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  1. It's sad we have to live in a world with extra security measures and can't even feel safe in our own home. And the thieves seem to get more ballsy. Since this happened, I've thought about getting a camera to put up and monitor, that won't stop them, but hopefully get the footage out and slow them down a little. Has anyone installed an alarm on their truck? I've thought about that, but the idea of carrying 2 fobs around doesn't sound appealing. I hate fobs, lol.
  2. I'm north of Dallas, TX. But sounds like it's happening everywhere from what I've read.
  3. I recently (about a month ago) bought a 2015 Silverado Crew and have always parked in the driveway, well yesterday morning on the walk to the truck, I was shocked as it was setting on blocks and all 4 wheels and tires were gone. It had the Texas Edition 20" polished wheels on them and the police officer said those are like gold to thieves. Lesson learned, put locks on the wheels. We all know if a thief wants, he will get, but would like to at least make it hard on them. Luckily there was no vehicle damage, these guys were good. If there is a plus, I was able to go get some all terrain tires and some black/satin wheels.
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