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  1. Looking around for A/T's for my Silverado as well. I have a set of Goodyear Duratracs on a Jeep Wrangler. Good tires, but only had them about 20k miles. Great on dry rock, as well as wet pavement. OK in slick stuff and snow. Tread-wear seems to be consistent with mileage, but time will tell. I'd expect at least 50k out of these Duratracs, and so far, we seem to be on track I also had a set of BFGoodrich AT KO's on a Jeep. I wouldn't hesitate to go KO or KO2 on my Jeep or Silverado. They're quiet, and have good traction in all conditions. Quieter than the Duratracs at 20k, that's for sure. I'm also looking at the General Grabber AT2's based on price for the truck. Nice design, good reviews, great price. All these tires are LT, not P. ...Looking at the Dueler H/T's on my Silverado and thinking they're weak-sauce...they've been OK on the road, not great on slick/wet stuff. 11k miles and counting. OK for my uses, but they just look out of place on such a big truck.
  2. Thanks guys. It's already zip-tied out of the way, just wanted to make sure it wasn't supposed to be connected to anything. No side steps, and mine's not a Flex fuel vehicle, so that makes sense. The All Star Edition was an option group for 2015 that is an LT, plus locking rear diff, trailering package, fog lamps.
  3. I just returned from an 800 mile trip to see family over the holidays. Lots of snow and ice...the Silverado was fantastic and it makes me wish I would have purchased a full-size 10 years ago, when we started doing these trips! Anyhow, I returned home and was returning the truck to service, flushing out the underbody (Idaho uses salt...grrrr) and I noticed an electrical connector hanging from the driver's side, just inside the frame rail next to what looks like some kind of electrical motor. The connector itself doesn't appear to have been connected anywhere, but it either shook loose, or a piece of ice may have busted it loose if it was scriveted to part of the frame somewhere. Everything is functioning normally. I tucked the connector around the bracket that holds whatever the electric motor is, so it's out of the way. Anyone have any idea what this connector is? Where is it supposed to be? Is it secured anywhere on your truck? I need to post a pic but is too dark in the garage.
  4. Just hit 8100 miles since buying at the end of May 2015. It's been a good truck overall, but have some questions... 1. Did the tire rotation at 7500mi. Greased the tie rod ends per the owner's book recommendation, but didn't know how much to add. I stopped when I saw the rubber boot puff just slightly. No grease came out anywhere, so I assume it's not over-full. Does that sound right? 2. The 1-2 shift feels weird. When 2nd engages, it feels like the trans is slipping, but I'm wondering if maybe that's actually the torque converter locking up. This is my first modern automatic trans...it used to be autos would only lock up approaching highway speeds, 45-50mph or so. I can't imagine my trans is slipping, the truck only had 5 miles when I bought it and I've been super easy on it. I've heard modern automatics lock up a lot sooner for efficiency and are able to unlock and lock during gear shifts. Do you think that's the case here? 3. WTF is with AFM? (that's a rhetorical question). It makes the truck feel downright sloppy, especially if you're driving on rolling terrain or in heavy traffic. Ok, so not really a question, just a rant. 4. "Service Stabilitrak" will flash intermittently and set a light on the dash. Has happened twice now. It usually clears itself on the next run cycle and nothing appears to be awry with any wiring to the wheel sensors. Is there a known bug or something that causes it to randomly trip?
  5. Supplier/employee/invoice are usually pretty close together, and don't take into account anything else the dealer is willing to chip in. The basic order you've put them in is correct. The biggest revenue streams at a dealership are typically used vehicles (which is tied to new vehicle sales), service, parts. Selling new vehicles isn't what brings in the big money, but it is usually true that the higher-optioned the vehicle, the more profit is made. BUT...a lot (most) of that goes to the manufacturer, not the dealer. My understanding is that most dealerships do not own their inventory of new vehicles. Some might if they have a lot of cash, but for the most part, they finance them through the manufacturer and have to pay interest and fees just the same. I don't think it's criminal to make money selling vehicles, but there are definitely some questionable finance practices and other aggressive sales tactics aimed at selling people vehicles they truly cannot afford...buyer beware.
  6. LOL! I hear you on that. Same situation here. I'd fall over dead if management showed any sign of appreciation around here.
  7. I think VW deserves to be slapped-- dishonesty isn't acceptable. But their diesel engines are good, powerful, and they return fantastic gas mileage. Our other car is an Audi A6 diesel and we don't give a crap that it might be running a little dirty. It's been an excellent car. We also don't accidentally leave it running in the garage (and it has push-button start, with auto stop/start). The thing isn't turned off, until it's been turned off. But I guess that's obvious to us. At any rate, I agree about the diesel scandal...the EPA has much bigger fish to fry in cleaning up emissions. Airplanes, cargo ships, heavy duty trucks (transport). Not that VW doesn't deserve reprimanding. But let's put it in perspective.
  8. I think I see it both ways. Making things simple and safe is good. But at what point is enough, enough? I can't answer that. Survival instinct seems to be disappearing. I think this is the long-term byproduct of a society that encourages trading money for convenience. And freedom for safety.
  9. I had a couple of different cars in high school. Started with a 92 Cavalier, ended up with a 97 Camaro by senior year. It was a V6, but, it was mine...
  10. Fantastic thread. I need to take an inventory of what I've got on board, and I'll be adding some items after reading this as well. Bump!
  11. 1. Recruiters carrying weapons is/has been a legal issue. Read up on the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. 2. Deaths classified as line of duty are not always (per policy) observed by lowering the flag. That's not saying the flag shouldn't have been lowered, but there is policy around how the flags at the White House are handled. Edit: By your logic, the flag at the White House probably should have flown at half-mast starting somewhere in 2001 (before then, too, many times, but let's just use it as a point of reference) and, it should probably still be lowered. How many people have we lost in the war over that time period? Are they not deserving somehow? Using Google to query terrorist groups or information or having a father affiliated with terrorists does not mean the shooter is a terrorist. Also, I don't take anything reported as "fact", but I do read a variety of news sources, extreme on both sides, some in the middle or with a slight lean either way, and also outside of America as well. Let's be clear - any respect I have for you is for your service to our country, not your intelligence.
  12. Just got the full policy renewal in the mail. $368 / 6 months. Excellent coverage. Turning 33 here in a few weeks.
  13. Does everyone understand why recruiters aren't allowed to carry weapons? Do you all know why the flag at the White House wasn't lowered the day of, or following, the shooting? Are we all clear that this is the United States of America, where crimes are actually investigated, there is due process, and the justice system can't make assumptions or simply press charges against someone because of the affiliations of one's father, or their uncle, or what you generally think about them as a person? I feel so awful for the fallen and their surviving friends/family, but this blithering about Obama is absolute bullshit and it plays like the same old crappy broken record of horrible music, every time. If you want to be part of a country that persecutes and executes people based on incomplete information or because of whatever cause feels good at the time, then I suggest you find your home in the Middle East.
  14. I don't use valet service whenever possible. Not a fan of having to pay someone to be in control of my vehicle. I'd rather walk a mile in the rain in nice clothes than have some test pilot my vehicle around when I'm not looking.
  15. I'd keep looking because you can probably find something equally ragged out that's got a 305 for about the same price. In '89 they were still using the 2.8L for the V6 which was good for about 125hp. They're slower than balls and those 2.8's love to puke oil. I wouldn't be surprised if what you are smelling is the entire underbody coated in engine oil because of a blown ring around the distributor. Gas mileage is deplorable for a V6 putting out that few HP...if I recall, you'll get in the high teens to about 22mpg at best. At least that's what mine got. I had an '89 RS (with the 2.8!) too. 3rd gens are fun cars, but they're built like crap. They're rattle traps, everything is brittle plastic and breaks easily, or comes unglued. If the car sat outside for any number of years, and has t-tops, the seals will leak.
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