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  1. Ill try those when i get a chance thanks
  2. Undercarriage coating

    Can it be sprayed over the factory wax? Im tired of the brown finish of the wax
  3. Just wondering what cleaners there are out there for sprayed-on bed liners. Ive thrown stuff in my bed over the past two years and it wont come off with regular soap and water. I have some drip stains that i cant get rid of, dont know how i got those.
  4. Blackbear tuning- 2015 silverado 5.3l

    Youre comparing apples and oranges, ram is a whole different truck no need to explain that i have 35" on my 5.3l 6spd with exhaust cai and blackbear tune and get 13 OA mpg, if im easy on the pedal i see 15, and thats with 3.42 gears... if you do want better mpg (econ tune w/ BB) expect to not have the power to tow that trailer and get increased mpg haha
  5. Cabin Air Filter

    I always smell the washer fluid when running the wipers and AC, it could be the washer fluid, same color? Could very well be the soap
  6. 14-15 Silverado Prerunner off-road front bumper

    No parking sensor openings? What brand light bar?
  7. 2014 Silverado off road upgrading

    For the gears i would go AAM, same company that makes the gears for GM
  8. 2014 Silverado off road upgrading

    Im running 35s on my 5.3 6spd with black bear tune and im getting overall avg of 14mpg im wanting to go 4.10 and get a little mpg back, id be happy with 15
  9. Just get moog balljoints with grease zerks
  10. 2014 Silverado off road upgrading

    A lift wont help in any way with performance get a baja kits mid travel kit with king shocks, it will raise the truck and get 12" of useful travel
  11. Spare tire size 33" fit under the truck?

    Should fit if you move your tailpipe out of the way, i have a 35" underneath
  12. Anyone selling a S&B cold air intake?

    Ive had s&b before on my 15 silverado and didnt like the way the filter seals the airbox. I went with volant and love it
  13. Borla pro xs

    I have the pro xs but no resonator and no flapper, best decision ever
  14. Best All Terrain Tire?

    Toyo R/T

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