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  1. Not a fan really, leather will eventually crack/crease/split even with regular conditioning. Cloth has always been bullet proof for me. And the extra cost. Plus we have little ones and car seats to leave indentations.
  2. Is their a cheap way to get a 6.2l or more importantly w/o leather? Or do i have to get a SLT All Terrain, high country, or LTZ. Can a LTZ get ordered with cloth?
  3. The al la cart power rear window. I hate that i have to buy a $1000 package of unneeded options to get a $250 window.
  4. Good resource I havent bought my '15 yet. I am a 70/30 Chevy/Ford guy and owned both. But test drove both Ford and GM. I was dead set on a F150 and wasent going to look at Chevy this gen. Toyota is off my list, ugly, old tech similar prices. Ram same thing, same looks since mid 2000's. Chevy: drove a CC silverado assuming i wasent going to buy one looked because my 80 yo grandpa is retired GM/Fischer body and was pushing me to look. I was blown away quiet, smooth, powerful, great interior,and the exterior grew on me now is my fave. As long as the AFM this gen is solid. GMC: Dont c
  5. Another thought, i may be used to finding deals so that may be part of "my problem". Bought a 2008 z71 ext cab in 2009 for 18k used with 35k miles and mint, found a 2010 1SS/RS camaro with 3k miles for $25k in fall of 2010. Bought my 2004 z71 for $1k. Many different guitars over the years cheap, a low hour like new 18.5 hp 42" lawn tractor for my sister For $200.00 last week. Ect. The manufacturer and dealership is going to make money no matter what, i dont buy the boo hoo poor dealership cant make a dollar line. Ford and GM have both made it clear that they have huge profits built in to t
  6. Yeah i can get 12k off a 2014 with GMS, rebates and a 2k extra on my trade (also whatever i can get for my 04) or 10k off a 2015. I would rather just get the 2015 in OBM i want.... but if i could get a black or VRed for 15k off. They are motivated to call me 2 times a day everyday to tell me they still have them but they want to sit on a bunch of 14s apparently......I dont think i am a **** just me and the wife are people who only buy when things are a deal or we have more of a money advantage. I am patient and in no hurry if they want to make a sale then here i am. Or ill wait till july
  7. Still shocked that their is no extra incentives on '14 vs '15s. The only additional i can get is 2k more in trade for a used truck. A local dealer has 5 identical 14 CC Victory Reds and a black and they arent motivated to sell apprently.
  8. I put bilsteins on my 2008 ext cab 4x4 4.8l and it rode much better then the stock black shocks. I had my brother in law and fater in law use then on their trucks and they loved them also.
  9. I have a offer for 10k off a 2015 cc lt 4x4 or 12k off a 2014
  10. Called and spoke with a sales guy, he said in rare cases GMS can help but usually not he did check and their price was well below GMS. Waiting on a call back about a rough trade in value of my 04 z71
  11. I dont dig the SLE Pleather....... or leather for that matter
  12. Dang now looking more into their site i can get a z71 CC with the SLE value package (chevy all star?) And the package that has the power rear window (window stickers arent pulling up now to see the name) for 36k minus whatever they can get me for GMS so id guess 36k OTD
  13. Is their a Chevy dealer like this anywhere? Not fond of the GMC front
  14. Been debating this also. I found a chevy dealer that will do 10k off a 2015 and 12k off a 2014 (with a trade in 2k incentive) with all rebates and GMS. But i see a All terrain CC i want at laura for 37.5k thats about what i can get a LT CC 4x4 with all star here for..... Laura is i think 8 hr from Detroit. Maybe I should call them and see what GMS gets me off their internet prices. Problem is i like the silverado front and dont really dig the GMC
  15. Not good deals on 14s. A dealer has 4 identical red CC 4x4s, a similar black and a grey, i can get 12k off w a trade in (2k extra for trade in incentive) or 10k off for the truck i want a 2015 CC Ocean Blue same options as the red 14s. So the only benefit of the 14s vs 15s is the 2k extra trade incentive. I assumed another 4 or 5k at least these are getting to be 2 years old here.
  16. I bought a 2004 z71 CC loaded 3 years ago from a guy at my work because i had to sell my 2008 Z71. Had 217,000 when i got it. 220,050 now. Bodys beat up from hauling logs and overloaded trailers over the years. Interior is pretty good. OG engine trans, diffs and transfercase. Runs great, shifts smooth, everything works got it for $1000.00 put about $1500 into it. New calipers, rotors, pads, HVAC flapper motor,plugs, wires, driveline fluids, new valve cover/PVC,new rear axle seals, front hubs/wheel sensors. Need to find the vac leak to fix a CEL, and likely rebuild the ABS module to fix the li
  17. Ah ok I may call them. Im in MI also. Got a OTD offer for a '15 crew ocean blue 1LT for 37k. Thats GMS and rebates from Mark Chev
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