing his vibes. So they played dumb and lied to me about never seeing or hearing of another..... this is why i hate Domestic automakers and their dealers. Deny lie deny lie deny. Until your out of warranty then oh yeah you issue is x or y and it will cost thousands to fix and will take a day. In warranty deny lie deny lie deny
  17. So at my daughters party today i talked to my neighbor who is a higher up managment/engineer at Bosch in Michigan and hes been doing some light research for me on this. This is a widely known issue in the engineering world, though the dealers are playing dumb. And he brought me the full checklist previously mentioned that the dealer needs to check (drive angles, rear end shims ect) He remembers having a test 2500 that recieved new tires and began to have vibes and the tire sidewalls werent stiff enough so they swapped brands and was fixed. Then a schoolmate of my 5 year olds dad is a engi
  18. Ok i called cust service. Seemed to want to help about the standard tires vs AT but had no idea what i was talking about. A senior rep was contacted and she was going to call the dealership and see what can be done. I expect to be told well GY says they are AT tires..... I made it clear i was aware that all tires regardless of the upcharge were SRAs
  19. Weird. It has the all terrain logo and the all season. Cant be both. You look at tire rack or any retailer it says all season......
  20. Huh yeah i have the all terrain W.O.L. tires listed on my sticker but have the SRAs...... anyone have info on this?
  21. I may be the minority but i have a z71 and i love that the truck is very stiff/sporty i never liked the older chevys that used to float. I just wished my 76mph+ console shake would leave. Do the front stut assembly have to be removed, spring compressed, take off the top bolt and swap struts or can the struts be taken out in place? Had a hell of a time w my 08 had to pay a shop to put in bilstiens......
  22. No i just caught it out of the corner of my eye pulling out of a gas station looked really good suprisingly.
  23. I want to keep my new '15 for 10+ years and or 200k. I retire in 14.5 years so a new one would be a great retirement gift! If we can figure out my vibrations or can get a buyback trade
  24. I saw a white z71 yesterday on the road I saw a white z71 yesterday on the road
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