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  1. Awesome. Exactly what I was hoping to get as a response, ordering today. Thanks
  2. Went to pull my cupholder out like I had done in my 2015 multiple times to hide my glock in the storage space underneath, and was surprised to find that they cheaped out on the 2017+ and the cupholder is no longer meant to be moveable. Clips in there like any other piece of trim, it is still removable but is a pain in the ass now. I also have a rattle when I have a yeti in there, it goes away if I press down on the top of the yeti. I'm convinced the rattle is coming from either the metal clips holding the cupholder insert into the cupholder mount, but it could easily be the actual cupholder mounts themselves where they fit into the console mount brackets. Just hard plastic with entirely too many contact points. Anyone taken the old cupholder from the '15s and popped one into an '18? If it fits, I could rig it up with velcro or a number of different things to keep it in place. I would just buy one and find out, but they aren't very cheap @ $80+. Thanks
  3. Took mine in for something else, told them the door panel was rattling. They replaced the whole panel under warranty, said the issue was a loose plastic moulding. 2018 Sierra Bose w/o sub
  4. Based on the last pic of the ridge grappler setup, unless the person is Baja racing it with a 4 wheeler in the back I don’t think there is going to be an issue with bottoming out.
  5. I like 22" wheels on a truck as long as the tires aren't rubber bands, the new wheelwells are huge and there is way too much space with a stock 20" wheel and standard tire. Especially when you throw a level on. Nice looking truck.
  6. Good point on the brush truck. This is a city truck, so not too worried about scratching. Have any pics before and/or current? I’ve been looking around and have settled on either ultra black chrome or black chrome III from prismatic powders. Ultra is a little flashier, but cool effect. Black chrome III would look more tame I think.
  7. Thanks for the link and video. Cool to see how they do it, I like this color maybe a little darker even https://youtu.be/48-vs8eLzW8
  8. Finally getting around to having my wheels and side rails powdercoated, looking at color swatches online and am running by the shop this weekend to drop parts off. I'm torn between doing the standard matte black or slightly more gray finish on the wheels, or going with a black chrome finish. I haven't seen black chrome wheels on these boards, did a quick search but didn't find anything. I can't tell if it will make the wheels too blingy or not, I'm not into regular chrome and am in the process of removing all of it which is why I'm powdercoating. But could look really unique if it's not crazy reflective and obnoxious. Anyone done the black chrome finish on wheels or anything else and have a pic to share?
  9. @GMCustomerService hooked me up. 3 day turnaround (and over a weekend no less), sent me the full RPO sheet. Give them a shout over private message with your VIN.
  10. Debadged looks good, black emblems may look cool as well if you put them back on. Truck Emblem Warehouse has a ton of quality options for matte and gloss black if you go that route. Have you thought about color matching the rear bumper? Such a good looking red. Company called Ecoological makes these bumper shells that have held up great for me, paint to match. Have one on my truck in the original thread pic, had one on my '15 for years. Still waiting on the front cover for the 2018 to come out, 'on the roadmap' for the last year so hoping they get it together.
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