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  1. @GMCustomerService hooked me up. 3 day turnaround (and over a weekend no less), sent me the full RPO sheet. Give them a shout over private message with your VIN.
  2. Big thanks to Mike and all the rest of y'all for the help.
  3. Really appreciate that, thanks for helping me out. JG164174
  4. Side molding delete

    Debadged looks good, black emblems may look cool as well if you put them back on. Truck Emblem Warehouse has a ton of quality options for matte and gloss black if you go that route. Have you thought about color matching the rear bumper? Such a good looking red. Company called Ecoological makes these bumper shells that have held up great for me, paint to match. Have one on my truck in the original thread pic, had one on my '15 for years. Still waiting on the front cover for the 2018 to come out, 'on the roadmap' for the last year so hoping they get it together.
  5. Side molding delete

    That looks really sharp, haven't seen black wheels and trim on that color red. Definitely black that window trim, on my list as well. Black Bakflip would look nice on there
  6. Side molding delete

    Sorry, I'm late on this. I like no badges
  7. Having a hell of a time finding the gear ratio on this '18 sierra 4x4 SLT. Apparently GM stopped putting RPO stickers in the vehicle, and replaced with a QR scannable barcode...I guess because the $.19 cost of the stickers couldn't be offset by a $55k+ MSRP on the truck? So I scanned the QR code and got back an what looks like an incomplete list, don't see anything about the gear ratio (GT4, GU4, GU5, GU6, G80) because the list gets cut off with a bunch of ,,,,,. Downloaded 5 different QR apps approved by GM for the new RPO sticker, same result. ,2018,TK15543,09,17,06,VNHB58, AXK AY0 B3F CJ2 C5Z DL3 EF7 E63 FHO GAN H2U IO6 I18 JD9 L83 MAH MSL MYC NP5 NTB RC4 RC7 RD5 RUF UDD UQA U2K V8D WMJ Z71 Z88 4AA 4SA 6F1 7F1 8X2 9X2,636R,,,, Someone posted a link in here that took me to a GM site with all sorts of build docs on the 2018s, found a table. Based on my model (TK15543) and 5.3L (L83) engine, I have the following. I'm the second column w/ 3.08, 3.42, and 3.73 listed out. So I'm basically right where I started. I don't have the original sticker, so not sure how to go about getting this info other than getting a build sheet from the dealer (which I will do on Friday if needed). My truck is a texas edition, w/ trailer brake and tow button on gearshift. Never towed anything heavy enough to care, but looking to buy a ski boat and want to have the facts. Anyone know how to figure this out other than dealing with the dealership? Thanks
  8. Side molding delete

    Heat gun + fishing line to peel off the fake chrome, and then a 3M eraser wheel to get all the glue off. Clean the shadows with goo-gone and you’re done.
  9. Finally got around to removing the side moldings this weekend, have been wanting to do for a while since I hate chrome and am taking it all off. May end up replacing with painted moldings, but probably not. Would you guys debadge? I kind of like the black on silver look w/ badges. Next up is color match on the door handles, mirror caps, black powder coat on the side steps, and Phil’s HUD retrofit.
  10. Wanted to give a shout out to @pgamboa for a great experience, apologies if this is in the wrong place (I don’t post much). Was planning on parting out a console from GMpartsdirect for this swap, and then using Phil’s harness to tie everything together. Had my parts list in the shopping cart and reached out to Phil to order the harness. Turns out Phil now has the ability to have a complete, preassembled console from GM shipped directly to my door w/ his harness for about $300 less than what it would cost to do it all part by part. He offered different console colors, side trim, latch styles, and the option to upgrade to a wireless charging lid. Based on the reviews here, I sent him a PayPal and had everything I needed within a week. Now I have a fully operational console for 3/4 of what I would have paid to piece everything together separately. I would highly recommend Phil’s service to anyone looking to do this mod 👊🏼 On an unrelated note, I have a beautiful bench seat sitting in my garage right now...
  11. This: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PRMB8XY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eFudzb08EMY2W I put it on the end of the gear shifter to the right of the steering wheel and it's perfect. Out of the way and just below eye level, even my giant 6S+.
  12. OnStar unlimited data $20

    I got it added when it came out, and cancelled it 3 days later. It's so slow. I got faster data just adding the tethering package to the att unlimited plus plan for my iPhone. Cost $5 and pulls down the same LTE signal.
  13. Bumpershellz

    Sorry I'm late on this. Holding up well, still looks like a new painted bumper. I wand wash my truck at least once a week too with high pressure. They still look great a year later, no chips or parts starting to get loose. My only gripe is that the short middle section could be a little bit tighter (there's not as much lip to squeeze under as the main outside pieces). I can see a little gap under the license plate (quarter inch or so on left outside edge), but still can't see chrome. That could have been easily addressed by putting another couple pieces of double sided tape (or better, thin foam) along the factory tape. All in all I'd definitely buy again. Like someone said before, even worth considering throwing them over your painted bumper to protect the paint. I'll get a pic later today.
  14. Called over to GMC and was told the modules are not compatible, will probably just keep the busted one, sell the new one, and buy a CarPlay unit from the guy y'all promote on here. Thanks

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