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  1. right! I was thinking that weight plus any weight being put in the back can't be good for them over a long period of time. Or my shocks...
  2. good deal, so in theory I should gain back the loss from the topper? since its causing the springs to be compressed?
  3. This is what I was hoping for. Allow the springs to tighten up a bit since the sag from the topper is the problem, get rid of that and I should be able to put weight in the back without issues...This all stemmed after loading the back with bricks and rock yesterday, believe it was 1200 pounds or so, you could tell it was squatting while driving...
  4. Yeah its a leer 100xl if that makes a difference. I don't feel removing the blocks in favor for the bilstiens are truly cost effective...I since I will still have the squat regardless, I'm truly trying to stiffen up the rear.
  5. Hey everyone, I was looking to get a little more pay load and rake out of my 2015 silverado. Its currenty got a 2" level up front and +1" blocks in the back. As of now with the topper it still sits probably 1/4" lower in the back. I was thinking about bags but for how much I actually put extra weight in I don't know if they would be worth it. So looking at the Hellwig EZ helper would this be able to make up some of that squat from the topper. Or should I look into adding a leaf? Thanks everyone in advance!
  6. removing AFM felt like the biggest improvement overall. The only downside which some will argue is the loss of MPGs. Personally I have hardly seen any change, but being its winter in the midwest my mileage is terrible regardless...
  7. I'd like to know this as well. Taking off the bumper seems excessive being that the Sierra is plug and play and is easy to remove.
  8. my Cooper AT3's have done justice so far through this Minnesota winter.
  9. Buddy of mine is looking to sell his Trinity T-1000 for $200. Question would this do everything the Intune would do? and should I go ahead and do it and contact Lew to get a custom tune? Right now its married to a 05 mustang which he will be selling next spring, he would of course un-marry it first.
  10. I have the AT3's in P275/60r20. I've had BFG KO's on my last truck and gotta say they were an awesome tire. What steered me away this time from the KO2, was weight and cost. I was able to get the AT3's for 160 a piece...which I could not say no to. First week I had the AT3's though I did have to pull an empty utility trailer up an 10% grade or so in 4-6 inches of snow with a nice layer of ice at the bottom. Didn't feel much of a struggle. Now maybe like others are saying, it may be the difference between the P and LT tires. Another selling point was the 55k warranty vs the 35k warranty of the
  11. Has anyone had to claim anything warranty related to the power train while running a Black Bear tune? On my lists of things to do on my truck for this spring, is getting it tuned. I'm sick of how the transmission drives, and within the last month had to drive in a lot more traffic then normal. I just want to be confident that I can get at least 100k with the tune before something breaks.
  12. They gave back 75 per tire? With how many miles on them?
  13. yeah looking more at the better then stock option. I don't do a lot of back road driving, and spend most of my time in the city.
  14. is this kit for the low beams you have? http://www.xenondepot.com/H11-LED-headlight-kit-p/h11-led-hl.htm
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